The Focused Homeschool Teacher Planner – A Review

This is a review post. I received this item in exchange for my honest review. Below you will find just that, my honest review.

As the new year is approaching, one of my goals is to up my organization of my homeschool schedule and planner. But how can I do that when I don’t know what kind of planner I like? I love digital, but I love to put colored pens to paper and move around with it also. What is a girl to do? Well, you get focused, and that is just what The Multi-Taskin’ Mom has given me with The Focused Homeschool Teacher Planner.

  Homeschool Teacher Planner

What Is It

The Focused Homeschool Teacher Planner is brand new! There is also a Student Planner. This Teacher Planner has all that you need to plan your school year out, whether you plan the full year at once, or do it monthly or weekly like I do. Not only will you be able to plan this year out, but every year to come, as this is an undated planner.

As well as being an undated planner, this is digital, meaning you don’t have to wait for it to ship out. You will be able to start printing the pages you need today, right away today! Don’t need something for a year or more, save them and print them when you need them. No wasted pages and no extra pages taking up room that you don’t have.

Focused Planner

Not only that, but this planner is made in grayscale. Do you know what that means? I don’t have to worry about using a ton of ink to print the pages that I want. And just because it is in grayscale, does not mean it has to be boring. I love colored pens! Colored pens and grayscale printing are the best of friends! I get to customize the colors to what I want each month and don’t have to use the same colors each month if I don’t want to.

This Teacher Planner has everything I need to be focused on my child’s education. There are Student Focus Pages, Monthly Focus pages, Weekly Focus (Schedule) pages, Quarterly Focus pages, Unit Study planning pages, High School Planning pages and Extras like Attendance logs, Field Trip Journals and Book Logs. There is so much in this one planner, I no longer need to search around on numerous sites to find all the pages I want for my dream planner!

Focused Planner

How I Used It

After looking through all the pages and falling in love with them, I knew I actually had to start printing and using them! I have children on literally every side of the homeschool spectrum. I have a preschooler all the way to a high schooler. There are a lot of homeschool years to come in this house! I made my list, and I got the printer ready!

Focused Planner

I knew I wanted to have my monthly focus pages and weekly focus pages. These were the key to my planning. I want to be able to look at a month at a time and see what we have planned. Once I know what I have happening, I can go week by week and plan out our lessons. For both the monthly and weekly focus pages, you can choose lined or unlined pages. I like lined pages so that I can write in a straight line!

On the weekly focus pages, I was able to use one for both Ray Ray and Little Miss. I also can throw in a few ideas for Baby Girl. This means that I can use this one planner for 3 children! This is huge for me! No more running around trying to find each child’s planner so I know wha they need to do each day.

I also printed up the book lists. This is something I NEED! I am always on the look out for a good book list page, and this is just what I was looking for. I have Ray Ray using a lot of books for his history lessons, as well as Little Miss. To make sure I cover what I need, I need to keep a list of what they have read, and I even printed up a second one as my what to look for at the library list.

Focused Planner

I also printed up all the High School Planning pages. These pages are all the pages that I have loved from all different sites. Now I have them all that match! While Moe Man is half way down with high school already, yikes, I am thankful to re-write his plans on matching pages. I am also happy that I won’t have to search all over for Ray Ray when it is his turn!

What Did I Think

There are many things that I am in love with when it comes to this planner, the option to print and add my own color, having it undated so that I can use it for many years and can start using it at anytime, and the fact that all my needs are in one planner! This planner is one that I have been dreaming of since I started homeschooling. All aspects of this planner have been carefully thought out. This is not a “homeschool this way” planner, rather it is a “how do you homeschool, let me help you” planner.

There are many pages that I don’t have a use for right now. Guess what? I didn’t print them. There are many more pages that I can’t live without, and I did print those! That is one of my favorite parts. This planner has everything I want, plus more. I don’t have to use it, but if I want it, I can go and print it at any time.

The undated feature is another favorite of mine. This means that I can start using it at any time during the year. I can use it this year, or next year, or any other time in the future. So, whether you are reading this the week that I post it, or a year or two from now, this planner will still work for you! How nice is that?

Now, from today all the way up to January 12, 2018, you can get this planner, as well as the student planner at a great discount! Even better, if you want them both, the discount is even better! Make sure you check this planner out if you want to have a Focused New Year!

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