Thanksgiving in 1621 ~ Review Part 1



It is November, a time to be thankful for all that we have. But why do we have Thanksgiving? What is the meaning of it? Where did it come from? These are all good questions that I want to teach the kids during this wonderful month! But how do I do it when I have three different ages at three different learning levels? Well, that is where this wonderful unit study from Spirited~Autumn~Hope comes in!


Spirited~Autumn~Hope is the sister site of Winter Promise. They have all these fun unit studies that can be used in addition to any of your other curriculum choices. Earlier this year we were part of their launch and got to try their Simple Machines unit with Ray Ray. Since he had a lot of fun with that unit, and this new one would be able to be used by all, I thought we would give it a go.



My favorite part of this whole thing? They do all the planning for you! You look at the day, and it tells you what to do. As a busy mom, this is a huge relief! With the eBook, they even put the different links into there for you too! I don't have to type anything, I just have to point and click and we are off on a journey with the Mayflower, or learning about the different passengers who were aboard the ship. We are even learning about the Wampanoag tribe and the role they played in the whole Thanksgiving thing! Now, in public school I remember learning about the Pilgrims and the Indians…but I don't remember much more than that. This study takes my kids on the actual adventure and teaches them the full history of both parties.


The kids are enjoying this study as much as I am! They like the interaction of the websites and the real stories of the people involved. They are real to them when they learn about what they were doing and how old they were. The favorite activity so far…well that was drawing the Mayflower! It was fun to print out the instructions since I am not at all good at drawing and they seem to love it! They followed the directions and even added items from the readings from that day (and here I thought they weren't listening!).


Want to take a part in this study? Head over here and order one up! They are only $15 and you don't have to wait for the shipping to happen 🙂 Oh, and wait a minute…order before November 15, 2013 and use the code 1621 and you can get this whole thing for only $9!! 


I will tell you more about our study next week! Keep your eyes open 🙂

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