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Sometimes you need a good movie that you can watch with the whole family. One that is truly meaningful, yet isn’t full of all the junk in most movies. Mapelle Films has a great movie that fits into this need of a good movie, Trust Fund.

prodigal story

Trust Fund is a movie unlike any other that I have seen before! I was drawn in from the beginning, never feeling like it was a slow start. The story line is solid yet not one that will make you truly know what is about to happen next, you might have an idea, but you won’t know for sure.

The quality of this film is high quality and the acting is wonderful. The actors are in full character and you feel every emotion that they feel. There are no dull moments, or glitches in the filming or acting. It was an absolutely captivating movie from the beginning to the end.

Reese Donahue (Jessica Rothe), has found that after her mother’s death, there was money left for her and her sister. A large sum of money. When she found this out and asked her dad about it he told her, “As generous as your mother was, it was more important to her that you know who you are and money can’t help you with that.” This was the first of many favorite quotes from this movie!

prodigal story

What happens next might sound familiar. Reese decides that the money is hers and finds a way to withdraw it, running away with a man she thought she loved. However, something happens with the money and Reese is left scared and alone. She calls her dad, and he welcomes her home with a party.

However, Reese’s sister feels differently about all that is happening. She is upset with not only her sister, but her father in how he openly receives her back. This sets up a drift between the sisters and the father. However, things happen that bring the family back together.

Does this story sound familiar? If you have read the bible anytime in your life, you would say yes! And you are right. This is a modern-day Prodigal Son story! It hits the spot with the younger crowd, or even those who love a good movie. While not outright quoting the Bible, this movie brings the story to life!

I loved this movie. I couldn’t stop watching it. I love to preview movies before showing them to the kids, but this one did not require that. Although I did enjoy having an excuse to watch it more than once! I loved knowing that I could watch this movie with my teen and have him learn a worthwhile lesson instead of some silly garbage. And yes, my teen did enjoy the movie, as did my whole family!

Mapelle Films also has a great book that would work great for your teen daughter to read after watching Trust Fund. Love Was Near takes your daughter into the feelings of what Reese went through. How she was feeling when everything was happening. While we did not review this book, you can find others who did right here:

Trust Fund Movie {Mapelle Films Reviews}
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