5 Ways to Teach Your Child to Pray

Teaching your child to pray is important, but it can also be hard. While you may find difficulties in the how, I want to try and help you out there!

5 Ways to Teach Your Child to Pray

Today I am going to share with you my 5 favorite ways to help your kids learn how to pray.

Pray with Them

It sounds simple, but do you take the time to say a good morning prayer together? Do you pray before every meal? Do you pray before bed with your child? Catholics, do you sit down with your children and include them in your daily Rosary?

Praying together helps your child learn the prayers, and it helps you bond together as a family.

Pray Out Loud

This goes along with praying with your child. When you are busy in your day and you are silently talking to God as your friend, sometimes you just need to open your mouth and have those conversations out loud. When your child hears you talking to God as your friend, they learn that it is ok to make their own prayers. They don’t have to always say the same ones over and over again. This is their way to personalize those prayers to be their own.


While you can have those personal conversations with God, you can still help your child memorize those simple basic prayers. Not only do we say these prayers multiple times a day to work on memorization, we also use other avenues to help us memorize them, like copy work. We use these Learning Our Prayers the Write Way as a fun way to do the copy work.

5 Ways to Teach Your Child to Pray


We have a lot of books in the house that are full of prayers. Each child has their own prayer book, plus we have extras sitting on the shelf that get looked at quite often. Here are some of our favorites:




How easy is it for you to memorize your favorite song? And isn’t the saying that singing is praying to God twice? We love to have our “bible songs” playing all the time. It seems whenever I go downstairs, the kids are playing Legos and listening to bible songs. Here are our favorite ones to listen to:

What is your favorite way to help your children learn how to pray?



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