5 Favorite Before Five In A Row Blog Posts

I love reading other blogs to help me find new ideas when I run out of ideas. This week I spent some time reading blogs on Five in a Row and Before Five in a Row learning. I really love this style, did some with Ray Ray, but Little Miss LOVES this, so I am learning more about it. Today I want to share with you the top 5 blogs that I turn to when it comes to Five in a Row.

Before Five in a row

1. Jolanthe over at Homeschool Creations

This site has a bunch of super awesome book units. This means you can find a printable pack for almost anything! These units include a little bit of everything and make it easy to have fun learning with each of these books. Jolanthe makes the learning fun, and Little Miss never thought she was learning, always asking when she could stop playing and start doing school.

Before Five in a Row

2. The Unplugged Family

Cassandra has some great resources over here at The Unplugged Family. I fell in love with this site when I found this video on how to schedule your Five in a Row books and learning. While this planning guide works for everyone, a lot of the posts listed on the right side of the page will help those with older learners. I love the ideas that are shown with these books and can't wait until we are up to those and can do these same things.

Five in a Row

3. Delightful Learning

I love the ideas that are listed on Michelle's page! She has so many good ones and ways to truly enjoy your week with Before Five in a Row! She also has a blog post on almost all the books and how they enjoyed the books together!

Before Five in a Row

4. Forever, For Always … No Matter What

Jen has a great post on just how to plan your lessons with FIAR. She breaks it down so nice, it is easy to see why this is a fun way to learn with the kids! Now if only every grade was this easy, say like, high school!!


5. Royal Baloo and Logi Bear too

The printables here!! There are SSOOO many, don't get sidetracked!! Remember, you came for the FIAR this trip, come back and plan the others next trip! I love coming to visit Erin's site and see what more she has added. There is always something there that I need for our homeschool!

Before Five in a Row

So, what are some of your favorite blogs or posts about Five in a Row and Before Five in a Row? I would love to find some more to read!!

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Rowing the Summer Away

The summer has started. All the public school neighbors are out and about. My kids, have been out and about in the afternoons since the first nice day! Yet, we will be homeschooling through the summer. Why? Because we are going to get up at the same time Monday-Friday, 8:15 not too early if you ask me! And nothing fun happens until after noon, so why not keep the minds working and learning?

Rowing Through the Summer

Little Miss is ready for school. As in, she wants to do school. So I have decided to get back into our Five In A Row learning for her. There are books, there are worksheets, there are activities, and there is fun. Everything a Kindergarten child needs. And this will be quick and easy to do each day!

For the summer months I want to take it a little easier on the kids, all of them, so Little Miss is going to start with Before Five In A Row, moving up to Five In A Row by September or October. This will give me some time to get used to this schedule again, and will give her time to get used to having assigned work each morning.

Blueberries for Sal

So, what do I plan to do? The first book I want to work on with her is going to be Blueberries for Sal. This is a book I have wanted to read for a while, so this is my excuse to read it! I can't wait to see all the fun we can have with blueberries!! I also want to work on We're Going on a Bear Hunt and Caps for Sale this month.

Goodnight Moon

July I want to take a week off. So I will just be planning 3 books to work on. We are going to read a family favorite, Goodnight Moon! We have this book memorized and will be using it for school now. We are also going to read Jesse Bear. This is such a cute book and I am already reciting the words in my head! Finally, I have heard Katy No Pocket is a good read, so that will finish up our month.

The Carrot Seed

August. That time right as kids are bored with summer, we will be finishing up our Before Five In A Row before moving on to our Five In A Row books. To finish it up, we are going to be reading and rowing, The Runaway Bunny, The Carrot Seed, Corduroy and Prayer for a Child. We have read The Runaway Bunny before and love it. I can't wait for Little Miss to enjoy it like Ray Ray did! Corduroy is the classic that I grew up on and really want my kids to love as much as I do.

When it comes to actually planning these rows out, I use multiple different pages. I feel in love with the Month by Month pages over here at The Unplugged Family, check out the video when you stop by, and these weekly planning pages at Homegrown Learners. It is so nice to be able to print as I need them and start over if I screw up!

Do you use Five In A Row in your homeschool? What was your favorite row?

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Preschool 2014 Plans


Today I am going to tell you a little about Little Miss and her Preschool program. She is only 3, but LOVES to copy her brothers with school, so I figured this will be a good year to start her on something. I don’t want to push her into not liking school, but I want to challenge her if she is ready for it.

For Little Miss, I plan to start simple. I am using my edition of Before Five in a Row to plan out a simple schedule. We have “played” with BFIAR before, but this year I want to make sure to actually use it! (Check out when we did Runaway Bunny here.) The books listed are wonderful and with Pinterest you can find all sorts of activities to go along with all these stories (of course I have a board just for BFIAR!).

Before Five in a Row is the perfect program for ages 2-4. I don’t have access to all the books, but I have 90% of them between my house and the library. For her “extras” I plan to have Little Miss work on some free printables. I love the ones found over at Homeschool Creations and 1+1+1=1. These are not the only two sites I will be using, but those are my top two go to for Pre-K printables. Make sure to check out my Pinterest Board with some of my favorite units for Little Miss!

I plan on posting about these “rows” as we do them throughout this upcoming year. I hope that you will check back with us and see what kind of fun we can have with reading books!

Tomorrow I have a special review for those homeschool moms who need to Flourish. Trust me, you will want to read this! Then I hope to see you back here on Friday to see what Ray Ray gets to do this year! Do you think you might know? Let me hear your guesses!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie ~ Our week and a Review

If you give a mouse a cookie

A beloved book and a fun way to learn this week! I took some time with Ray Ray and Little Miss to enjoy this book all over again. I remember when I bought it for Moe Man…years ago when he was little like Ray Ray…oh, the memories!

We took this book and did a "Five in a row" type week…finding many different and fun resources for both ages! I pinned them over here on my Pinterest board just for this book! Each day last week we would sit down and read the book. But this time, I started it differently. Before I read the book, I told Ray Ray the title and asked him to tell me the story by just looking at the pictures. I LOVED this "picture walk" through the book.

We also did a review with this book. Have you heard of HS Highlights? I hadn't until now, and fell in love with these simple Unit Studies. They have Unit Studies and Lapbooks for picture books up to chapter books. If you can think of it, they will probably have it. We worked through a few of the activities I felt were Ray Ray's age and enjoyed how we were not only doing reading and writing, but math and science too!


A simple download of the 39 page eBook, and we were ready to get started on our way! Included in the download, you have a sample of the carry along lapbook you can make (we are still in this process since we added some other resources as well), with an actual picture of the sample with labels as to where you can put all your activities as you finish them. I love this idea, but for Ray Ray, he has to do it HIS WAY. He has always been this way, and I don't see it changing 🙂

If you have done lapbooks before, you have everything you need to complete this! If you haven't, it doesn't take much more than some file folders, heavier paper (or cardstock) and glue… But this unit also has a pattern for making a felt mouse! The activities were a fun way to study the book. We didn't do all of these activities because of Ray Ray's abilities, but I do see this as something we will pull out again next year and add onto.

This Unit Study Lapbook is available on HS Highlights webpage for $2.00 and is well worth that price! After looking at all of the activities and doing what we have done, the only problem I have with it is I wasn't able to do everything yet 🙂 I can't wait until the littles are a little bigger and than we will be able to finish it all! (Moe Man is not being left out, he is just working on his Percy Jackson Unit Study, which we will tell you about later!)


We did add a few other things into this unit that I felt were needed. Ray Ray is still working on those cutting skills, so we found some cookies to cut out! He enjoyed this for the first half, than said cutting circles was too hard. I was happy for how far he made it. We got to compare the mouse in the story to our Gerbil (desert mouse) here at home. We also had a good time with cookies and milk…don't forget the straw! Ray Ray even had to draw a picture and sign his name, with a pen. 

This was such a fun unit and I loved introducing this book again to the kids! What are some of your favorite books to read and study with your kids?




Before Five In A Row ~ The Runaway Bunny


I have been planning to tell you about our "Rowing" fun with Five In A Row, but honestly, I keep forgetting. Well, today I remembered, so here we go!

I got my first Five In A Row book from a garage sale. I had heard about it, didn't think anything of it. Seen the Before Five In A Row and figured I would give it a go. I fell hard! I love this "school" for my littles. Little Miss is still working on the listening part. Ray Ray, he loves the fun part of reading the same book all week and learning about it after.



We have done a few "rows" already. But this is the first one that I have documented all the way through! I am excited to share it with you!

Over the last week and half we sat down and read The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. We absolutely loved this book! But I should have known that since we love her Goodnight Moon book just as much!

We began our week by reading the book first. As soon as we had finished, I got asked to read it again…sure why not?!? This time though, we talked about how this story sounds like God's love for us. This was a great way to show Ray Ray His love for us in a way he understands.

The rest of the days included us reading the book and talking about it as we went along. We found an awesome lapbook to go along with the story at homeschoolshare.com and we used some pieces from the Fold and Learn files at Five In A Row. This was something that Ray Ray really got involved in. Jolanthe at homeschoolcreations.com had some good worksheets that we used to go along with this book too! Ray Ray loved helping baby bunny through the maze she has!


Ray Ray will still pull this out to show daddy or just to do the games by himself! It was nice to teach him about shapes, have him matching and learning the "if" and "then" of the story. Taking a simple book and adding the learning in is our favorite thing right now!

Ray Ray was able to have his bunny night light with him as we were working on this unit together. He also pulled out a 16 square puzzle and put it together as the bunny picture. One thing I was going to show him, but he noticed it first, are some of the same pictures between the two books (Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny). I was pleasantly surprised that he picked up on this before I had the chance to tell him 🙂


We had so much fun this last week and a half. Now I am off to plan what we will be "rowing" next time!

Delightful Learning