The Adventures of Rush Revere – A Homeschool Crew Review

Bringing history alive is a thing I love to try and do for my kids. We love finding books to read, but if we can read a book that brings history alive, we jump on it! During the younger ages, I love to make history fun, and reading the Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series from Adventures of Rush Revere #1 New York Times Bestselling Book Series by Rush and Kathy Limbaugh is just what I was looking for!

Rush Limbaugh

Right now, Rush Limbaugh has five books on American history available for your children, and yourself. We start with the Brave Pilgrims, the First Patriots, moving on to the American Revolution, the Star-Spangled Banner and ending with the Presidency.

Now, how in the world do you get your child hooked on history? Maybe some time traveling or a talking horse? These seem to have worked in our house with the help of a man dressed in colonial clothes named Rush Revere.

American History

Each of these hardcover books are printed on beautiful paper. Every so many pages there are colored pictures to show what is happening in the book. They are written with kids in mind, but I have to admit that I may have been hooked on them just as much as the kids.

In each story, we travel along with Rush and his talking, yes talking, horse Liberty. They have found a crew, The Time Traveling Crew, at the middle school and have taken on the boring subjects of history in a brand-new way, by experiencing it firsthand.

talking horse

The stories are packed full of information, but not so much that you feel like you are reading a history book. Spending time comparing what is happening in modern day and traveling back to history to see what happened has literally brought history to life for my kids. They can relate to the stories and the bits of information are presented in a fun way.

Because of the way the books are set up, and the information they provide, I have been able to use these as the core for our history class with Ray Ray and Little Miss. We take time each day to read aloud from the books, or follow along in the book with the audio book. We found that at the end of each book, Liberty tries to stump us with questions about what we have just read in the book.

Rush Limbaugh

On top of that, there is a great section on the website that gives us study guides to with each book. These study guides give you everything you need to take reading these books to the next level! There is a summary of each chapter, along with a quiz of each chapter for the kids. These are great to see who was really listening, but of course, everyone has been because of the funny situations that Liberty likes to create. Not only are there quizzes, and an answer key for mom or dad, but there are two fun activities to go with each book. This Homeschool Resource has been a great addition to some excellent books!

American History

I have fallen in love with the Rush Revere Series! The kids have fallen in love with them also. Now we don't have to struggle to get through the "boring" history classes. And from time to time I have to search the rooms to see which child has stolen the book because they want to read more!

If you are looking for a way to get your children excited about American History, look no further! Rush Revere and Liberty are here to help you out!

Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series {Reviews}

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