5 on the 5th ~ January 2015

Wow! Is it really the 5th of the month already?? Where is this New Year going? Today I wanted to share with you some of the blog posts I have been reading this last month. So, for my first time ever, I am posting 5 on the 5th…my top 5 picks that I will share on the 5th of the month! Check them out and let me know what you think of them!

January 2015 5 on the 5th

1. Homeschooling with a Substitute Teacher from Only Passionate Curiosity

Since we will have student number 4 added to the school roster sometime this month, I really enjoyed this post. I think Grandmas are the best subs when it comes to homeschool! I already see my kids WANTING to do school with my mom more than me some days!

January 5 on the 5th

2. Play, Think and Build with Preschool Engineering from Hand Made Kids Art

What a fun list of ideas to use with Little Miss. This post helped me to understand the critical thinking of STEM activities. I think Little Miss will have fun with this, especially now that she was her own mini red cups.

January 5 on the 5th

3. 100 Math Printables, Worksheets and Resources from Mama’s Learning Corner

Math…that lovely subject! I have one child who Hates it, yes I said that word, and the other who LOVES it! This list of printables and resources is just what I needed to help keep both of them learning, practicing and having fun!

January 5 on the 5th

4. Natural Remedies for Colds & Flu from Mama Kautz

I love the recipes that Mama Kautz gives in this post. There are a lot of great ones that help with this cold and flu season. Especially with this fun virus that is hanging around this year. My favorite part of this article was the staying hydrated section. Simple yet informative!

January 5 on the 5th

5. Am I Doing Enough in My Homeschool from Real Life At Home

Wow, what homeschooling mom hasn’t thought this thought before? I love how honest this post is. Remembering to add in the no comparing and basically just making sure you know the rules of your state. It is so simple to get wrapped up in reading all these blogs and thinking you NEED to do more, when you are doing enough as it is right now. This is an article that all homeschooling moms need to read!


What are some of your favorite posts from last month? I would love to check them out!