The Time I Failed at Homeschooling My Child

I love homeschooling. I have always loved it, but it has not always loved me. I remember the first time we tried to homeschool with Moe Man. It was not as fun as any of us had planned.

Failed at Homeschooling

Back when we had just finished adopting Moe Man, we knew we wanted him out of the public school system. It was our personal choice. We thought we would be able to tailor things to his needs and help him learn better with his learning disabilities by giving him the one on one teaching.

When we had decided to homeschool Moe Man for first grade, there wasn’t that much available online like there is today. I wasn’t even on Facebook at that time! So I talked with the librairian, who introduced me to a homeschooling mom. This lady is still a friend of mine today!

I went out and bought a boxed curriculum. I didn’t know that I could mix and match based on our strengths and weaknesses. I spent way too much on that curriculum, only to find out, that it did not work for Moe Man.

Failed at Homeschooling

I had always wanted to be a teacher when I “grew up”, so I took a spare bedroom and turned it into a classroom. I had all those school posters up, we found a school desk at a garage sale, and I set up my teacher’s desk. It was a classroom in the home. It was a disaster waiting to happen!

As soon as we started, Moe Man started fighting me right away. Somethings were too easy, others were too hard, I had a schedule and by golly we were going to follow it day by day. We were going to get up and start school at 8. We were going to do this and that, there was no time for fun…just fighting.

After three months of fighting, I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t do the tears, I couldn’t do the fighting and just wanted to throw in the towel!

We re-enrolled him in public school half way through the year. I felt like a failure…

Failed at Homeschooling

You know what? I knew all along that I needed to get back to it. When the public school was failing Moe Man later, I prayed! When I got my answer, I pulled him and tried again, heck I always tell the kids to get up when they fall, so I had to do the same.

This time I had the internet, Facebook and other support groups. I knew that there were options and I searched out what worked for each child. This time, I succeed!

Tell me, have you had a moment when you failed at homeschooling, and came back later to succeed?