Top 5 Benefits to Homeschooling Year Round

When it came to deciding that I was going to homeschool the kids year round, it was not an easy decision at all! I struggled with the idea of not having the summer months off to do nothing. I struggled with how I would tell the kids that I wanted them to keep doing school while all the neighborhood kids slept until noon and played video games all day. It came down to the fact that I had to look at the benefits and see how this would work for us. Here are the top 5 benefits that made up my mind to homeschool year round.

Homeschool Year Round Benefits

More Time, Less Stress

What does this mean? How can homeschooling all year make for less stress? Well, when you homeschool all year, you have 52 weeks to plan out 36 weeks worth of school. This means that you don't have to finish by a strict deadline. I can look at the kids and say, "Let's go to the park and play, no school today" when I notice the attention is not there. This means I don't have to get frustrated and they don't have to get frustrated, we have time!

Vacation When We Want

EVERYONE goes on vacation at the same time each year, spring break and summer time. Why would I want to do the same thing when I am homeschooling to be away from that? We can homeschool right through the busy times and go on vacation when things are slower. You know what else? That usually means the prices are lower as well!

Year Round Learning

We have all heard of the summer learning slump. When we do year round homeschool, that also means we are learning all year. Yes, we do take breaks, but not for months at a time. Moe Man needs to keep his mind working on school or he will forget. If I give him more than 2 weeks off I notice that I have to restart the lessons, and this is not fun for any of us!

Easier Planning

What does easier planning mean and is this really a benefit? Yes, it is a benefit and I take my one week to plan for their next 3 weeks of school. I can see what is or isn't working and change it up every three weeks. I have used this many times with Moe Man especially I can see where he is lacking, take some time to find some extra work when he needs it and move on only when he is ready. If I had planned the whole year out and something didn't work for us, I would have to redo the WHOLE year. This way I can customize for the kids every month!

Shorter Weeks

What? How do you make a week shorter? Well, we do 4 days of school instead of 5. This is new to us in the last few months, but we LOVE this change! Monday through Thursday are our school days. Friday is our Home Ec day. While this isn't school books, I use the kids to help me around the house and use it as their home ec day. Not only are they happy to have only 4 days of school, I am happy to have help picking up, washing clothes, or even just cooking food.

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Are you a year round homeschooler? What is your favorite benefit to homeschooling year round?

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  1. This will be our first year of year round homeschooling! We added our 5th baby the end of March, and I had a very tough pregnancy. When I saw the weight of “not finishing” defeating me AND my children, I decided to keep doing school through the summer and take the stress off of us! If we just keep going, we won’t miss the deadline and our brains won’t turn to mush. We have also planned several vacations in the fall and spring already, so this also takes the pressure off of finishing for a 2nd year in a row. I also think it will teach my kids to have a new mindset of “always in learning mode” instead of only learning when school is “in season.”

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