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So it has come to my attention that I have a surplus of school supplies. Lots of which we aren’t using now, and my not use in the future. In my efforts to declutter (I am telling the kids they have to, so I do too right?), I have put together a box of items I am willing to sell. I will only accept Pay Pay and all my prices will include media mail shipping to the United States. I am sorry to say that I will have to just keep it to the US right now. Comment below listing the items you are after. Make sure that you list the correct email address in the box, no one else will see it, but I will be able to contact you that way with my Pay Pal email address. You would get an email from hopkinshomeschool (@) gmail (dot) com. It will be first come first serve on all items and all sales will be final (since I will list the conditions and photos of the actual items). If there are any questions, please ask before purchasing. Thank you! Moving on to the items (I will remove them as they sell):

2014-08-07 19.10.41

Building Language


Both the student book and the teacher book. Copyright 2003. Excellent condition with no writing on the pages at all.

2014-08-07 19.10.19

Exploring Creation with General Science


This is the first edition. Included with this is the student textbook, solutions and tests booklet and the 36 week schedule. Shelf wear has happened, but nothing bad at all.

2014-08-07 19.09.04

Sonlight Fiction, Fairy Tales and Fun for Little Learners

(Instructor’s Guide)


This is the 2007 version 3. Would be compared to the Core P3/4. It is just the instructor’s guide and nothing else (no books). Some small notes have been taken on the pages.

2014-08-07 19.08.38

The Story of the U.S.A.

$15 for both Books 3 and 4. There is no writing in either one of these workbooks.

2014-08-07 19.12.37

Singapore Primary Mathematics 6A & 6B


2007 Edition. I have the workbook, textbook and home instructor guide for both 6A and 6B included in the $40 price. I am also including the Challenging Word Problems book. These are all the U.S. Editions. There is some writing in 6A Exercises 4, 5, 6 and 7. Otherwise there is no writing in these books.

2014-08-07 19.14.22

Sonlight Core G World History Year 1 of 2

(Instructor’s Guide)


This is the 2011 version of the first year of World History. It is just the Instructor’s Guide and does not include any of the books. There is writing on the book list page, but the rest of the guide is clean.

2014-08-07 19.15.40

Sonlight Exploring God’s World

(Instructor’s Guide)


This is the 2008 version of the instructor’s guide. I do not have any of the books included in this (other than the three ring binder). There is no writing in this guide at all.

2014-08-07 19.17.26

Sonlight Language Arts Core G

Instructor’s Guide


This is the 2011 instructor’s guide for Language Arts only. It also includes the Student Activity Sheets. None of the activity sheets have been written on. There is a few faint lines on the book list, but nothing that interferes with the actual list.

2014-08-07 19.16.33

Little Hands to Heaven


This is the 2003 book. There is no writing in the book and it is in really good condition.


Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons


There are some sticker spots on the cover, but no writing in the book at all.


There is what I have for sale at this time…I have to look some more, as I am sure I have more. I will let you know when that happens! Thanks for looking and I hope you find something you might need/want!


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