(A Review) Teach Your Baby to Sign

We all love being able to communicate with our children, especially when they are younger. But how do you go about communicating with them, if they haven't developed their speech yet? We had the chance to check out Teach Your Baby to Sign which is part of Timberdoodle's Tiny Tots Curriculum Kit.

Teach Your Baby to Sign

The Teach Your Baby to Sign Deck includes 52 sturdy, heavy cardstock cards. Each one with a different word for you to teach your "baby". These words range from eat or drink to sorry or wash hands. With these words, your child will have the ability to communicate their most basic needs with you.

Teach Your Baby to Sign

We taught Ray Ray baby sign language when he was 1.5 years old. He had shown no interest in talking, and while I knew he didn't have any huge underlying problems, I wanted to still know what he wanted to say. After watching how fast he caught on, I was hooked. We slowed down our learning after he turned 2 and decided that it was ok to verbally speak, and he hasn't slowed down since!

When I noticed that Baby Girl was acting the same way as Ray Ray, I wanted to get her signing as he had done. I did not have these cards when we taught Ray Ray, and I really wish I had. These cards are able to withstand the baby holding them and that is key if you are going to be using something with a younger child. Not only that, but they show a picture of the word being signed on the front, and the back helps mom and dad in on some quick and easy tips.

Teach Your Baby to Sign

Also included is a quick easy start guide for mom and dad. This guide tells you a brief history of baby signing, the benefits and even the alphabet. Like it is mentioned in this, and as I have witnessed, signing does not delay speech, in fact, there are more benefits that will help your child as they grow older.

Teach Your Baby to Sign

If you have a baby, toddler or child on the way, this is a deck of cards that you will truly enjoy and enjoy with your child! I know we have!


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