Captain Bayley’s Heir from Heirloom Audio Productions – A Homeschool Crew Review

Are you ready to go on an adventure? One that will take you face to face with a deadly storm, or riding with storytelling cowboys? One that will help your children with their understanding of history as history is brought to life for them in an audio drama? If this sounds fun, you will; want to check out Captain Bayley’s Heir from Heirloom Audio Productions.

Heirloom Audio Productions is a company we love in our homeschool. They have given us so many great audio dramas that are not only entertaining, but they bring history to life! They are not only telling us stories, they are taking those stories off the pages and into our minds as if we were watching a movie.

When we received Captain Bayley’s Heir, we found out this was no different. We received the physical CD set as well as access to We had access to this audio drama available to listen to online along with bonus content! I always love bonus content!

My kids were excited beyond belief to see that we had gotten another adventure to listen to! When they asked what it was about, even Daddy was impressed and was ready to listen. It was time to figure out how, when and where we were going to use this! We decided to listen to it in the car while we were busy with some appointments. Everyone was in love! The way they tell this story catches you from the moment you start listening and never stops!

We start out our adventure in London. Here we meet Frank, Fred, Alice and Harry. Frank takes a chance and saves Harry’s dog. This was a favorite part for Little Miss. She is the dog lover in the house, so anyone who would take the risk of their own life to save a dog is here hero. She wanted to know more about Frank, and good for her, we followed Frank.

Frank ends up in trouble, and is accused of stealing from a teacher. This does not sit well with his uncle, Captain Harold Bayley. To prove to his uncle that he didn’t steal the money and can make it on his own, Frank heads off to America.

We follow Frank to America. We go with him as he heads to California for the Gold Rush. This was not an easy journey for him as he faces many challenges that are trying to stop him. We see the trials and tribulations of what he goes through each one bringing him closer to God. But the end, that is one that you will really feel! My kids didn’t want it to end, but wanted to know at the same time!

On top of listening to one of the best history programs, we have many extras to help take this learning to a new level! By accessing the bonuses online, we found that we could listen online, read the E-Book, listen to the official soundtrack, print up the promotional cast poster as well as a study guide, and inspirational hymn poster. As well as download a background for the computer.

We love listening online! They have fun little quizzes after each track that help us pay more attention. The study guide allows us to do the same thing. The kids love doing the questions online better, as they are given multiple choice options, I love that they are listening so that they can answer the questions.

Also with the listening online, we found a read along script! This highlights the words that are being said, but the kids loved looking at a script! Seeing all the descriptions written while listening to them happen was a great introduction to plays for Ray Ray and Little Miss!

While I don’t have anyone who needs to use this for their history lessons right now, I do know that Moe Man will be using it shortly. I will have him listening to this and writing out the answers to his questions. The added defining words are a great way to work on his vocabulary and the Thinking further questions are a great starting point for us to add projects or extra writing.

We love the fact that Heirloom Audio Productions brings stories alive for us! We love the detail that goes into them to make it sound just like a movie, only we have to use our imagination for this movie! This audio drama has been a great addition to our history lessons and will be for years to come!

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