Top Ten Best Things About Summer (From the Kids)


Ok, so I have no idea what to write today…too busy lesson planning and trying to stay cool. So I am leaving this one up to the kids. Here are the answers I got when I asked them what the best things about summer were.


1. We get to be home.  (Big Kid) I don't get why this was the answer, but we do kind of hide out in the house on the hot days.

2. We can play in the sprinkler. (Ray Ray) Well, we did just buy a new one, but this kid keeps me on my toes…he loves to say he loves playing in the sprinkler, but when it comes down to it, he won't go anywhere near it!!

3. Playing outside.  (Big Kid) And boy do we ever like to play outside! Between the sandbox, garden and bikes there are a lot of options to stay busy!

4. Ray Ray and Little Miss both agree…the sandbox! That sandbox has been getting some good use out of it!! There are many things that happen there, gardening, monster trucks, Star Wars battles and sand castles. I do love having that in the back yard!!


5. Going on vacation. (all of us) Once a year we go to Wisconsin Dells with my dad and step mom. The kids are starting to get spoiled by this, but they do really look forward to it. As soon as Christmas is over they start their countdown!!

6. Going to the park. The kids all love the park (Big Kid loves any park with a swing since our set is too small for him now). It changes things up for them and they wear off a lot of pent up energy this way.

7. Riding bike. The boys love their bikes. Little Miss is learning on her trike, but loves to ride behind mommy in the bike trailer!

8. I can see the grass! (Ray Ray) I think this kid is going to take after his daddy and be really proud of how nice the yard looks 🙂

9. Having picnics outside.  What an easy cleanup for mommy…and as soon as they get over the fear of bugs getting into their food, we are good!


10. Bonfires and s'mores!! Need I say more? IMG_20130706_183029_635

What are the favorite things about summer in your house?



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    1. The actual metal ring was an anniversary present from my mom and than we had to add the visual appeal around it…not to mention the fire itself!!! It is not always that high, but we had to break it in 🙂

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