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veritas press

Have you heard of Veritas Press? They have lots of fun curriculum and especially one called Veritas Press Self-Paced Omnibus I. Moe Man had the opportunity to review this program.

Veritas Press Self-Paced Omnibus I is an “all encompassing” course that includes history, theology and literature for ages 12 and up (grade seventh through ninth). All the material in this course are taught using a biblical, Christian worldview.  Students are brought to the place where the history happened through the use of the online videos. Not only do they learn through the visiting of the places, but they are quizzed on what they learn as well.

Everything for the course is included with the online program. There is no need for planning on my part. I send him to the site and let him go. There isn’t even a lot of reading…more listening and watching videos than anything, which Moe Man really enjoyed. There are some readings that are the “homework”, and most come from the bible. Those assignments that are not from the bible are able to be accessed through the eBook or via the course itself. Once you purchase this course, you won’t need to purchase anything else. There are no special requirements, other than high speed internet that is needed for the course.

The cost of a year’s access to the course is $295. To enroll a second child in the same course, you get $100 off the cost.

Once you are enrolled, you the parent get a teacher page, while your child gets their own student log in page. They are able to see the different assignments before they start each day.

I let Moe Man go with this program. He enjoyed having the freedom of not having me hover over him while he worked on his school. But I was able to make sure he was understanding it all by checking in via my page.

At least three days each week, sometimes four, Moe Man would sit down and watch the videos for each lesson. After watching the videos for the lesson, we would work the worksheets or quizzes together. As much fun as Moe Man had doing this on his own, I noticed the worksheets and quizzes were hard on him. If I was able to work through them with him, he did much better than doing them on his own. I feel this is because of his learning style and not because of the program itself.


Through the use of Omnibus I, we have been able to work through Genesis, Exodus, Gilgamesh, and are now working on Hammurabi. This course took the place of our history for the time being. We found that it was perfect to help us learn more about ancient history as well as the history of the bible.

Moe Man really enjoyed using this program and I feel that he will continue using this without me asking him to! This is big for him when it comes to school. Not only does he love history, but to have it presented in such a fun and easy to understand way makes it that much more fun for him. The actual videos were very well presented and made it easy for anyone to follow along. Like I said, the worksheets and quizzes were hard for Moe Man, but that is him and not the program. Overall, this program was a wonderful program!

Veritas Press can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Make sure you stop by and say hi!

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