The Iliad and The Odyssey ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

When Moe Man picked up a random copy of The Iliad on a free book book shelf, he told me that it sounded like an interesting book. We brought it home, but it found a spot on the book shelf and we forgot about it. Until I heard about the Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set from Memoria Press. I was happy to find a way to work these classics into our homeschool days.

Included in the Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set are the Samuel Butler translation of The Iliad and The Odyssey, a student guide for each book, a teacher guide for each book and a set of DVDs for each book. These DVDs are a life saver for me as mom, as they help to teach this class!

The day we got this program in the mail, Moe Man was quick to grab The Iliad, which was a bigger copy with larger print than the free one he had previously grabbed. He preceded to walk away without a word to me. This kid and books, they are a love hate relationship. He loves to read, but hates the work that goes with them. Knowing that I had a book that he was interested in and the materials that would help him, I was just as excited to get started on this study.

We started with The Iliad. It was the book he chose, so I wasn't going to argue, plus The Iliad is the earlier writing. While Moe Man took the book instantly, I took to the Teacher's Guide to see what I needed to know. Most of Moe Man's high school work is independent work, but this one is set up for a classroom setting. Even though this was set up this way, we were able to easily adapt this for our homeschool setting. It is also suggested that all of Homer would be able to be completed in 18 weeks, which averages to 4.5 hours a week, we did spread this out a little more to work with Moe Man.

Our schedule was spaced out a little more than most homeschools would need to do. We spent one day reading the book that we were on. The next two days Moe Man would watch the video that went with the book while working on the Student Guide questions for that book. These two days also included discussions with me, working on Background and Drills, discussions about the book and time spent marking and studying the questions that will be on the test.

Using this schedule, we are able to work on about 2 books a week. This means that we will be spending about 12 weeks in each of the two epics.

The Teacher's Guide has everything I need to effectively teach about these epics to Moe Man. I have the answers to the Student Guide questions and all the notes for the background and drills, the discussion help and extra teacher notes. This gives me a solid foundation that I would be able to help Moe Man with these epics. But this was not all I was given. I was given DVDs, yes DVDs that help teach each book as we read through the epic.

The DVDs are taught by Sean Brooks, a master teacher at one of Highlands Latin Schools. These lessons, or lectures, run about half an hour or so in length and Mr. Brooks talks about each book in a way that even I can understand. As we go through each book, we are able to work on answering the questions in the Student Guide. Not all the answers are there, and those that are, are not written in black and white. These DVDs make the program work for us and for Moe Man.

Overall, this was a great program. Moe Man has not argued when it came time to do this each day. Some days he had a harder time understanding, but the DVDs helped explain what he didn't understand. While I had to be a bigger role in this than his other classes, I didn't mind. It did not take up too much time each week, and I actually enjoyed this myself.

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