Science Week at

Science, it is one of my least favorite topics to teach. This is because it was one of my least favorite subjects in school. Being a homeschool mom, I don’t have the option to pick and choose what I do and don’t want to teach, but I can let them pick and choose what they want to learn with the Science courses available at!

With more than 30 science classes to choose from, your kids can find TONS of way to get into science! From All About Animals and Bug Science to Science Experiments and Wondrous Weather, we have science for all ages. Who knows? You might discover they want to try all the science classes. Don’t worry if they do—ONE membership to includes ALL of them!

These courses range from PreK all the way up to High School. Everyone in your house will be able to take a look at what they like and have fun learning science!

Small World Sensory Science is a great preschool science introduction. During these twelve topics you get to play with your kids while bringing new ideas and skills to them. Balloon rockets, wind chimes and bubbles all help you learn about wind. Other topics are Helping, Ocean, Garden, Pond Life and Construction to name a few.

Everyday Astronomy is a fun Elementary Science course. Here we get to learn about the Sun, the planets, including Mars and a quick introduction to the constellations. Each topic will take about 2-4 weeks to complete. Each topic comes with a lesson plan, which is a great way to keep me on track when it comes to teaching these lessons. We get to work on notebooking pages to keep track of all that we are learning as well as some yummy cooking and some arts and crafts to get your hands-on learning.

Are your middle schoolers ready for an introduction to Physics? Well, has just that for them! Over 18 weeks, your child will be introduced to things like the Scientific Method, Gravity, Acceleration, Newton’s Law and the magnetic field. All of these will be taught through a variety of simple reading and experiments. The experiments are easily done with some of the most common household supplies that you have. Let me tell you, I actually look forward to teaching this course to Ray Ray!

Now, High School…the all-important years for the diploma! Yes, there are science options for high school as well! I love the Friendly Chemistry course for Moe Man. While I would normally be scared to teach such a course, I think this would be a fun one for us to learn together. It is only 12 weeks and 0.5 credit, but all the experiment material is easy to obtain if you don’t already have it at home. This seems to be the continued theme here, science can be learned at home without a bunch of extra stuff! This is something that I love!

If you have more than one student at home and you haven’t looked at yet, why not?? Really? They have an awesome special that is still happening! Did you see this Fall Harvest Special? $10.95 a month to teach everyone in your house, including yourself? Is this really up for discussion? I sure hope you grab this deal before it is too late!

Have you checked out the Science Courses at What is the more intriguing one you have found?

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Our Top Five Favorite Courses from

One thing that I have fallen in love with when it comes to homeschooling is finding sites that have lessons for all my kids at one low price! I found that does just that for me!! And they don’t skimp on their courses!! I am excited to share my Top Five Courses from


Drive Thru History


Ok, do I really need to talk more about this? Have you not heard of Drive Thru History? This is the one course Moe Man begs for! This is the course that he would do 100 times and never get bored with it! Not only that, but we have access to both Drive Thru History: American History and Drive Thru History: Ancient History. I am able to easily allow Moe Man to find the videos that match what he is currently studying in his history class and watching the video to help supplement it! Plus, I may have caught him a time or two watching these for pure enjoyment and not for a lesson!


World Book



This has been a well-loved addition to! I love being able to have this resource on hand when the kids need it. Not only that, but they are able to use it as their lesson, not just as a resource. Being able to access this has helped everyone in the house, even mom!


Writing on This Day in History



This is a great way to add some writing into your history lessons. There are 4-5 different writing prompts for each day, that are broken down by 7-day periods. Each of those prompts covers a different time period and gives your child just enough to get them interested. This is a great way to learn history and work on writing at the same time!


Preschool Playground


There are so many subtopics in this area…Arts and Crafts, Language, Motor Skills, Social Skills, and Math Skills. There are so many things that are there for preschool, that you don’t need to look anywhere else! Knowing that I can give Baby Girl some school as well as Moe Man from the same site, makes it something that I love!


Family Fitness


I love finding things that we can do as a family. This is one of them! I want to make sure that we keep ourselves active, and I have found I need more motivation in this area lately. This course is led by Bethany Learn from Fit2Be Studio. This is a site I have fallen in love with. There are 3 Modules with 4 Lessons each, which gives you a great foundation to build you fitness off of!

I love using with our whole family! Not only do you have access to hundreds of lessons, but you also get access to the planners! This is a whole other post, but they are something that you want!

Right now, has a special happening, The Harvest Special. What do you need to know? You have until October 31 to take advantage of this special. There are two special sales happening. The first one is if you are looking for PreK-8. You can get a Limited Membership for $9.95/month (reg. $14.95) just by using the code: CORNCOB. Are you looking for more? The PreK-12 Unlimited Membership is available for $10.95/month (reg. $19/95) by using the code SCARECROW. Hurry and get these deals before they end October 31, 2017.

These are just 5 of my favorite courses. There are 340 courses available with about 70 more in the works as you read this! If you have children in multiple grades, you will want to check this out! One low price for all the grades, sounds like a lot of savings if you ask me!

What is your favorite course on

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Why I Plan a 2-Week Homeschool Schedule

When it comes to planning for homeschool, I am a little different from most others. I have made a decision to NOT plan out more than a whole month or more of homeschool lessons. There are a lot of pros and cons of this and I want to share with you why we plan our homeschool schedule this way.

In my first year of homeschooling, I went all out. I planned the full year for both of the boys. I spent a lot of time planning, checking on ideas, and planning some more. When I was finally ready to go, I hit a roadblock the first week!

What do I mean by roadblock? Well, both boys learned differently than I had planned for! They were either ahead of the plan or needed more work in certain areas. All that I had planned was scrapped after the first two weeks. This hit me hard. I spent a lot of time on that planning, only to have it thrown in my face!

So, what do I do now? I plan bi-weekly! Yes, I may set yearly goals as to what I want to finish each year, but I only lesson plan twice a month. This gives me leeway. This gives me a chance to see what the kids are learning, and what they need more time working on. With this information, I am able to better plan their learning!

Since we school year-round, I am not worried about a true “homeschool schedule”. I like being able to see what the kids need and working with them. Since I have our goals lined up for the whole year, I know where I want to be at a certain time, but I don’t have any set deadlines. This gives me the lee-way to slow things down when we need to or skip something altogether when we already know it.

Another nice thing about not planning a whole year for the kids is when I do have to make a change, I don’t have to worry about a cascading effect on my schedule. What does this mean? Well, the first time I planned out a full year, I spent a week working on it. Tweaking it, and making it just right. Only to find out two weeks in that something did not work for Moe Man. I had to change everything. Not just one day, or one week, EVERYTHING! I will tell you what, I don’t ever want to waste all that time again!

Now, some would say that you just work through it, oh well, they will adjust. That is not me. I am one to find what works for my kids and make that happen. So when I find out something isn’t going to work, I don’t want to have to re-do all that I have done. How do I prevent this? Well, I just plan two weeks at a time. I can change what needs changing and keep what needs keeping without wasting all my time.

Right now, my planning for two weeks at a time takes less than a day for me to do. I spend time at the beginning of our year and make goals, set ideas down as to where and what I want to be done. When I sit down to plan, I know what we have done, and I know where I want to go. I check out notes as to what needs changing, change that up, and write next two weeks down. Once you get into the swing of things, you can easily write up your two weeks without a problem.

This homeschool schedule has saved me whole planners, and sanity at the same time. I learned from my mistakes and decided to change. This change has been a benefit for my whole family. I am happier not wasting my time with 3 yearlong schedules that are bound to change, and everyone is happier because I am happier!

How do you plan out your homeschool schedules? Have you changed recently? I would love to hear about your experience!


No-Nonsense Algebra – A Homeschool Crew Review

Math comes easy to many, but that is not always the case. Especially when it comes to adding in letters with the numbers like in Algebra. This has been a topic that Moe Man has struggled with many times, and I think we found a winner when we started No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials.

No-Nonsense Algebra is a full Algebra curriculum that can be used alone or as a supplement to your current Algebra curriculum. There are 10 Chapters in the textbook with a total of 95 lessons and a Chapter Review at the end of each chapter. There is also a Final Review, multiple helper sheets in the back of the book and all the solutions. To go along with the textbook, you have access to corresponding videos online to help your child learn each lesson.

We started this curriculum with the idea that Moe Man would be able to use this as a supplement to his current Algebra, only he fell in love with this and asked if he could use just this for his math. I didn’t want to argue at all, especially with him and math!

We start each day with an introduction to the lesson. This introduction gives us the information and terms that we need for the lesson. It also includes Helpful Hints that you use during the lesson.

After the introduction, we pull up the corresponding video and work through the examples with the teacher. This was a great tool for Moe Man. Having the problem worked out and writing the steps down with the teacher helped him plant it in his mind.

Following the video lesson and examples, we get a good handful of exercises to practice our new skills with. All of the problems just focus on the new skill learned, and nothing extra to make Moe Man confused. There are not too many problems to bore us, but enough to make sure that the skill has been mastered. I didn’t make Moe Man do all the problems every time. When I saw that the skill was mastered early on, I would allow him to skip the last couple, but only if he had the skill mastered.

Finishing up our lesson was 4 simple review problems. These were just enough of these to make sure the previous skills were still mastered.

We were very impressed by this curriculum. The lessons were the perfect length. Moe Man loved that they focused on one skill and one skill only. He needs the mastery for his learning style and this is just that for him! He loved that there were corresponding videos that walked him through the lessons step by step. This made it easy for him to understand.

I was impressed with the quality of the lessons. It felt like was back in Algebra class with a teacher walking me through the steps. Having this available to him made me happy. There is no extra “fluff” in any of this and just he needs to focus on. My only complaint, I don’t see a No-Nonsense Geometry on their site!

No-Nonsense Algebra {Math Essentials Reviews}
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Homeschooling High School Math

As I was growing up, I loved math. I loved all there was to do with math. I could figure out word problems and algebraic expressions were not that hard for me. I was the 6th grader on the bus helping her 9th grade friend figure out her math homework before school started! I was excited to be able to teach my kids math, and it wasn’t hard at first.

But, the good times didn’t last long. I figured out that my boys didn’t enjoy sitting down and figuring out math problems. They just didn’t want to. Moe Man does not like numbers, they confuse him. Adding letters into the numbers and you might as well just throw him a life vest! We have spent some time trying to find just the right program that works with him and not against him.

We have tried a few different things for Moe Man over the last couple of years. Some were great, others worked for a time, but became too hard and others we just wished we could get a refund on! But this is something that I enjoy about homeschooling. When changes need to be made, we are able to make those changes with our children in mind, even in high school!

I love finding a math program that allows Moe Man to build on what he learned, while doing a refresher on the previous lessons. But at the same time, I want him to master the current lesson before moving onto something new. So, what have we tried, what have we loved and what will we pass on?

Honestly? The one program we are in love with right now? No-Nonsense Algebra! We are currently working on our review of this book with The Homeschool Review Crew, but so far this has what I want and makes the learning a little easier on Moe Man! But we haven’t always had such luck with math.

Another favorite of many homeschoolers is Teaching Textbooks. I love this idea. I may use it for Ray Ray in the future, but Moe Man tired it earlier in his homeschooling career and didn’t like it. I personally think it moved too fast for him without enough repetition for mastery. This is a must for Moe Man, his ADHD and his FASD.

Life of Fred is another great option for a math option. This is another one I am thinking about for Ray Ray. Moe Man also did the Pre-Algebra of this. We loved it! This was such a fun program and a fun way to learn about math. Once again, there was not enough repetition for him to cement it into his head before moving on to the next topic.

Math Enrichment

We have tried many other things to help with the learning of math for Moe Man. There are some that worked great, some that were good for a time and some that just didn’t click. We love extra resources to help us with our learning like Khan Academy and Algebra for Breakfast. Now this resource…while not a full curriculum is a great hands-on way to practice what is being learned. Hands on is a plus in our books and we have been able to use the hands-on materials for the other kids with their math as well. This is one we love to come back to!

What are some of your favorite math programs for High School Math that has a lot of mastery involved?

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Language Arts for High School – 10 Days of Homeschooling High School

10 Days of Homeschooling High School

Wow, what a week it has been. I had ever intention to share with you about curriculum this week. And I dropped the ball! I had some things come up, and I feel bad that I let you down for the week. To make that up to you, I am going to start and continue to finish my 10 Days of Homeschooling High School…a little, but still here!

10 Days of Homeschooling High School

Today I want to talk a little about Language Arts. When it comes to high school language arts, there are so many extras you need to think about. Not only do you want to make sure your high school student is able to figure out their grammar, but you want to add in writing, speaking, listening, and some great literature as well.

You can have your options of what to pick when it comes to homeschooling your child. You can get the boxed curriculum where everything is there for you, all you need to do is open and go. This is great for some families, but others need more independence when it comes to school and curriculum. There are a lot of great options for whichever way you want to attack the Language Arts curriculum.

We have tried a few different things for Language Arts in our homeschool. We have had some good experiences, and some that we have learned from. I don’t say bad, because we learn from it and either find a way to make it work or move on. I want to share some of our favorites with you.

We have had the chance to check out the Easy Grammar Ultimate Series for Moe Man. This is a great book that went over simple topics each day to build on what your child has already learned and the new things they are to learn. We loved adding this in to the beginning of our lessons and didn’t mind that it only took a few minutes.

If you want to find some great ways to study literature with your high school child, there are many programs that work. We have tried Hewitt Homeschooling. Hewitt Homeschooling is a full credit in Literature and is about 4 books per program. Your child will not just read a book and answer comprehension questions, they will also learn about the styles of writing and work on writing papers themselves.

If you want a full curriculum, there are lots of options available. We have used a couple and plan to use more in the next few years with Moe Man. We have recently started Monarch online for Moe Man. While this is a full curriculum, I have found it lacks in the great literature. Adding in the Hewitt Homeschooling has given me what I want when it comes to finishing this curriculum with a little added reading and writing.

Another full curriculum that we have tried is Easy Peasy Homeschool. This one was great! I love it, and would love to do it myself if I had the time. However, for Moe Man and his learning, this was a little above him. The writing and reading assignments are great and require your child to do some real thinking. They way this is set up, you would have to grade the assignments, or trust your child that they were doing a good job at correcting their own papers the right way.

We have tried many different curricula when it comes to Language Arts. Moe Man loves to read, but the other things that come with the subject trouble him. Finding that just right one is sometimes hard, but knowing that you have the option to change when your child needs to is a gift.

What is your favorite Language Arts curriculum for the High School age?


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Doctor Aviation – A Homeschool Crew Review

Aviation History

Airplanes, we see them all the time in the air above us. They are fascinating just because of their size and the fact that they can fly! But how? Doctor Aviation is there to help you learn about this and more Aviation Education!

Aviation History

Moe Man and Daddy are fans of aircrafts. They both love them and spend time studying them, whether watching them fly over the house, or reading up about them on internet. When we found out about Doctor Aviation, we were excited to give them the chance to learn about them in a new way, and give Moe Man some high school credits at the same time!

Aviation History

This course is broken down into 15 video lessons that range in time from 45-50 minutes. Each one is broken down into 3 different segments, Technical Trivia, Notable Innovators and Legendary Aircraft/Events. Each of these segments can be watched on a different day, making one video lesson able to last a whole week.

With each lesson, there is a Guided Notes that you are able to print up. Your child is able to fill this in as they watch the videos. These are helpful if you plan to use this course for a credit for your child. You just need to ask for the answer key and the exams. Twice you will find help in studying for the exam, first in lesson 3 and second in lesson 14. Each of these is a little different, but just what your child will need to be ready in my opinion.

The videos are the main component of this course, but you are also extra resources in the Learn More section at the end of each lesson. If you want your child to have grasp of what they are learning, this is a great way to do this.

Aviation History

Moe Man and Daddy were the ones to use this the most. However, Baby Girl wanted in on the fun some days, so I loved that I could let her watch and not have to worry. She didn’t watch everything like the boys did, but she did love spending time watching some when she was bored and wanted something fun to watch.

We had decided on one lesson per week, splitting them up into three days during the week. I let Moe Man and Daddy figure out what days each week they wanted to watch the videos, but I made sure to check in and see that they had gone through the lesson each week. Some weeks, they watched the whole lesson in one sitting versus the 3, and I am find with that! While both of them were watching the videos, Moe Man was the only one who had to fill out the guided notes. I did notice that Daddy loved to help when Moe Man missed something.

While we have not made it to the end of the course yet, we do plan to have Moe Man take the final exam and use this for an elective credit on his high school diploma. He gets to learn about something we love, and I get to give him a credit for it! Talk about Win-Win!

Aviation History

I love how this course is set up. I love how simple the guided notes are, yet they are filled with all the information that is needed to remember and/or study for the final exam. There are no hard to find answers, which is a plus for a learning like Moe Man with ADHD. While the videos are full of information, I really wish that Doctor Aviation would move around the plane that he is always seen standing next to. The added pictures, graphs, and video clips make the videos fun, but I feel the boys would be more interested if the host would move around and use the plane to help them learn more.

The amount of information that is presented is wonderful and both Moe Man and Daddy love what they are learning. They don’t need my help as everything is ready for them when they log in. As they complete each lesson they mark it completed and the dashboard will have the next one ready for them when they log in again. They are excited to learn more and enjoying themselves!

Check out some of the other reviews from the crew members right here:

Aviation Course {Doctor Aviation Reviews}
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Planning for Homeschooling High School

Planning, oh the joys of planning. There are many things that come to mind when it comes to homeschooling high school and planning for it! There are many things to think about, between scheduling what classes will be when and how many credits will be needed to graduate! These take some extra time to make sure you are not overloading your child the last semester before they are to graduate.

So, what was the first thing I did when I realized that I would be homeschooling Moe man through High School? I found a way to make sure I knew what classes he would need and how many credits he would need to graduate. A great place to find that, would be on your state’s education website. Donna Young has a list of all the states and their websites. From my state’s site, I found out that Moe Man will need 21.5 credits to graduate High School. This is split up between Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies the Arts, and Electives.

Now that you know how many credits your child needs to graduate, it is time to plan it out. Once again, Donna Young has some great pages to break it down. This helps you to see what your child will need to do each year. Tina Robertson has also put together a great set of papers to help you plan what your child will need to complete each year to allow your child to graduate. But what if you like the Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling? There is also a packet put together on Simply Charlotte Mason that will help you plan the school from the very beginning!

Once you decide what your child will be learning and when, it is time to decide HOW they will learn it. Will you do a typical schedule of multiple classes each day, or will you opt for block scheduling? I personally love block scheduling, but Moe Man likes to keep the variety up and do multiple classes every day. This is something you will need to sit down and discuss with your child. They know how they like to learn and listening to them will make them happy with learning. Having them happy with learning will in turn make you happy as well!

During this time, you do not need to plan every day of the next four years. All you need to do is make sure your child will cover the required classes before they graduate. Take the time to make sure that you have looked over everything, write in pencil the classes you want your child to take, and change them each year as needed. The only time I write something in pen on these forms is once Moe Man is done with the class. Times change, curriculum changes, and kids change. Therefore, plans will change.

Have you found out what your state requires for graduation? Is there a planner that you love to make sure your child will accomplish all of this before it is too late?

I am participating in the 10 Days of Homeschooling Series. Here is where you can find all my posts. And when you get bored of me, check out some of these other bloggers who are also participating in the 10 Day Series!





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Homeschooling High School

Welcome to the first of 10 Days of Homeschooling High School! I am so excited to spend these next 10 days with you! I am also excited that it is only Monday through Friday this year, giving me the weekend to recoup, and spend time with my family!

Homeschooling high school is fun, it is hard, it is rewarding and challenging. It is all these things all at the same time. You either have a teen who loves to be homeschooled, or you have a teen who will fight you all the way. Sometimes you are lucky enough to have the teen who will give you both ends of this experience!

Moe Man is my only high school student this year, and I have a few years to recoup after this before Ray Ray will be ready. Moe Man has given me a taste of everything when it comes to homeschooling him through the high school years. He fights me as a teen who wants to pave his own path, but pulls back to me when given the option to go to public school.

Over these next few days, I want to talk to you about planning and schedules, record keeping, different curriculum and just a few things that I want to add in to help you out. No, I have not had a child graduate from our homeschool yet, but we are right in the middle of it right now, experiencing it head on as I write about it!

This first week I will spend time on the extras, next week I will talk about different curriculum choices. We have used a few different curriculums since we started homeschooling and we have a few more in mind. I am excited to see where they take us!

So, to start off the week, what are some of your greatest fears of homeschooling high school? What are some of the things you look forward to? I still have fears, even finishing up our second year, I still have fears. But I love looking at what we are learning. I love seeing my child grow in more than one way! Having them learn at home lets me make the learning a fit for him. I can change things as needed, This makes it a win for him and seeing him learn makes it a win for me!

I am not the only blogger who will be spending ten days talking with you homeschooling. I hope you enjoy what I have to share, and I hope you check out these other blogs and see what they have to share as well!

Check back here to see what the newest post will be!

Day 1: Homeschooling High School

Day 2: Planning for Homeschooling High School

Day 3: What I Wish I Knew Before Homeschooling High School

Day 4: Homeschool High School: Record Keeping

Day 5: It’s Not THAT Hard to Homeschool High School

Day 6: Homeschool High School Language Arts

Day 7: Homeschool High School Math

Day 8: Homeschool High School Science

Day 9: Homeschool High School History

Day 10: Homeschool High School Electives

I hope you will join me and the other bloggers over these next 10 days! Look at all these fun topics that will be covered!





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Hewitt Homeschooling – A Homeschool Crew Review

Finding great literature is not always hard, finding the right curriculum to go with them can be a tad difficult. Hewitt Homeschooling has given us some great literature and a great program to go with it! We had the chance to check out Lightning Lit & Comp British Early – Mid 19th Century and loved what we saw!

This review gave us the physical Teacher's Guide and Student Guide. We also had the chance to use the Paper Evaluation Service that they offer. There are four books your child will read through during this program, Pride and Prejudice, Ivanhoe, Frankenstein and Jane Eyre. These books were not included in the set we got, but I found them at our library or on the Kindle.

There are four units in this book. Each unit has two lessons. It is recommended to use this guide in a semester. While using this schedule, that you can find in the Teacher's Guide, not only will your child read all four books in 18 weeks, but they will also work on writing about two papers for each book. While this is the recommended pace, and the pace we used for this review period, we are going to be slowing this down now and making this a year-long study.

Moe Man is great a reading, but when it comes to comprehension and paper writing, he has troubles. I love that after seeing the Semester Schedule I saw the Full-Year Schedule in the Teacher's Guide. This is the schedule that we will be switching to for his sake, and mine!

When you first open the Student Guide, you will find an introduction to the whole book. This introduction will give your child all they need to know on how to make this course successful for them. They will not only be introduced to the topics they will cover, but also given hints on how to make their writing better. Everything is there from how to write an introductory paragraph and conclusion to supporting paragraphs and tips on rewriting. Your child is also given tips on how to get a better grade. Simply by keeping a notebook for vocabulary and a reading journal and even some extra projects to help with the learning.

Each lesson concludes with a writing exercise. There are multiple choices for your child to choose from, and this makes it easier on your child to be able to pick one of six topics instead of making them do as they are told. These are great for working on your child's skills in writing. Add in the Evaluation Service and you have someone else telling your child what they need to work on. While I am good a noticing the major mistakes, this service tells Moe Man what to change AND why! This is the biggest thing, the why. This helps Moe Man see things a little different and not always complain about what mom is saying.

I personally loved this program! I loved seeing that Moe Man was reading quality books and I loved how the papers were added in with enough time to write a few drafts. The comprehension questions are great. They are not too hard, and there are only about 10 at a time. And that Evaluation Service has been a treasured gift by mom! I love seeing Moe Man work harder on his writing, knowing that it will be someone else reading it!

Hewitt Homeschooling has many other great curriculums for all ages! Check out some of these by checking out the reviews of the other crew members right here!

Hewitt Homeschooling {Reviews}

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