The Top 10 Reasons I Like Summer


Here in Minnesota we are finally getting into summer. I think we completely missed out on spring this year, going straight from winter (including snow storms in May) to summer…in the 80s and 90s today! I really like the summer weather a lot more and here are my top 10 reasons why!!

1. This may be a funny one, but I love a good old thunderstorm in the summer!! Just the washing away of the dirty makes that storm so much better!

2. I love cloud watching with the kids. Finding the different shapes and pictures in the sky is so much nicer when you’re in shorts and a t-shirt instead of snow gear. And it is fun to learn about the different clouds with the older ones!

3. I love having my windows open and having fresh air in the house. Nothing like it in the world!

4. I love sitting out in the sun! (I know, make sure to have the SPF and all the other fun stuff…but really sitting in the sun is awesome.)

Sitting in the Sun

5. I love letting the kids sit in the sun too! Letting them soak up the vitamin D and having fun is what summer is all about!

6. I love being in my garden, either the flower garden or the vegetable garden. It is so nice to get your fingers dirty in the dirt. I love watching the seeds take root and grow into beautiful plants, kind of like raising kids if you think about it!

7. I love playing games with the kids outside!


8. I love being able to fire up the grill and not needing the extra clothes to wear just to cook supper!

9. I love going for walks and bike rides. Being able to get out and see what is happening around us and seeing nature in action.

10. If you haven’t been able to tell, I love everything about being outside in the summer! There really is nothing better about it. I should consider a state where I can be outside all year, but I do love letting my kids have fun in the snow.


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