Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online – Review

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Reading is one of those essential skills to learn. But sometimes, learning to read can be challenging, dull, or just dreadful for the child and the parent. What if you could let your child play a game and learn to read? Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online from EdAlive enables you to do just that!

What Is It

Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online is an online game for ages 5-15. This is an Australian-based company, so there was a slight accent in the speaking. The game uses adaptive learning to allow each child to learn at their own pace.

During the game, your child can choose to play against the computer or other children. There is no communication between kids, just playing the game. Children will race around the island, trying to escape before the volcano explodes.

On the parent side of Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online, you can see how much your child uses the game, their strengths, and how they are doing within the curriculum.

How We Used It

I had Baby Girl use this as a fun way to practice her reading skills. She usually played against the computer instead of other kids as she is on the lower end of learning how to read. She enjoyed being able to take a break from our regular lessons and play a game instead.

Since we used this as a game and a break from her regular reading lessons, I didn’t pay much attention to the stuff on the parent dashboard. However, I was surprised when they said she excelled at some 2nd and 3rd-grade reading. I think she just lucked out with a good guess on those.

What We Thought Of It

I had some high hopes when Baby Girl tried this out and liked it. However, she did become bored with the game quite quickly. There were no lessons, just practice. That is why I opted to use this as practice from what we are currently using.

The accent didn’t bother Baby Girl, and she liked it. It didn’t interfere with her learning. The concept behind the game is excellent. It would be made better if there was an option to do some lessons and use the game to practice what was taught.

If your child needs a fun way to practice their reading skills, Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online is a fun way to do that. EdAlive has other programs available also; check out the reviews right here.

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  1. We’re so happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed using Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online!

    If you want more specialised practice for your daughter, I really recommend the content selection option from your Tools and Reports. You can select work all the way down to the specific questions for her and it can be a really useful revision tool.

    I hope you both enjoy the rest of your subscription! Thank you for your review 😀

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