{Why} Motherhood Matters – A Book Review

I have always dreamed about being a mom! I thought I had the hang of things as I helped take care of my younger cousins and did babysitting jobs. I could do this! Only, it is different when it is your own child who is behaving a certain way, that is when you wonder if you are a good mom!

September McCarthy writes to us as mothers in {Why} Motherhood Matters. She doesn’t just write to us, but she reaches deep into us and writes to that person. No matter what stage in motherhood that you are currently in, September is writing to you.

I had a little bit of a hard time getting into the book, September starts off by talking about her difficulties of becoming a mother to begin with. I didn’t have these struggles. I felt her pain as I was reading, but it wasn’t reaching me. However, after this introduction, I couldn’t stop reading! I couldn’t stop listening to her talk to me through the pages on her page!

There are four different parts to this book. They are {Why} You Are Not Alone, {Why} We Cannot Live Motherhood by the Seat of Our Pants, {Why} You Will Lead Them in the Way They Should Go and {Why} Giving Your Children a Reason to Change Makes all the Difference. Each one of these sections in broken down into chapters. These chapters are written like a daily devotional, and if use this way, you would have a month (28 days) of devotional within this book.

Each chapter has its own topic. These range from {Why} Everyone Else Is Having a Baby and I’m Not to {Why} It’s Okay to Say No to Your Children, everything is covered in this book! Each chapter is finished up with a Taking Steps, My Parenting Principle and a prayer. While I loved the whole chapter, these were my building blocks on becoming a better, purposeful mother.

I love how open and honest September is with us as we read this book. I felt like I was sitting down with a friend and spending some quality time with her every day. I felt like she knew me, deep down into my soul on many issues that are happening in our house. The little pieces of Truth to Live By that are added in, are real, they are the truths we need to live by. And the prayer each chapter, it felt like me. I could see myself saying them, so reading them meant that much more to me!

Not only am I walking away from this book with a new tool-belt of ideas, and a fresh mind, but I am also able to give this to my kids. I was always worried about verse memory and having it be too much, but now, now we are working on verse memory daily. Hearing the words of God come from the mouths of my children remind me that I have been trusted to take care of them. It reminds me Why Motherhood Matters!

September McCarthy is a writer, speaker, popular blogger, wife, and a home-educating mother to ten beautiful children. She is juggling the stages of motherhood, from adult children to toddlers, and is now a grandma to two more blessings.

September writes with a heart of compassion for broken lives and shares hope in her words for women in every season of life.

She is the founder and director of Raising Generations Today, a nonprofit ministry designed to equip and inspire moms to reach the hearts of their children for God’s glory. Through providing valuable resources, inspirational writers and speakers, annual conferences, practical teaching materials, and the connection of moms in every season of parenting, Raising Generations Today offers hope to women so that they may embrace and thrive in their roles as moms. September speaks nationally to share the hope she holds on to daily to navigate life’s waters.

September also blogs regularly at One September Day (www.septembermccarthy.com) where she encourages women to be brave and to embrace the gifts that God has placed upon them to hand the torch of the Gospel to their family and those around them.

September lives a rural life with her growing family, chickens, gardening, shelves overflowing with books, and a project always on the horizon. Her family is her number one priority, and her heart is always at home. She believes in new mercies every day and fresh grace on everyone she meets.

If you are feeling like you don’t know why you matter, why your role as mom matters, you need to get this book into your hands and start reading it right away! Oh, and to help you do that, I have the opportunity to give one lucky reader a copy of this book!

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  1. I am a seasoned mom with an 8 year old and a teenage boy. Who knew teenagers could be so fun, but also so draining?

  2. I feel like a seasoned mom, but there is so much left to learn. I used to feel that I was under the weight of it all but recently pushed through an discovered the joy of living in the present without fear for the future or regret over the past. That I learned from you!

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