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Making school fun for an active 6-year-old girl is interesting to say the least. She wants to do worksheets, but she wants to have fun. She doesn’t want a lot of work, but she loves the feeling of completing something. What in the world do you do? You head over to The Crafty Classroom and check out their Learn to R.E.A.D. Curriculum Notebook and the R.E.A.D. Review Pack.

Little Miss is my worker bee! She loves having the chance to do worksheets. She has always loved doing worksheets with her big brothers since she could hold a crayon. Finding fun curriculum for her has always been a challenge, as she wants the fun worksheets, but she wants variety in what she does. The worksheets in this R.E.A.D Curriculum are exactly what she wants!

I will warn you right away, there is a lot of printing for this curriculum. I am only printing what we need each week on Sunday night. I also need to tell you, most of printing is in black and white and not a lot of color.

There is a Daily Schedule included in the introduction. This program is suggested to be used 4 days a week taking Friday off. This is a nice pace for Little Miss and allows us time to do fun stuff on Fridays. This can be easily adapted to take any other day off during the week, which we have had to do when Daddy has some doctor appointments.

Before you even begin, there is a Pre-Assessment that you give to your child. This will see if your child is ready to begin the program. This includes checking to see if your child can identify the Upper and Lower-Case letters and their sounds.

Once you are ready to begin, you can follow the schedule for the list of things to do with your child. Every day begins with a Daily Warm-Up. This can be done in a few different ways. You can print a new sheet every day, in color or black and white, or you can use a page protector and dry-erase marker and clear the sheet every morning. We opted to use the color sheet and page protector option. We also have a blank calendar that we fill in every day.

After our warm-up, we got started on our lessons each day. We have done all the worksheets at once, and we have split them up throughout the day. Both of these options worked for us, it just depended on the day for Little Miss. Each week the lessons are the same, making it easy for Little Miss to know what to anticipate each day of the week.

Two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday, would do a fun Interactive Grammar lesson. This was something new for Little Miss and she loved learning the basics of grammar. These worksheets were different each time and instead of keeping them with our other worksheets, we put these in our Language Arts Interactive Notebook. This is a fun way for Little Miss to sit down and review by paging through the notebook instead of getting lost with her other pages.

We decided to keep all of our R.E.A.D. papers together in a three-ring binder. I keep them separated by week and word family, but by doing this we are able to quickly review something if I notice Little Miss having an issue.

Every 5 weeks, we have a review. During this review time, we get to practice all the sight words and word families that we have learned by reading fun little books. Little Miss is in love with this first review week and the fun new books we have been reading each day. I love that she is reading and not just looking at the pictures to guess what the words say!

Little Miss is in love with her new school. She loves that she was reading right away from the first day, and this has encouraged her to keep going. The variety of worksheets is just the right amount and keeps her from getting bored, but also helps her master the sight words and word family of the week. While she loves all the worksheets, her favorite by far is the Spinner Winner worksheet, which she would do every day if I let her!

While there is a little printing involved with this curriculum, I have no issues with that. I love that the pages are black and white, and actually have Little Miss color the pictures on some of them. Oh, and the cute little books! These are so fun to sit down with Little Miss and listen as she reads to me!

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  1. Thank you so much for your review, Amanda! That is super cute that your daughter enjoys the Spinner Winner games so much. They were my son’s favorite as well. Happy Homeschooling! Blessings, Valerie

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