Finding Noah ~ A Movie Review


Have you ever wondered what happened to Noah’s Ark? Will we ever find any pieces of it? If you ever think like this, you need to take some time and watch Finding Noah when it comes to theaters October 8th 2015!


I was able to view Finding Noah in advance, and I loved watching every minute of this wonderful film! I have felt like these men, and felt drawn to know what happened to Noah’s Ark. However, I am not capable of looking for it like them, so I will leave that up to them!

This film takes us on the journey with a group of men up Mt Ararat in search for the Ark. A trip that they have taken numerous times looking for the one thing everyone wants to find…Noah’s Ark.

For over 2,000 years, man has been searching for the final resting place of Noah's Ark.  Though there have been many attempts, few have been able to fully explore the one place specifically noted in the Bible: Mount Ararat.  Located in Eastern Turkey, Agri Dagh or "The Painful Mountain" is the tallest mountain in the region and lies in the very center of a centuries old, geo-politically unstable hot spot.  With constant threats of deadly rock slides, hidden crevasses, and glacial ice falls, the Kurdish Rebel held mountain poses great risk to any explorer, let alone those performing a thorough scientific investigation.  

Join director/producer Brent Baum and the FINDING NOAH film crew as they follow an expedition of intrepid explorers on a perilous trek up to Mt. Ararat's desolate summit. There, using state of the art technology and real-time satellite imagery, this team of archeologists, scientists and professional mountaineers will begin a grid work of exploration unlike any before, hoping to finally resolve the age-old question:  did Noah and his Ark actually exist?  

Shot in never-before filmed locations in the harshest of conditions, this unprecedented feature-length documentary shows just how far men are willing to go to discover the truth.  Narrated by Academy Award nominee Gary Sinise, FINDING NOAH is more than a quest for answers, it is a testament of the human spirit, where belief and the need for exploration transcend risk and limitation. 


This 116 minute documentary will be in theaters for one night only! If you have the chance, I say go see it! I have always loved watching and arguing with these types of films, being as strong in my faith as I am, but found myself in love from the beginning and wanting to know more. Waiting to see if they found Noah’s Ark and making the kids sit quiet while we waited on results. Yes, I had the kids watching with me! This film is Not Rated, but they do recommend for ages 12+ (there is a scene or two with someone getting hurt, but my kids handled it fine).

So, the question…did they find Noah’s Ark? What do you think? Do you really think I am going to tell you? What I can say, I was happy with the way this ended. That is all. I am not one to ruin the end of movies and I still won’t! Find out if this is in a theater near you and go watch! You won’t be disappointed!

Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on their Website! Check for tickets and a theater near you right here! If I can find one within 30 minutes of me, you should be able to find one too!

The Biggest Story ~ A Book Review and GIVEAWAY

The Biggest Story ~ A Book Review

“Once upon a time there lived a man and a woman. They were the happiest people on the planet.”The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings us Back to the Garden This beautiful story was written by Kevin Deyoung and illustrated by Don Clark.

The Biggest Story ~ A Book Review

Once we started reading this book, the children did not want me to stop! What a wonderful bible story that was made very easy for the children to understand. Even when we weren’t reading this book, they were busy looking at the beautiful pictures!

The Biggest Story ~ A Book Review

The Biggest Story is a hardcover book with 132 pages. In The Biggest Story, Kevin DeYoung – a best-selling author and father of six – leads kids and parents alike on an exciting journey through the Bible, connecting the dots from the garden of Eden to Christ's death on the cross to the new heave and new earth.  With powerful illustrations by award-winning artist Don Clark, this imaginative retelling of the Bible's core message-how the Snake Crusher brings us back to the garden-will draw children into the biblical story, teaching them that God's promises are even bigger and better than we think.  

The Biggest Story ~ A Book Review

We started reading this thinking that we would read a chapter a day. However, after chapter one, I was begged to read more. The kids even promised to do school and chores if I would read more! This leads me to believe that they enjoyed the story more than I thought they would!

The Biggest Story ~ A Book Review

I love the way the story of the bible has been laid out in an easy to read and understand way for the kids. This makes it fun for them, while opening up their minds to more questions. Once more questions have been asked, I can than go to the regular bible to help answer those.

The illustrations! I can’t get enough of these! I have personally sat for a little too long just flipping through and looking at the pictures. They are so colorful and abstract. They draw your eyes to them, and help the littles stay focused on something while mommy reads.

After reading this story, I have to say that I have learned somethings about the bible that I didn’t know before. It is quite fascinating to know that there are so many little details that can be pulled out of the bible to make a story like this that connects everything together to make perfect sense of the whole bible! I truly recommend this book be in every house and we love it!

You are all super lucky!! I have one copy that I get to giveaway!! Enter below for your chance to own your own copy of The Biggest Story!

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5 Ways to Teach Your Child to Pray

5 Ways to Teach Your Child to Pray

Teaching your child to pray is important, but it can also be hard. While you may find difficulties in the how, I want to try and help you out there!

5 Ways to Teach Your Child to Pray

Today I am going to share with you my 5 favorite ways to help your kids learn how to pray.

Pray with Them

It sounds simple, but do you take the time to say a good morning prayer together? Do you pray before every meal? Do you pray before bed with your child? Catholics, do you sit down with your children and include them in your daily Rosary?

Praying together helps your child learn the prayers, and it helps you bond together as a family.

Pray Out Loud

This goes along with praying with your child. When you are busy in your day and you are silently talking to God as your friend, sometimes you just need to open your mouth and have those conversations out loud. When your child hears you talking to God as your friend, they learn that it is ok to make their own prayers. They don’t have to always say the same ones over and over again. This is their way to personalize those prayers to be their own.


While you can have those personal conversations with God, you can still help your child memorize those simple basic prayers. Not only do we say these prayers multiple times a day to work on memorization, we also use other avenues to help us memorize them, like copy work. We use these Learning Our Prayers the Write Way as a fun way to do the copy work.

5 Ways to Teach Your Child to Pray


We have a lot of books in the house that are full of prayers. Each child has their own prayer book, plus we have extras sitting on the shelf that get looked at quite often. Here are some of our favorites:




How easy is it for you to memorize your favorite song? And isn’t the saying that singing is praying to God twice? We love to have our “bible songs” playing all the time. It seems whenever I go downstairs, the kids are playing Legos and listening to bible songs. Here are our favorite ones to listen to:

What is your favorite way to help your children learn how to pray?



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June Activities for Catholic Families


So, I might be a few days late, but I still want to share with you! We love to keep the Catholic faith alive in our house. One way we love to do this, is by simple activities. Angie, over at Real Life at Home always has great ideas to do each month! From celebrating feast days to making cute crafts. If you need some ideas to have fun with your Catholic faith, head on over and download your FREE June activities printable.


Spending Time With God ~ Lent 2015


Lent 2015 is about to begin. What better way to spend the Lenten season than to get closer to God. This can be done in one simple way, through time spent with Him daily. Do you have a daily devotional yet? I have found a few in case you still need one. Plus, I have found some good Lenten Devotionals as well for you to draw closer to the Lord this year!


*Affiliate links are used within this post. You will not be charged more, but by clicking on these links you will help support this blog and our homeschool. Thank you!*


2015 Magnificat Lenten Companion

Living Faith: Lenten Devotions for Catholics: Lent 2015

The Little Black Book for Lent 2015: Six-minute meditations on the Passion according to Luke

Sacred Space for Lent 2015

Pope Francis: Living Lent with Passion: Encouragement and Daily Prayers

God Moments: A Year in the Word

(At the time of this posting, this is a FREE book)


Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence

Trusting God Day by Day: 365 Daily Devotions

One God, One Plan, One Life: A 365 Devotional

Scripture and a Snapshot ~ Sunday 12/14/14

1st Thessalonians 516-18


 16 Always be joyful;

17 pray constantly;

18 and for all things give thanks; this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.

19 Do not stifle the Spirit

20 or despise the gift of prophecy with contempt;

21 test everything and hold on to what is good

22 and shun every form of evil.

23 May the God of peace make you perfect and holy; and may your spirit, life and body be kept blameless for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

24 He who has called you is trustworthy and will carry it out.

1st Thessalonians 5:16-24


FREE Our Lady of Guadalupe Printable Pack


I love learning more about saints. And I love helping my kids learn more about them too! This month, Angie at Real Life at Home has Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Juan Diego printable pack available to her readers. The cost for family use is free and co-op, class or group use is a $2.50 minimum donation. For 20 pages of fun and learning, those prices sound great to me! Head on over and check this printable pack out for yourself!

A Review of The Most Holy Rosary Faith Folder

You remember how I was talking about our learning about the Holy Rosary? Well, we added to our studies by adding in a Holy Rosary Faith Folder from Holy Learning. I was so excited surprised and happy by what we made while learning about the Rosary!

A Review of The Most Holy Rosary Faith Folder

What Is It?

The Faith Folders from Holy Learning are $10 PDFs that include all the templates you need to construct your most beautiful creation ever!

The supplies you need to complete this fun learning project would be:

A file folder for each child

24# Colored paper (this is heavier weight paper and makes it more durable for the elements of the folder)

Glue Stick (We loved the Elmers Xtreme glue stick)


After getting your supplies together, you are than going to go and get ready to print the elements you need to complete your folder. The thing with this part is…make sure you read before you just print away 🙂 I just printed and had some doubles. With this pack, you have two options for each element. You are able to do black and white (and use the colored paper) or use white paper and print in color. Your choice!

Now when it comes to the cutting of the elements…that depends on your child. I would cut Ray Ray’s elements out, while Moe Man cut his own. If your child has good scissor skills, let them have the fun. If you are a control freak, than go for it and cut it yourself! There are no major rules to this part.

How We Used It

Like I told you, both Moe Man and Ray Ray had different ways of getting their elements cut, but after that, they both put together their folders together. We would pick so many sections to work on each day, usually about 20 minutes worth. We would talk about these sections and what they meant. Mommy learned just as much as the boys during this process! When we came to the gluing time, we would turn on our audio version of the Holy Rosary and listen to that while putting the pieces where they should go.

Speaking of where the pieces go…the PDF comes with a wonderful help sheet of where to lay everything out. This makes it easy for making everything fit, but also making it make sense.

A Review of The Most Holy Rosary Faith Folder

What We Thought of This

We loved this Faith Folder! It was so fun to be able to learn about the Holy Rosary and put together a folder that we are able to show off to our family and friends. The kids had fun getting their hands on their learning instead of just listening or writing. To make learning more fun and to learn the details of the Holy Rosary was a great time. Both of the boys loved to have a fun way to learn and this was one of the first major folder activities that we did together.

Would I recommend these Faith Folders to others? Of course I would! In fact, right now there is a sale (until December 5th) that will give you 25% off your order when you use the code “thanks”.  Want another code?? For the next two weeks, use the code “hopkins” and get 15% off your order! Together that means, if you order by December 5th and use both codes, you get 40% off your order!!! Tell me why you haven’t gone to check these out yet?! I hope you love them as much as we have!



Purposeful Design Understanding the Creation ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

How was creation decided? Why were things done the way they were? Was there a specific reason for the order of creation, or how about how each thing was created? Why do we have the body we have, and why was it designed this particular way? Purposeful Design sent us a copy of the book Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation to review and this book helps to explain all those questions and more!

Purposeful Design ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

What Is It?

Purposeful Design: Understand the Creation is a beautifully illustrated hard cover book that is suitable for all ages. This book, which was written by Jay Schabacker, takes us on a journey through creation, from day one, all the way to the seventh day.  But that is not all, Mr. Schabacker takes us on a journey with the Purposeful Designer and shows us things we had not looked at before. With over 90 pages full of pictures and information, you will love this book.

Mr. Schabacker has also made a free curriculum workbook to go along with the reading of this book. The Purposeful Designer: Young Explorer’s Club helps to re-enforce what you are reading.

Each day (chapter) starts out with the bible verse from Genesis that talks about that day. But we don’t just analyze that bible verse. Mr. Schabacker takes us into the science of that day. Yes, I said the science of that day! Science like how the earth orbits the sun at a rate of 66, 700 miles per hour and that that speed NEVER changes. Not once since the day the earth was formed. What about the way the earth is set at exactly 23 ½ degrees of a tilt on its axis? Because of this tilt each part of the earth gets just the right amount of sun and dark and just the right amount of summer and winter (although sometimes we may wonder on this part! 🙂 ).

When it comes to our facial features, do we really think they were placed in each spot on our face just because they looked pretty? Our nose is above our mouth to catch the scent of what is going into our mouth, whether it is good or bad, and having our ears on either side of our head so we can tell what direction the noise is coming from.

When it comes to all the science of creation, this book opens your eyes to what our wonderful creator actually did! He did it all with a purpose!

How We Used It

While we were talking about creation for our bible studies, I thought it would be fun to use this book and work on some science with the littles. Well, little did I know I would be learning along with them…once again!

We sat down during our circle time every day and would read about a day, or half a day on those busy days God had! I would allow the kids to interrupt me with questions on the pictures, or just to stare at the pictures a little longer before turning the page.

After our reading for the day, we would discuss what we had just read. This was my way to see what the littles learned from the reading without making them do worksheets. However, Moe Man got to work on the free worksheets provided by Mr. Schabacker since they were more suited for his level. I would allow him to follow along with the worksheet while I was reading, and then he was able to finish by using the book when I was done reading. I never graded anything when it came to this, but loved being able to talk more with Moe Man about the worksheets and the answers.

Purposeful Design ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Now that we have finished the book, we keep pulling it out just to look at the pictures and read about different things. Ray Ray will see it sitting in the living room and start flipping through the pages. Upon finding the picture that catches his eye, we are then pulled in to help him read about it. Even when he already knows, we have to read it again.

What We Thought

From the moment I opened the package, I could not set this book down. I still can’t seem to set it down. I love the looks of it. I love how simple yet into detail it is to read. I love the information provided and I love that there were worksheets to keep Moe Man focused while I read to him. Plain and simple I love this book. All of the kids seem to love the book as much as I do. Like I mentioned they are always looking at the pictures and wanting to re-read bits and pieces that they find interesting. I can say this much, for $18.95 (not to mention the free curriculum), I would add this to any coffee table and may actually be giving a few out for gifts for Christmas this year!

There are over 70 other families who reviewed this book also. Head on over here and check out what they thought with me!


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