Wordless Wednesday ~ A Day at the Apple Orchard

We had a lot of fun the other day. Little did we know, but just down the road from us was an apple orchard. We happened upon it by accident on a walk one day and went back to taste the goodness from these wonderful SweeTango Apples, heck I didn't even know there was such an apple! But enough words for now…here are the pictures!


20160904_121100 20160904_121215 20160904_121332 20160904_121350 20160904_121401 20160904_121537 20160904_121548 20160904_121934 20160904_122224 20160904_122413-1 20160904_122547 20160904_122701 baby-girl-apples

Have you heard of SweeTangos? What is your favorite apple to pick?

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