Teach Your Students how to Take Notes

This is a review post. I received this item in exchange for my honest review. Below you will find just that, my honest review.

Taking notes is not fun. Trying to teach your child to take notes is even less fun. But taking notes is a very important skill to have through high school and college. On top of this, most homeschool students are independent learners. Which means they do their own learning instead of listening to a teacher all day. Therefore, they may lack the understanding of how to take notes from auditory sources.

I had the chance to work with Moe Man on Teach Your Students How to Take Notes from Writing with Sharon Watson. This 7-week course is simple and easy to use. This is an eBook and upon ordering it, you will have access almost immediately! During the 7-week course, your child will build their skills while starting with a simple paragraph all the way up to listening to an essay and documentary.

This is a very simple open and go curriculum. It is not a computer course for your kids, in fact your child will not even be taking notes on the computer, they will be using the old-fashioned pen and paper method. Sharon did her research and found that by having your child take notes by hand will help them focus on what is important and remember what they hear.

I printed the whole eBook right away upon receiving this. I find it easier to have the papers in my hands and take notes on them myself as I teach! Each week I was able to open to that week’s page and see what I needed to know right away. The first section of each week is the objectives for the week. Following this is the teacher preparation. These two sections allow me to spend the time I need to prepare for the actual teaching of the lesson.

After the teacher prep, we jumped into the actual learning. Each week we built upon what we learned the previous week. Some weeks we had two exercises, other weeks, we had one longer lesson. With each lesson we have a handout to give to the students to help them with taking notes. I would read a selection to Moe Man, he would spend time listening to me and take notes, using the handouts to help him, and we would finish up with questions and answers. By using these questions, I was able to see if Moe Man had taken notes on the right things and would be able to answer these questions.

This was a very simple course. I was shocked as to how simple it was. However, each week, I noticed Moe Man was getting more and more questions correct. Even with the passages becoming longer, and the notes more tedious on his part, he was still getting them right. This was proof that the simple things I was telling him and the simple handouts I was giving him was just the right amount to help him, not to mention avoiding the computer and using the pen and paper.

Are you worried about your child’s ability to work on taking notes while listening to someone speak? Do you want to give them another skill that will help them as they further their education? If you want that, you will want to check out Teach Your Students How to Take Notes for Writing with Sharon Watson! I am glad that we did!

What is even better? Sharon decided to put this eBook on SALE!! From now until November 17th you can get 20% off your order of Teach Your Child How to Take Noteswith the code TEACHNOTES20. Don’t miss out on this awesome deal!

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