Brinkman Adventures – A Homeschool Crew Review

My kids love to have an adventure waiting for them when they get into the car for a ride. Heck, getting into the car is sometimes an adventure on its own! When I am able to add Brinkman Adventures to our car rides, the kids love me a little more! That is why I was so thankful for the chance to listen to the Brinkman Adventures Season 4 with the kids!

The Brinkman family is a fiction missionary family. They find themselves on a lot of adventures that bring to light the true form of Christian ways and how God works in our lives.

In Season 4 we have 12 new adventures to go on. They are:

37 A Paradise Lost

38 Remember Nhu

39 Aisha’s Fear

40 Heart Song

41 The Crashed Kitchen

42 Crisis In The Congo

43 The Mysterious Palm Feller

44 War of the Raccoons

45 The Five Guys

46 Toughest Man

47 Cambodian Quest

48 What Brings Us Together

Each of these adventures takes us to different areas, states and countries. Each character of the story is acted out by a different person, so you know who is who and you won’t get confused. This makes it a little more interesting for the younger kids and takes it past just a story being read out loud to an actual adventure for them.

Each adventure is only about half an hour long. They build off each other from story to story and season to season, but this does not mean you have to start at the very beginning. We have listened to Season 2, and ended up skipping Season 3. This did not cause a problem when we started Season 4.

After listening to the stories, we were able to use this as a starting point for discussion. We are able to talk about the fact that even though we know and love God, we will not always have a perfect life with no problems. We were able to talk about how God worked through the problems to make something good happen.

We love having something to listen to in the car, and I love having a way to open up discussions with my kids. We love the adventures the Brinkmans go on and can’t wait for more!

Brinkman Adventures Season 4
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