Why We Homeschool Year-Round

When we started homeschooling, I was all for the school year schedule. It was normal for me. However, as we got more into homeschooling, I realized that a year-round homeschool schedule fit our schedule better. Let me tell you why.

Fitting in School with Life

The very first thing I realized when we started homeschooling was that we needed to change our homeschool to fit our lives. After trying to do school like the public school, and failing miserably, I knew that I had to find something different. That is when I figured we needed to fit our school in our life and not the other way around. Now we have a relaxed schedule that allows us to take sun days and mental health days. Those are the important days!

Learning At Our Pace

Each one of my kids has learned to read at a different time in their life. Ray Ray taught himself after many attempts by me. These were futile attempts that made me feel like I failed each time. But when he got bored and read a whole chapter book in one day, I realized that learning comes at a different pace for each child. Knowing that we don’t have to finish a curriculum by a set day, allows me to focus on the learning aspect of it. Making sure my kids are actually learning and retaining the information they learn.

Customize Learning

Oh, the joy of learning. Each child is different. This was brought to my attention by child number two. This is when I knew, each one of my children would probably learn in a different way than the previous one. Homeschooling year-round means that if I find out that something doesn’t work for one, I could change things up and not feel like we were behind. While we don’t have set grades, or a set start or end day, it means changing can happen and no one really knows or cares, yet they learn.

Doing What We Want

All in all, we know that we are able to do what we want when it comes to homeschooling year-round. We can take our time, change things up, and take off time when we want to. Homeschooling year-round gives us this option.  After 7 years of homeschooling, doing it how we want is the best aspect of homeschooling. And not having a time frame is why we love to homeschool year-round.

Why do you like homeschooling and homeschool year-round?


3 Replies to “Why We Homeschool Year-Round”

  1. We homeschool our younger two year-round but since our eldest attended public school up till 10th grade, I try to keep his schedule more like a regular school year schedule. He has some work during the summer but not a lot.

  2. We used to school year-round, but when my older two went to public school we started following that schedule. Now we only “crew school” in the summer with products we are reviewing.

  3. We sort of year round homeschool, but I do make an attempt to make a school calendar. Even though we have a calendar it is very relaxed. I have decided to basically pull back our studies late June and July (minus review materials) so I can plan the new year curriculum and get the portfolios ready for review.

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