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The word Algebra in our house is not met with smiles and jumps for joy. Instead that word is met with frowns, fits and meltdowns. Moe Man loves to do anything hands on, so checking out any math supplement that is hands on is a go for us. Algebra for Breakfast is just what we needed to help him in his struggles with Algebra.

Algebra For Breakfast

Algebra for Breakfast is a simple online math enrichment program that will help your child learn more about algebra in a fun, hands on way. For this review, we had access to the Grades 5-6 section, but there is also a Grades 3-4 section as well. While these are based on grade levels, we found that the Grade 5-6 level worked great for Moe Man who is struggling in high school algebra lessons.

The Grades 5-6 starts off with 8 different prep activities. These activities will help your child get ready for algebra by giving them games to play. What child is going to be mad while playing a game? Even at 16 they still love a game or two now and again, even if they won't admit it.

Math Enrichment

After getting through the prep activities, we started in on the lessons. These lessons were easier than I had thought they would be. All we had to do was watch a video, and work on a worksheet that goes along with the video. This took us about 20-30 minutes in total. Not bad considering this included putting away of the hands-on material we were using.

Algebra for Breakfast starts off easy. It is meant to be easy. Your child should be having fun with the program before they start getting into the hard stuff. And this is something I noticed right away with Moe Man. He was having fun, and I was happy to see this when it came to Moe Man and math!

Since this was not our math curriculum, but rather a supplement, we would use this 3 days a week, unless Moe Man wanted more days during the week. After three, that was up to him! Since it was easier, Moe Man didn't mind doing more than three days of lessons each week. There were even times when he didn't understand something in his regular math curriculum and would come back to a previous lesson in Algebra for Breakfast and re-watch that lesson to work on more understanding.

Moe Man really enjoyed using this math supplement. This was something he could easily use. He just logged on and went to work on the lesson he needed. There were no CDs to lose and I didn't have to worry about a pile of books or DVDs to manage. Since the teaching was done by the videos, I didn't need to have a teacher's manual, although there were a few times when Moe Man would question something and I wouldn't know what to say. At the end of the lessons there is a Parent's Corner. This is simply the answer keys to most of the worksheets that are available.

Math Supplement

Since this is just a math supplement, I would say this is great for ANY child who is struggling with learning algebra, whether they are homeschooled or not. If you want to read other reviews on the products, click on the image below!

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