Time Travelers: The Civil War – Review

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

My kids don’t like boring history books. They want to learn history with their hands on it. Doing fun activities instead of reading a book is an excellent way for my kids to remember what we are learning. We used Time Travelers: The Civil War from Home School in the Woods with Ray Ray over the last few weeks.

Time Travelers US History Studies are theme studies based on different events that happened in the United States. I know Ray Ray loves anything with action, so we went with the Civil War study. Everything we got for the review was in digital format, but you could also order the CD version.

There are 25 lessons in this study, and you can spread them out how you would like. You can do one lesson a day for five weeks, like the suggested schedule shows, or you can do fewer lessons a week. We opted to do lessons every other day since that is how we split up our history and science courses.

Each day, we have a little bit of reading that will talk about the theme for the day. We can follow this up with different fun activities. We currently have a newspaper from the times that we add to periodically. As we do the various activities, we add them to a lapbook to store away in our portfolio. These lapbooks are also a great way to go back and review what we have learned throughout the year.

With this study, you get the PDFs of what you need, but you will have to supply the paper, file folder (for your lapbook), and other supplies. You will be in charge of printing everything for this study. That is fine for us because of our printer setup, and I like that I will be able to use this again when Little Miss is learning about American History.

These studies are geared for grades 3-8. They are adaptable to the ages by adding or taking away different activities. With Ray Ray being on the older side of the recommended age, I had him do more of the extended activities, but I know when Little Miss does this for the first time, she won’t do as much.

I enjoy that the Lesson Plan Schedule shows all the different activities that can be done with each lesson. I can have that in front of me while I go and print all the various pages. There is also a Lesson Projects page for each lesson. This page will detail the different projects and explain how to print the projects to make them turn out correctly.

The one thing about this study from Home School in the Woods is that it is not an open and go study. There is printing, cutting, assembling. This used to be an issue for me when my kids were younger, but now that they are older, I can make them help with all of this. Ray Ray enjoys being a part of completing all of these projects because they make them his.

While the cutting, coloring, and assembling is the fun part for Ray Ray, he is not my writer. I would have loved the newspaper concept when I was in school; Ray Ray does not like this. Because I need him to write more, I find the newspaper to be the perfect way to get him to investigate more about what was happening during the Civil War without writing a full report for me.

Home School in the Woods has many different options for all of your hands-on history learning needs. Check out some of the other products that were reviewed right here.

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