What’s Hoppin’ at Hopkins Homeschool – September 15, 2017

Ok, so we have finished our second week of September. This means all the public kids are back in school and all the homeschoolers who don’t homeschool year-round are back at school what does that mean for us? Not a thing…except Moe Man had a few troubles logging in to do his online lessons last week. I am glad that they were able to spend the time needed to fix that! You never know how well your homeschool site works until the week after Labor Day!

After we got that all sorted out, we were able to get into a groove, until the end of the week when Moe Man turned 17! I think I might have cried a little, or a lot. I was not ready to accept the fact that he is now one year away from being an “adult”. How can he be that old already?? Does every mom feel this rush of fear, worry and excitement all at the same time?

Ray Ray has been busy working on his new curriculum. We have picked some full curriculum choices from The Critical Thinking Co. This is a whole new way of learning for him and I love it. It makes him think outside of the worksheet and lets him explore in a whole new way! With the way he learns and thinks, this type of curriculum is working for him!

Little Miss has been busy working on her writing and reading skills. I have loved many of her reading programs before, but right now she is trying out Reading Eggs, and you know what? She isn’t fighting me to say the words, instead she is just doing. But I will tell you more about that later! She is also super excited because I bumped her up to 1st grade this last week. Where did that time go? How can she be that old already? Yes, I had a hard week with realizing how grown up my kids have become!

Baby Girl is hanging out around the table when the kids are learning. I find fun little printables for her to work on, and the older kids help her if she seems to get stuck. She loves having the big kids help her and I love that she is learning at her own pace, but still learning!

This upcoming week, we are going to spend some time learning more about hurricanes. I have found a few good resources, one is an upcoming review of SuperTeacherWorksheets.com and the other is a unit study found right here. With all that has been on the news, it only seems smart to bring it into our homeschool as well.

Mommy is busy getting ready for the next season. I love freezer cooking and freezer meals when the times get cold, and the days short. I have been spending some time on MyFreezEasy getting some meals planned out. This site has been a great helper when I really don’t want to plan out a grocery list. It does it for me when it comes to suppers around here! My current favorite recipe is the Slow Cooker Pepperoni Chicken…um, chicken and pepperoni, two of the favorites for the picky children, means that they eat and I am happy! Have you checked this site out yet?

What is something fun you have done this last week? What are you doing in the upcoming week? If you are dealing with the aftermath of Harvey or Irma, or are dealing with the wildfires in the west, know that you are in our prayers!

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