The Greatest Inventors – A Homeschool Crew Review

Sometimes Science lessons could be boring. Sometimes you need to change things up in order to make them fun. When you need a change in your science lesson for your 2nd – 8th grade child, you can head over A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks and check out The Greatest Inventors.

Ray Ray and I had the chance to check out The Greatest Inventors and we were not disappointed. This stand-alone title gave us everything we needed to make this a fun science unit study. The digital download of this lapbook program is only $8 and while we have been using this 3 times a week over the last few weeks, we still have some to do before it is done.

Now, we are not just learning about the inventors by reading and copying some boring pieces of information onto paper. We are taking this to a whole new level! We read about the inventor, and if you want to grab library books for more information, or even the internet, you are more than welcome to. However, all that you need for the lapbook, is included for you.

We looked at our options when starting this study. We could get it all done in a month no problem, or we could take more time and expand our learning. We decided to take the extra time and spread this out a little longer. We love our library and our library loves us. Just simply reading a few books here or there on the inventors that we enjoyed made it ours and fun!

When looking at the options, we also decided that we would work on putting the pieces of the lapbook together as we went instead of waiting until it was all done. This allowed us to see how far we had come and how much was left to do. The guide was set up nicely that we were shown were to put each piece and we didn’t have to wait until we were done to figure out where to put everything.

As we went through this lapbook, we would find a study guide page that would give all that we needed to know to fill out the following lapbook page. However, we took it a step further and found extra books on our shelves or that of the library and learned a little more about each inventor and their inventions as we went through this lesson.

After we have had the chance to learn about the inventors and their inventions, we are able to show what we have learned by putting it into our lapbook to show off whenever we want to. This is the best part for Ray Ray. He loves to show what he has learned to whomever comes into our home, or whomever he talks to when we are our and about!

During this study, we have learned about Benjamin Franklin, John Deere, Eli Whitney, Robert Fulton and George Washington Carver to name a few. This has been a fun break from our regular science curriculum and one that Ray Ray looks forward to doing. I love the way this is set up and how easy it is to open, print and go. I also love that we can pick to use more books, or just use the study guide pages included without lacking information!

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