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There are a few times when we get a new review item when I don't get to see it. When Focus On The Family sent us Captain Absolutely, I had a whole 30 seconds before the book was torn out of my hands and never to be seen of again, unless it was in the hands of Ray Ray!

Action, character, comic book, ethics

This book is unlike any other I have had the chance to review in a long time. This is a comic book, and this is the main reason why Ray Ray snatched it from me in the first place. This is something he loves, comic books. This is not a boring book about some dull thing he has to learn about. This is something that has grabbed his 8-year-old boy attention as interesting. So, no matter what you hear me say in this review, please do not tell him this is meant to teach him something!

Captain Absolutely Defending Truth, Justice, and Lots More Truuuth! Battle Against Dr. Relative is a comic book, but it is a book. The pages are glossy picture book quality and with just over 100 pages, there are a lot of adventures put it in here!

Action, character, comic book, ethics

When we start reading, we are taken to the library in Metropolitanville, a city where anything goes. This is not a good sign. After a nuclear explosion, librarian Josiah King has found himself in the room with the banned books of the city. He realizes that all the books in the room are the same book, just different versions and they are all titled The Bible. After spending the night waiting to be rescued and reading all the Bibles in the room, Captain Absolutely is ready to save the city with the word of God.

Captain Absolutely takes children on adventures of epic proportions. They learn to defend truth and justice and to stand firm in their faith no matter what the world throws at them. But instead of learning this in a boring workbook style, they get to have fun with the comic book!

Ray Ray didn't need to know what the story was about, the pictures and comic book style pages drew him in right away. Once drawn into the book, the adventures kept him there. Each two-page fold has a simple adventure with a new lesson. Each adventure also has a bible verse or two quoted on the page. This was a great thing to see, how simple it was to mix it in and make it fit into the storyline. Just like how we should live, with the Word fitting simply into our daily lives.

Action, character, comic book, ethics

At the end of the book, we meet the main characters. We learn a little about them, including their worldview. And in case you were wondering as you were reading, you will see which of them stared in The Adventures in Odyssey! We also have a section called Big Questions. This has a question to ask after each adventure. And these are not simple one word answer type questions.  These are deep questions like "Why can't you scare people into following God?"

I love finding great quality books for the kids to read. This was one of those gems that I would not want to be without! A quality, adventure filled, action packed, bible based book that we love, now that Ray Ray is willing to share it with us after finishing it in two days!

Captain Absolutely {Focus On The Family Review}

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