TENZI Dice Game and Card Deck ~ A Review

When it comes to practicing math, there are some things that are more fun than others. Does your kid jump for joy when you say it is time for flash cards? Lucky you! If you are like me, it is a struggle. What if you can tell your kids, "Hey, it's time to play TENZI!" and they come running? Yes, the TENZI Game is fun, and your kids will be learning as well! Add in the extra Card Deck and find 77 new ways to play TENZI!

Review of Tenzi Dice

What Is It

TENZI Game is simply 40 dice 10 of each of 4 colors. Each player will pick a color and take all of the dice that are that color. Once everyone is ready, you start rolling your dice until all 10 are the same number. After your first roll, you will pick your number, grabbing those out as you continue your rolls. First one to get all 10 of the same number yells TENZI and wins the game! Super simple, super fun and a great way to work the minds!

Tenzi Dice

Now, if you add in the TENZI Card Deck, you are adding 77 new ways to play this already fun game. You have three new variations to play. You have the regular TENZI games where speed is the key to winning. You have Pattern Games that require you to complete a nine-dice pattern and roll a 6 on the remaining die to win. And you have some non-speed games. The simple take your turn and let luck be on your side!

How Did We Use It

This was such a fun game to play. We used this as a way to work on numbers for Little Miss. While they say that this is recommended for ages 7-97, Little Miss at 5 years old loved this game. She called this her math class on the days that we used it, and it was! This fun (learning) game was played almost every day. Having the extra cards helped to keep it interesting and fun!

77 Ways to Play Tenzi

When it came to the card pack, we would grab a handful out of the pack, set them upside down and pick which one we were going to use without seeing it. This was a fun way to pick and everyone was fighting over who got to pick first. Once we had our card, we would play. You never knew what card you would get, and what version of the game you were about to play.

What We Thought

This game and the different versions made it even more enjoyable. We loved pulling out the dice and learning about math while we were having fun. Little Miss couldn't get enough of this game. She loved picking a new version to play and I would find her playing by herself from time to time. We enjoyed talking about numbers and using this game as a warm up to math lessons was a great start to the day!

Playing Tenzi

Everyone had fun with this game. We loved finding new ways to play it, Farmzi, Fivezi and the different patterns. If you are looking for a fun way to practice your math skills, this is a game you should have in your house. My kids are asking for it by name. They see the dice and know the name! Your kids should be the same way!!

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    1. We have had so much fun with it! With the added deck of options, there is never a dull moment with the game!

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