What I Have Learned About Homeschooling

I have been homeschooling for just over 7 years now! That is a lot of time! And I have a lot of time left, with our youngest being just 5-years-old. Our oldest graduated from our homeschool just a year ago. With all of this time homeschooling, I have learned many things. I want to share those with you today!

Take Your Time

Homeschooling is not a race. Read that again, there is no first place when you finish your homeschool journey. What matters most is the journey that you take with your children. Instead of focusing on the finish line, focus on the memories you are going to make along the way. When I stopped worrying about the end of the journey and focused on the moment, I had more fun. Not only did I have more fun, but the kids also had more fun. They learned more and remembered more.

Ditch the Curriculum

Ok, so this is funny coming from me I know! After reviewing different homeschool curriculum, I realize that sometimes the curriculum is not the most important part of our homeschool. Putting the books aside and just getting outside has made a difference. No, I am not an unschooler, but now I know why some people love unschooling so much. Letting the kids get outside and explore drew them into the learning that I want them to get into. Yes, we still have a curriculum, but I am willing to pause that if the kids find something that they love to learn. I found allowing them to focus on their interests more than their curriculum allows them to learn more.

Each Child is Different

This has been the hardest for me. I wanted all my kids to just get into school the way I envisioned it. When they one by one put up a fight, I realized I needed to change my vision to help them. I only have four children (I know that sounds funny to type as well as it might to read for some), but of those four, I have found that each has a different style of learning.

What does that mean for me? I have to adjust the schooling for each child. One may love the basic school idea. Another may thrive in a more relaxed environment. One may love being with the other kids while learning, and another may want only one on one learning. I am finally okay with knowing that I will need to adapt to each child in the house and what works for one may not work for the rest.

Read the Bible

This is one that I never thought I would add to a homeschooling list. But this is one that I have come to lean on more than I know. When the times get tough, and they will, grab your Bible. When things are going good, grab your Bible. When you don’t know what to teach, grab your Bible. Our Bible is very well used in our homeschool lessons. You can base your lessons on the Bible verses you are reading, or you can add the Bible into your lessons. No matter the way you do it, just read your Bible.

What are some things you have learned on your homeschooling journey? Share them with me in the comments!


6 Replies to “What I Have Learned About Homeschooling”

  1. Yes! I have learned to really appreciate this time with my kids and enjoy all the little moments along with all the big ones. I’m so thankful for the friendships and relationships my kids have with each other as a benefit of homeschooling.

    1. The little moments are HUGE! And the friendships among the kids is awesome! I love seeing them be each other’s best friends.

  2. Yes! This is our 14th year of homeschooling and every year I just learn more and more. And just when I think I have it all figured out, God throws something new into the mix. Ha! Enjoy the journey!

  3. In some ways I love the fact that each of my three kids learns differently. In other ways, it can be so much more stressful!

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