10 of My Favorite Free Kindle Books

Free Kindle books! Who doesn't love this? I love the convenience of having a handful of books available whenever I want them. No need to carry around a book bag filled with heavy books, just a small kindle, or even my phone with the Kindle App. I love a variety of books as well, so here are my top ten picks of free books for you this week! Please make sure to check the price before you buy, Amazon changes the prices often.

10 FREE Kindle Books

Death By a Honeybee by Abigail Keam

When beekeeper Josiah discovers her nemesis dead in her yard, the police name her as the chief suspect! Can she uncover the truth and prove her innocence? This buzzworthy mystery from an award-winning author has over 500 five-star reviews on Amazon.

10 FREE Kindle Books

Diamonds and Cole
by Michael Maxwell

With 500 five-star reviews on Amazon: A once-great journalist, Cole Sage has finally hit rock bottom. When the daughter of his lost love goes missing, Cole sees a chance at redemption — but he'll have to navigate a treacherous maze of con men and shady deals to find her.

10 FREE Kindle Books

Hungry Ghosts
by John Dolan

After a series of brutal murders, life is finally getting back to normal for busy private investigator David and tortured police chief Charoenkul. But when deadly new forces tie these two together, they may never know normal again…

10 FREE Kindle Books

Fallen Mangrove
by Wayne Stinnett

Elbow Cay, 1566: A Spanish treasure ship sinks in the Bahamas, leaving one obscure clue to its exact location. Centuries later, veteran Marine Jesse McDermitt has a lead on the riches — but the Croatian mob and a greedy attorney are on his trail. Perfect for Tom Clancy fans!

10 FREE Kindle Books

Dying to Read
by Lorena McCourtney

All Cate wants is a paycheck. But when her detective uncle gives her a job, she's plunged into a bewildering case of murder! "Quirky, charming, and fun" (Publishers Weekly) with over 200 five-star reviews on Amazon.

10 FREE Kindle Books

Emma and the Banderwigh
by Matthew Cox

Does your middle school child need a good book? Ten-year-old Emma doesn't believe in fairy tales — until the day her life becomes one. Escape to a fantastical world where magic is real and child-snatching monsters lurk in dangerous woods. An imaginative treat for fantasy fans!

10 FREE Kindle Books

Undeniable by Laura Stapleton

I love a good history style of book. This looks like no exception! Beth Ann Roberts travels from the Oregon Trail into the heart of the Gold Rush, where she meets mourning widower Nicholas Granville. Now the pair must find a way forward, though fate and their pasts seem destined to separate them.

10 FREE Kindle Books

Running Home by Barbara Ellen Brink

Good Christian books are hard to find, but this one sounds really good! When Ivy's husband flees the country with another woman, Ivy moves back to her hometown with her children. But sinister men are tracking her every move… Can Agent Samson keep her safe? And can Ivy learn to trust in God again?

10 FREE Kindle Books

To Catch a Bad Guy by Marie Astor

Are you in need of a good cozy mystery? Janet Maple suspects her boss of shady dealings. But when she confides in a handsome coworker, she finds herself pulled into an investigation that pits the personal against the professional… With over 500 five-star reviews on Amazon!

10 FREE Kindle Books

by Heather Sunseri

Teens and young adults will love a book like this, heck this sounds good to me and I am no longer a young adult! Six years ago, the entire population of New Caelum was nearly wiped out by a deadly virus. Now there's a new outbreak, and Westlin Layne must track down the elusive Cricket — his first love and the only known survivor — in hopes of finding a cure.

10 FREE Kindle Books

So there are some great books for you to read this weekend! Have you read any of these yet? Do you have other free ones you can recommend?


God Bless!!



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