The Critical Thinking Co. ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Patterns Patterns everywhere! But did you know that patterns help you with your reasoning skills and those skills are needed to help you with your math and science. The Critical Thinking Co. has the perfect book to help you with your patterns. We were able to review Pattern Explorer with Moe Man recently.

The Critical Thinking Company

I don’t know who was more excited when we received the Pattern Explorer book in the mail. I love patterns and anything that has to do with them. Moe Man, well he has issues with patterns. I figured this would be the best way to get him to have fun with them.

In this 90 page workbook, we have 5 different themes for the patterns. These themes are the Pattern Predictor, Equality Explorer, Sequence Sleuth, Number Ninja and Function Finder. Moe Man and I each had our favorites when it came to these themes. While I loved the Number Ninja and the Sequence Sleuth, Moe Man loved the Pattern Predictor the best.

The Critical Thinking Company

There are 40 different worksheets in this workbook, and following the worksheets is a Hints section. This has come in helpful for us. Both Moe Man and I were able to open up to this when we were stuck and use it to help us along with our page we were working on. There are hints for every worksheet, but not every problem.

After the hints section there is the answers. This is the section I had to hide from Moe Man. He would get frustrated at times and want to check, but I wanted us to figure these out without checking until we were done.

I keep talking about Moe Man and I doing this together. Since he has some issues with math and patterns, I thought this would be a great way to work on that. However, he didn’t quite understand the patterns as well as I thought he would, so we worked on these together. Each day, we have found time to work on at least one worksheet together. This was a great experience for him and I know that he learned a lot during this time.

The Critical Thinking Company

While working on these worksheets together, I seen Moe Man start to figure out how to work on them more and more on his own. There is no right or wrong way to work on the worksheets. They do slowly get harder as you go along in the book, but you can start anywhere and skip around as much as you want without a problem. Since Moe Man has an issue with the patterns, we worked from beginning to end, no skipping.

Our final opinion on this workbook? Well, I loved it and loved working on it with Moe Man. As much as Moe Man fought me every time we sat down to do these problems, I noticed the fight getting to be less and the questions on how to do the problems getting to be more. While he may not say it, I have to say that it was nice to see that he was enjoying thinking in a new way about patterns.

The Patterns Explorer workbook is for grades 5-7, but I was enjoying it, and I don’t think I am a 7th grader anymore! This is a fun book to do and a great way to use your brain in a different way.

You can find The Critical Thinking Co. on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. Pattern Explorer is just one of the many workbooks and activities that The Critical Thinking Co. has. Check out some of their other items that these families got to review by clicking below!


Critical Thinking Company Review

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