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Bible Study Guide For All Ages – A Homeschool Crew Review

This is a review post. I received this item in exchange for my honest review. Below you will find just that, my honest review.

We love learning about the Bible in our house. The kids love things that are interactive and fun. There is a Bible curriculum that I have had my eye on for many years, but I just didn’t know if it was the one. After spending the last few weeks with the Bible Study Guide For All Ages, I am sad that I wasted all those years and would have jumped right away!

For this review, we had our hands on the Beginner (3-K) set that comes with the Beginner Student Pages and Beginner Time Line, as well as the Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade) set that came with the Intermediate Student Pages, Intermediate Teacher Key, and the Bible Book Summary Cards.

What It Is

This is a hands-on physical product that my kids were able to touch and color on. We started at the beginning, and the Beginner and Intermediate levels followed along the same time line. That means that I was able to work with both kids at the same time without any of us getting confused.

These levels talk about Joseph, Daniel, and the start of Jesus’ life. You are able to see the order of study by looking here. Unit 1 is the first 104 lessons, ending with Jesus’ last week.

The Beginner Level is geared for age 3 or 4 up to Kindergarten. This curriculum uses engaging activities, a Bible story, review system, and Bible drills to name a few. This is a great level for children who don’t know how to read or who are just starting to read. At the beginning of the set of lessons contains some quick teacher instructions. These instructions allow me to know what I need to know to help Little Miss learn more about the Bible.

Along with this, we also got the Beginner Time Line. This is a great way to show the events of the Bible to your children in a simple way. These time line pieces are 8×10 color pictures. The pictures are simple and easy to understand. They are colorful and easy to understand. They ask simple questions, like “Who was the first mand? Who was the first woman?” This simple drill as we look at the time line allows the kids to answer the questions and remember the order of events in the Bible.

The Intermediate Level includes a similar set-up but is geared towards the older ages. Your child will still work through an interactive Bible story, review games and Bible drills, but they will also be using a time line and map drills to help them dig deeper into the study they are working on. While the student pages include the Teacher Quick Start on the first page, they also have a teacher key for this level that gives you a little more for the beginning of the lesson and all the answers for the question that are asked of the kids at this level.

To go with this level, we received the Small Bible Book Summary Cards. On the front of these cards are pictures showing what the main concepts of each book of the Bible are. The back of the cards provides a short summary of the book as well as review questions that you can use to quiz your children and see what they remember. Ray Ray has never been a fan of flash cards, so he is still hesitant about using these, but has been improving as I pull them out from time to time.

How We Used It

When I first thought about using this program with the kids, I thought I would have both Little Miss and Ray Ray using the Intermediate Pages and Baby Girl would use the Beginner Pages. However, when I got the Intermediate Pages (just one set to look at first) and the Beginner Pages, I decided that Little Miss would be better with the Beginner Pages over the Intermediate Pages as she is still working on her reading skills.

We would sit down at the kitchen table three days a week to work on our lessons. These lessons would only take us 20-30 minutes each day, depending on how talkative the kids were that day. They only require a Bible to read the stories from and some sort of colored item to color with. We set aside a set of colored pencils just for this course and kept them with the student pages.

I would read the story from the Bible and work over the lessons with the kids. Being at two different levels, they each did different activities on the pages, but they were very similar. I would be able to get one child started and get the second one started on theirs. We were easily able to work through the lesson without confusion or frustration on anyone’s part.

What We Thought Of It

My kids are in love with this Bible Study Curriculum! They don’t fight me when I tell them it is time to do it and actually look forward to it. They remember that we learned in previous lessons, which is something that we have had issues with before. While the lessons take about 20-30 minutes, this did not deter my children. They had fun, yes fun, the whole time we were working on the lessons. There was enough interaction with the lessons, that they kept the kids interested.

As we neared the end of the review period, I asked the kids if they wanted to keep using this or look for something different. Both kids were very insistent that we kept using this and asked if we could get more once we finished these pages that we had in front of us. They loved this curriculum, and I also did.

Having these two separate ages, and knowing the teaching would be a little different, I was surprised to see how easy it was to teach the two different levels at the same time. For a busy mom like me, I was happy to find a Bible Study Curriculum that worked with both of these ages at the same time. Knowing I only had to teach the lesson once was a blessing and sanity saver for me.

If you are looking for a Bible Curriculum that will work with multiple ages in your homeschool, I highly recommend the Bible Study Guide For All Ages. If you want to hear about how it works with other homeschool families, click the image below and check it out!

Bible Study Guide For All Ages {Reviews}
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