Welcome to Blogging Through The Alphabet!

Blogging, it is the joy of many families out there. It is the thing that helps us tell everyone about what we do in our house. Over here at Hopkins Homeschool we talk about, can you guess? Yep, homeschool! We have been homeschooling for a few years now, and while we love to tell you all about it, some days we need some inspiration.

Inspiration can comes in many forms when it comes to homeschooling. One of those can be blog hops. Recently I teamed up with Annette from A Net In Time Homeschooling to start Blogging Through The Alphabet and we want you to join us!

So, what is Blogging Through The Alphabet?

This is a 26-week long blog hop that focuses on one letter each week. We start with the letter A and move forward until we reach Z.

How can you join?

It is simple. Each week you write a family friendly post focusing on the letter of the week. After publishing the post, you link up with our weekly linky and share some of the other posts from that week. We all love the friendly social media share!

Does each letter have a focus?

No. As long as it is family friendly, you are welcome to join us! You can focus on one topic all 26 weeks, or you can jump around what fits you. We are open to anything family, faith, homeschool or homemaking themed. As long as it is family friendly, you are welcome to participate.

I will be linking each letter to this page as it goes live. You have from Tuesday 8am CST of the current week until Saturday at midnight CST to link up your corresponding post. When you link up your post, you give us permission to feature you in an upcoming post or share your post via social media.

Each week, I will pick my top 5 favorite posts and share them on my ABCs Through The Alphabet Pinterest Board. I can’t wait to see what everyone has to share and hope you have fun with this!

The rules:

  • Each post must be family friendly. If it is not, we have the right to remove it.
  • When linking up to this post, you give us permission to share your post and/or a photo from your post in future posts and social media shares.
  • Place the Blog Button from the site onto the post you are linking up.
  • Use the hashtag #abcblogging when promoting your post. This will help us find you and help us promote you as well.
  • Please visit at least one other blog within the linky. It would be wonderful to leave a comment while you are there!
  • The most important rule is to make sure you are having fun! This is not something we want you to be stressed out over. We want to see all the fun ideas that everyone comes up with for the letters!

So, if you are ready, let’s get started on this fun journey! Letter A will be set to go on Tuesday January 17, 2017. Each letter will be on the following Tuesdays. If there is a change in plans, we will let you know!

A is for Attention

Do you have an introduction post you would like to link up? Do that right here!

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    1. This is going to be a fun adventure! I can not wait to see what everyone has to share with us!

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