Worth – Five Minute Friday

It is Friday again. That means it is time for me to spend five minutes writing about one word. This week the word it Worth…wow…this will be tough!

For me, my worth is a lot. I want to be worthy of my children. I want to be the mom they need. I wonder and worry everyday if it is enough for them.

I want to be worthy of my husband. I want to be the wife he deserves. I want to honor and respect him and be worthy for him.

But most of all, I want to be worthy of God. I want to be the child of His. I want to show that He means so much to me. I want my worth to be in God most of all.

When people think of me, I want them to say, she is a child of God. She loves her husband and children, but most of all God.

The month of July, I am taking the time I need to show myself the worth that I have in me. I plan to focus on my kids, my husband, my relationship with God, and our homeschool. I want my kids to know God like I know Him so they can find their worth in Him as much as I strive to.

So, when it comes down to my worth, I hope that I can show that my worth is in God and is passed on to my family.

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