9th Grade Curriculum Choices

Is it really time to start planning the new school year? I feel like summer has just started! This week Moe Man is doing his fun testing, so we have limited school. What better time to plan for the new year?

9th Grade Curriculum Choices

Moe Man is going to be in 9th grade! I am not ready for this, but I have no choice. Being in 9th grade, a freshman, means that I have to get more serious along with him. Being more serious for me means tracking more and grading more. No more pass or fail options. How will I do this? I am going to use Homeschool Planet to help me out. Remember my review?

That was the simple part. But now I have to actually teach him something! To make sure I am covering everything I need to cover I have printed up some of the High School forms from Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus. She has everything you need for school planners, and they are FREE!


Math this year is going to be Unlock Math. You will hear more about that in the near future. We are doing the Pre-Algebra. This is the math level that Moe Man is at right now. He is loving this online way of learning the math and I love that he is learning!


English this year is going to be a combination of a few different things. For writing we are going to continue to use our IEW Student Writing Intensive Level B. This was the first time that Moe Man loved to write, so we are going to keep using it!

9th Grade Curriculum Choices

We are adding in Sharon Watson’s Illuminating Literature: When Worlds Collide for our literature study. I love the book list with this program and I can’t wait to share our review with you!

We are also continuing our study of words by using Dynamic Literacy. I loved this program. I loved how simple yet effective the daily lessons were and I could see things clicking in Moe Man’s brain…this is good!

9th Grade Curriculum Choices


This year for science we are doing Homeschool Astronomy. While this is considered a science elective, Moe Man really wants to learn Astronomy, so we are learning Astronomy. I would much rather let him have his way (when he wants to learn something) than have to fight with him every day when it comes to school. Plus, he got a telescope from his biological mom, so we need an excuse to use it, right!?!?!

9th Grade Curriculum Choices

Social Studies

This year we are going to learn about the American Government while using A Journey in Liberty. I personally feel that a study of the U.S. Constitution is very much needed right now and this program looks like a great one!

9th Grade Curriculum Choices


For the electives this year, I decided to pick home economics. I picked this and Moe Man has no choice! I decided this on the day I asked him to make his own mac and cheese and he didn’t know what to do. That is when I realized that I was babying my boys too much and I don’t want to be that mom who has that boy!

For Home Ec, I have decided to make my own curriculum, but to follow the ideas that Angie from Real Life at Home gives in her eBook, Training Your Children in Home Economics. I love this book and I know that I will be able to make a curriculum for Moe Man and even adapt it to make a curriculum for Ray Ray also!

9th Grade Curriculum Choices

So there it is, the list of classes that I will be having Moe Man work on for his Freshman year. I am sure that we will add some things later as we get used to the schedule. And yes, we have the bible, but it is just him reading from Jesus Calling and from his bible at this time.

What are you using for your lessons this year? Do you have a Freshman? What classes will they be taking?

SmartKidz Media ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

SmartKidz Media Crew Review

When homeschooling multiple children, you find that having an endless supply of educational videos on hand is a priceless tool! SmartKidz Media has just that tool in their SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers.

 photo SmartKidz Media Crew Review_zpsxng3gde5.jpg

What is SmartKidz Media?

SmartKidz Media is the best resource I have seen in some time! This is an online streaming program. A collection of over 1,000 videos, eBooks, music and study guides. After purchasing your choice of memberships, monthly for $10/month or 1 year at $99 for the year, you will have access to all of the digital content that SmartKidz Media has to offer!

This is a great resource, but is not a full curriculum. SmartKidz Media covers almost all subjects with their many different resources and can be used with all different ages.

 photo SmartKidz Review_zpstk0y4teb.jpg

How Did We Use SmartKidz Media?

SmartKidz Media became a part of our everyday life, in and out of homeschooling. We used this site to help enforce what we were learning, but we also used this when the kids were “bored”. Rainy days can make for grumpy kids, but when you let them have free range of a website full of videos, they start to have more fun!

Little Miss loves videos, and animals. She was the first to use this resource, and I have a feeling she will not stop using it anytime soon. She is always watching the videos when I have the big boys working on their school.

We also found the videos that mommy wanted the kids to watch based on what we were learning. There are so many different subjects, while Little Miss loved the animal ones, I was able to have Moe Man watching some of the history ones, or using the Quick Find Study Guides for different things like math or language arts.

What Did We Think?

SmartKidz Media is a hit in this house. I love the chance to let the kids watch educational TV shows. The kids loved being able to watch what they wanted on my computer. It was a win on both sides. Little Miss was all about the baby animals and has begun to tell me about her learnings now. I am always be called over to tell her the quick facts about each animal before they start that section and she is super curious about the favorite foods of each animal, although she is not happy about some of their choices!

 photo SmartKidz Mediea Review_zpsjw8xk5tv.jpg

Ray Ray is in love with watching about the strongest animals and about the different countries. He has made a list of where he wants to travel to, here’s to hoping he can find a great way to do that! Moe Man, well, he is a teenager, so he won’t tell me how much he enjoys the history videos. He won’t say that he asks to watch them over and over again, and he won’t say that he has been caught taking notes on them. But, I will say that as his mom, I think he likes it!

Even mommy likes these videos. I find myself watching them after the kids have run outside to play. I have to say that the animal soap operas are quite refreshing and funny to watch. Little Miss didn’t catch all the insider jokes, but mommy couldn’t stop laughing, so she laughed too! Our whole family was in love with the variety of shows offered on SmartKidz Media and I think your family will love them just as much!

SmartKidz Media Review

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Dynamic Literacy ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

Dynamic Literacy Review

Root words, prefixes, suffixes, what do all those mean? These are the parts of words that make up our language. But how do you teach these parts of the words? Dynamic Literacy will help with their WordBuild: Elements, Level 1 Set (Includes WordBuild the Game).

Dynamic Literacy Review

What is it?

Elements, Level 1 is a softcover teacher’s guide, a softcover student’s activity book and a CD of WordBuild the Game. Together, these three products make a wonderful program for learning words!

The softcover teacher’s book has 330+ pages of information for you, the teacher! I loved this book. It had everything I needed. There are weekly schedules and answers to the student pages here. Each day is there is a simple 15 minute or less plan of what you can and should do with your student(s).

The 150+ page student book comes with all you need for your child to learn. Each day has a different activity to make learning about our words that much more easy and fun!

Finally, the WordBuild the Game CD, works great for any Windows or MAC computer. This program helps your child to play on the computer while practicing what they have learned for the week.

How We Used This

While most families would jump right in on day 1 of week 1, we took things back a step and started with Appendix A and learning some basics. These simple pages only took minutes to do and learn. We were able to make our way through a couple a day, and still not do more than 20 minutes of work.

After we finished our advance prep we started in on the units. These units are set up for use for 5 days. You have an overview of the days so you know what you will be doing each day. The lesson time for each day is usually only 15 minutes, but can be extended if you wish to. At the end of each unit is a review of the root word to see what your child was able to retain. When needed there are other advance preparations for the different root words.

Dynamic Literacy Review

We also had WordBuild The Game in this bundle. This was a fun way for Moe Man, and myself, to review what we were learning. A simple game of trying to build as many words as you can from the root word, WordBuild also teaches the meaning of the words you are making them, showing the meaning of each part and then the full word when you are done.

What We Thought

Moe Man was nervous when it came to adding another language concept to his daily schedule. However, once we got started and he realized it didn’t take much time, he started to have fun. He liked the chance to learn new words and he loved that the daily worksheets resembled games more than anything else. He didn’t like the quizzes at the end, but he never likes those! He enjoyed WordBuild the Game just as much as the workbook. He found that he could do the game along with the workbook and learn new words that way.

I loved how complete the teacher’s guide is. This is a grab and go lesson and I appreciate that as a homeschool mom of more than one child. I loved the quiz at the end, because it showed me that Moe Man was learning, even with just short lessons and games. I was able to teach the simple lesson, let him work on the activity, or play the game and we were done. It is not every day that you are able to have a fun lesson and know your child is learning from it!

Both of us give Dynamic Literacy a thumbs up! We loved how simple and fun it was. If you need a program to teach vocabulary, this should be looked at!!

How do you teach vocabulary in your homeschool?

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Teaching Writing: Structure and Style with Student Writing Intensive Level B ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Do you have a child who hates to write? Fights you every chance they get? Do you have a child who has a hard time learning to read and write what they are reading? Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) has just the program for you, and your child! Teaching Writing: Structure and Style, Student Writing Intensive Level B has been working miracles for Moe Man, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

IEW Review

Moe Man and I were given the opportunity to review Teaching Writing: Structure and Style (TWSS) and Student Writing Intensive Level B. We both went into this review with open minds, but opinions all the same. It didn’t take long for those to change, for the better!

IEW Review

This program is made up of two parts, first of all there is the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style (TWSS) for the parents/teachers. Here is where you will find yourself learning before you try to teach your child in this new way of learning writing.

Included in the TWSS kit there are 12 DVDs that teach you each area of study before your student learns it. There is also the Seminar and Practicum Workbook, and your Premium Subscription information. Your workbook contains everything you need to learn the style of writing you will be teaching. There are spaces to take notes and practice sheets for you to actually do the work along with Andrew Pudewa and the DVDs. Along the sides of the pages, it shows what posters you should have hanging up for your student, and a mini set of those posters comes with your Premium Subscription. Your Premium Subscription includes video streaming of your DVDs, monthly training (from August-May), audio MP3s and several digital PDF downloads.

 photo DSCF1550_zpsiz5197ru.jpg

 I had no idea how fun and relatable Andrew Pudewa would be. From the minute the first video started, all the way up to the current unit I am working on, I have felt like I am listening to a friend. Andrew has helped me to understand that Moe Man and I learn writing in different ways. Knowing this, makes me understand that while I would work and take notes one way, Moe Man will most likely choose different words and ways to take his notes.

I enjoyed spending time in the evenings, while kids were in bed, watching my seminar videos and learning about this new to me way of writing. While new to me, this style of writing has been around since at least Benjamin Franklin. I loved learning beforehand, the way that Moe Man would be learning to write. Knowing and learning in the same way as he was going to, made it easier for me to be a supportive teacher for him and his way of learning.

Moe Man worked on using the Student Writing Intensive Level B program. This included 5 DVDs with Andrew as the teacher and a student notebook with the student handouts and a sample schedule for the parents. While this can be used without the TWSS parent’s program, I highly recommend both together!

 photo DSCF1553_zpsdrt9caxy.jpg

We used this daily, 5 days a week, for Moe Man’s writing program. Spending one day watching a video and learning a new topic, than spending at least 4+ days after that working on practicing the skills they were learning. The first day, with the video was always the longest, lasting up to 40 minutes. While this may seem long for watching a learning video, Andrew makes it fun and I never heard a complaint about length from Moe Man. There are plenty of worksheets, and you learn how to find more if needed, for your child to practice the skill learned for the following days. Those days only take up to 15-20 minutes, depending on the speed of your child.

Moe Man fell in love with Andrew from the minute he started talking. When Andrew explained his feelings towards writing, and having those same feelings himself, Moe Man could relate. Having a teacher he could relate to opened his mind to what he was going to learn. If you know Moe Man, having an open mind to writing is a HUGE thing for him!! He told me, that Mr. Pudewa was easy to understand. When you have a subject that is difficult for him to understand, I love hearing that he has a teacher who is easy to understand. Moe Man is also happy to be told he “has to” use a pen. Listening to the teacher and making sure I heard the “fun” things he got to do made this even more enjoyable to Moe Man to use.

I loved this program as a whole! We both enjoyed our sections and knowing we had finally found “the program” for writing made me happy. I have thoroughly enjoyed IEW and their writing lessons for Moe Man. Andrew Pudewa has saved my sanity and our writing lessons! Thank you so much for this!!!

Have you used IEW, any of their awesome programs? Which ones have you used? 

IEW Review

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Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Field trips, the best part of the public school child’s year. Field trips, a normal part of the homeschool child’s week. Apologia Educational Ministries understands the need and love for field trips and has come out with the Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal.

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

The Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal is a wonderful addition to all field trips! This takes your normal learning experience to a whole new level! Apologia is always making wonderful products and this is no exception to their standards!

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

When you purchase the Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal, you are getting 64 pages of heavy cardstock pages with full color on the pages. There is no cutting costs when it comes to this product. All the pages are spiral bound and durable enough to withstand any field trip you throw at it!

Your field trip journal starts out with helping you to prepare for your best field trip ever! This guide goes from the week before, the night before, on the way and at the actual field trip. There are tips for not only the teacher, but the student as well.

But you can’t prepare for a field trip unless you know where you are going. Apologia has two pages full of ideas and list them out according to the subject matter they relate the most too. Don’t have a way to actually get out and about? That is just fine! Apologia offers a special extra with each of their books that you order from them. This time, the special code listed on page 6 will give you access to additional materials, including many virtual field trips that you can take without leaving home!

When you are a homeschooler, field trips are a wonderful way to bring learning alive! But as you learn, you need to keep track. Your child will have 6 pages to list their previous travels, within their state, country and within the world!

Once you move further into the journal, you will find “How to” pages before the sections you move into. These pages will help give you an overview of what your child will need to do, and what they will be able to learn from these pages. The writing is limited and easy to scan over.

Now that you know what to do, you are able to let your child fill in the pages. These pages are not just fill in the blank pages. Your child will be doing writing, drawing, mapping and time. This is just one section of the whole thing! Your child will also learn about seasons as they journal about their special spot.

The journal will have your child looking at their special spot in a whole new light. They will pay attention to new things like the temperature and rainfall during each season (science lessons anyone?). And once again, your child will work on mapping out their spot and learning about how to draw everything to size.

Finally, after you travel and go to the comfort of your special spot, your child is going to think about it as they see it. Here, your child is able to do as they please and document things “as they see it”. There is no right or wrong, just have fun and learn!

We took advantage of the Field Trip Journal on a wedding weekend away. When your family plans a location wedding and you homeschool, you find a field trip within your trip! We had fun in Northern Minnesota and brought our Journal to Gooseberry Falls.

I personally loved how this journal touched on many different subjects, while still being fun for my kids. I loved how beautiful the pages are laid out, and how colorful they are. We love our field trips, and now we can be more intentional about our learning while we are on them and when we get back.

 photo Apologia_zps8hjf9mss.jpg

All of my kids were fighting over who got to use this journal. This is one of those everyone wants it because it is so “cool”. They loved the eye catching designs and colors. Moe Man loved how thick the pages were. “Hey, I won’t rip these out like a normal notebook when I am writing!” And this is a must in our books if they are going to be taken out and about with us.

Overall, we loved everything about our journal. There is not a thing, other than not having enough in the house, that we found wrong with our journal. Thank you to Apologia for another wonderful product!

What do you use during your field trips to make sure your children are learning while they are playing?

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

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8 Must Try Tips for Homeschooling with Little Ones

We all know that homeschooling involves the whole family. The whole family includes those little ones you have also! While we all know how our children will behave in different situations, it is great to have a list of ideas to try!

 photo 8 Must Try Ideas for Homeschooling with Littles_zpsbrv7afdj.jpg

8. Homeschool during nap time

 This is one of the easiest ideas if you have the option. That means, if you are able to:

                1. Get your little one to sleep at a regular time every day.

                2. Get your little one to sleep for a decent amount of time each day.

                3. And finally, if you only have a little bit of school that would be able to fit into that time period.

This gets difficult once you have more and older students. You are not always able to get school done in the time that your little one is sleeping. But take advantage of this time while you can!

7. Baby wearing!

8 Must Try Ideas for Homeschooling with Littles

 I love this one. If you are wearing baby, you are able to get more things done while still keeping baby happy. However, once baby gets older, you won’t always be able to do this and will have to find another idea.

6. Sensory Table/Bin

 This is one of those double edged swords in my house. We love sensory bins, but they get messy if mommy isn’t watching. A toddler or preschoolers can stay busy for any amount of time from 1 minute to 1 hour. If this is something you want to check out, I have a Pinterest Board with sensory ideas on there.

5. Netfilx

I know…the TV is not a baby sitter, but have you seen some of the shows out there? Leap Frog has some great educational episodes and our all-time favorites are Veggie Tales! Little Miss LOVES the Veggie Tales and I love knowing that she can be busy with something that I love as well for ½ an hour while I help her brothers with something.

4. Books

8 Must Try Ideas for Homeschooling with Littles

If your children are anything like Little Miss, a stack of books will give you a good chunk of time to spend with the older children. This girl of mine loves to read books, and I love to be able to spend time reading with her!

3. Coloring Books/Sheets

8 Must Try Ideas for Homeschooling with Littles

This is a great way to allow the younger children to sit down with you and keep busy at the same time. I have a Pinterest Board of fun coloring pages, and we love to find Dollar Store coloring books as prizes for good behavior. It is especially fun when mommy has some time and is able to sit down and color with them!

2. Computer Games

8 Must Try Ideas for Homeschooling with Littles

Another one of those, the computer is not the babysitter ones! I know I shouldn’t leave Little Miss alone in front of a computer for hours, but when I need to help one of the boys for a little bit and she is itching to do something, turning on a fun game really helps! We love using Stafall.com, Essential Skills Advantage, and LaLaLogic for helping her learn while still having fun!

1. Include them in your lessons!

8 Must Try Ideas for Homeschooling with Littles

 Little Miss loves being a part of school. She has since day one. We do as many lessons together as we can. These are simple, Bible, History and Read-A louds are able to be done together with each group doing work that relates to their age/grade.

I loved reading Preschoolers and Peace, which helped me learn to handle our age range within our homeschool classroom as well. If my 8 ideas are not enough, head over and check out what Kendra Fletcher has to say about homeschooling with little ones underfoot!

Do you have young ones hanging around while you homeschool? What are some ideas you use that are different from mine? I love trying new things with my little ones!

Homeschool Legacy Once-A-Week Unit Study ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Are you looking for a once a week unit study? We recently reviewed a history unit study from Homeschool Legacy called Revolutionary Ideas: The Story of the American Revolution.

Homeschool Legacy’s Once-a-Week Unit Studies are a wonderful way to work together in all subjects on one basic topic. This way of learning is something I have always wanted to try with Moe Man and see how well he would do.

american revolution unit study

With the Once-a-Week Unit Study, you have simple daily activities, which is mainly reading, and your Once-a-Week activities which would take the whole day and cover almost every subject you need to cover for the day.

At the beginning of every week in the study, there is a list of Library/Video Choices for the week. You are also told about the focus of the week. Within the list of library book choices, you are told which books are the most important, which ones carry along the main focus of the week.

Homeschool Legacy Review

Once you have found your book choice for the week, and grabbed your family read aloud of the week, you are able to get started. Daily activities include reading those books and keeping up with your regular studies.

Once a week…Wednesday is the suggested day, you will work on the Unit Study for the day. You will still do the reading for the day, but you will add in the family devotional and other activities focused on the unit study.

The family devotional helps to tie the history of the United States into the bible. You talk a little about what you are focusing on for the week and read a bible verse that goes along with it. Week 3 we learned about the firebrands and then read Galatians 5:1 about freedom.

Other activities for the once a week range, but usually include everything from history, language, research of some type and arts. All these subjects focus on the topic of the week and help the children to learn more about that topic.

Homeschool Legacy Review

These subjects have your children doing research, some online or in encyclopedias. There are many different things you can do, and they are easy enough to adapt to your child’s learning skill level. Every once in a while you will come across a student work page (worksheet) for your child to fill out, but most things are done online and on notepaper.

Fridays you will do your 3 R’s including the daily reading, but you will also go on a field trip, if it is available for you and/or have a family movie/game night that goes along with the focus of the week. There are Netflix/movie choices that let you know which movie would go good or if there is a game, you would find it listed in the lesson.

This Homeschool Legacy Unit, along with many to most of the others, are Boy Scout and American Heritage Girl friendly and can help your children to earn different badges.

We printed our unit study out so that I could take notes on it. This is a no-prep study, one of my favorite types of studies! I really loved the set up and layout of the unit study, but found that this does not chive well with Moe Man’s learning. He loves to read, but free reading only. When needing to learn something from reading, or making a deadline with the reading, he freezes. This unit study focuses a lot on reading and while I helped him out through this review period, he was not happy.

Now, my final decision on this…if Moe Man loved reading a little more, this would have been a hit. He loved the research part of this unit study, and loved the movies. I loved the whole thing and would love to try this again with Ray Ray when he gets a little older.

Homeschool Legacy has many different unit studies, and many other homeschool families had the chance to review other ones. Head over here and find out how much they enjoyed their unit studies.

Homeschool Legacy Review

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S is for Smiling Sunrise ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

S is for SmilingSunrise Review

A is for apple, B is for ball, C is for cat…and you know how that goes. What if we took those letters we are trying to teach our children and use them in rhymes that talk about goodness, beauty and wonder?

Smiling Sunrise Review

That is exactly what WordsBright did with their ABC-book, S is for Smiling Sunrise!

Smiling Sunrise Review

This hardcover children’s picture book is full of beautiful colored pictures with short rhymes for each letter of the alphabet.

This is not a “homeschool” item, but could be used for your homeschooling of any age child! This is a perfect book for any child who is learning their alphabet and great way to introduce rhyming to your children. Not only will your children learn their ABCs, but S is for Smiling Sunrise strives to teach your children character development, values and virtues with each letter they learn.

S is for SmilingSunrise Review

Little Miss got to sit down with daddy for some reading time before bed with this book. She loves books, and this is no exception. After they were able to read it, we used it as part of her school, reading each letter as we learned about them.

WordsBright offers a downloadable teacher’s guide which offers you many different ideas of things to talk about with each letter. This guide gives you the concept they are trying to teach. There are also questions that go over the pictures, rhymes, comprehension and concepts. There is also vocabulary, and an activity or two to do for each letter.

Also included with this is a FREE MP3 of ABC song and sing along rhymes. This was Little Miss’s favorite part. Yes, she loved the book. Yes, she loved learning about the letters and doing the activities. But my Little Miss is all about singing and songs. This is what got her attention.

This is a very well put together book. I love it for Little Miss and feel that she can learn her alphabet and some good values and virtues from it. The pictures are beautiful. The pages are not dull in the least. Each page is full of color from the picture all the way to the border. There is nothing boring about the pages!

S is for SmilingSunrise Review

The rhymes for each page vary. I liked most of them. However, I am a poetry lover and noticed a few that could use some work. Daddy loved them all as he was reading and didn’t notice anything that I had. Little Miss could care less, as long as someone was reading to her!

The values and virtues that are taught throughout this book are wonderful! It talks about family time, the beauty of the world around us and everything in between.

Overall I really enjoyed using this book as part of our alphabet learning. I loved the pictures, I loved the concepts and activities and even though I thought the rhymes could use some work, I loved them and thought they were very cute. It was nothing that would make me like this book any less. And Little Miss loved the book, and song, so that is a plus here!

S is for SmilingSunrise Review

We are just one family that had the chance to review this book. If you want more ideas about the book, co and check these other sites out!

Wordsbright Review

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Successful Homeschooling Made Easy ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

successful homeschooling made easy review

Are you new to homeschooling and looking for an easy and successful way to go about it? Are you looking to enjoy some stress free homeschooling and avoid burnout? Are you ready to make a change in the way you homeschool? If you answered yes, you need to check out Successful Homeschooling Made Easy from Stephanie Walmsley and her Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Course!

successful homeschooling made easy review

Although I have been homeschooling for a few years now, I was feeling the need to redo our schedule. I felt that dreaded burnout on the horizon and I didn’t want to have any issues with Moe Man getting ready to enter into his high school years. When I was given the chance to review this course as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was excited…and a tad bit nervous!

Stephanie has set up this course for us, the parents. Once a week for 26 weeks, we get an email that contains a PDF lesson. You need to make sure you are able to take the time to do your homework with this if you want to be successful! Just like if you want your children to learn something from their lessons, you need to take this seriously if you want to see changes. They do happen!!

Lesson One is the longest (page wise) lesson that I have gotten so far…but you are getting your introduction and setting yourself up for success during this lesson. While you don’t need to, it is recommended to print each lesson and store them in a 3-ring binder. Other than your kids and your homeschooling, those are the only other recommended items to be successful! I have been printing the lessons off, but have yet to get my own binder.

successful homeschooling made easy review

Each week, the lesson is emailed to your inbox…Gmail seems to send mine to the promotions tab, so watch for that if you use Gmail. Once you get the email, you download and print your lesson. Each lesson will go over what Stephanie wants you to slow down and learn about for the week. Once you have read her reasoning and understand what she is saying, she gives you your homework for the week, and she gives you a sneak peek into next week’s lesson.

Lesson one is the most basic, start homeschooling right away, lesson. In fact it is called Start Homeschooling Today. This is the lesson that give you the framework to your new school schedule! You actually make your first schedule in this lesson!

successful homeschooling made easy review

This was something that I have never really done before. I knew what I wanted to accomplish, but never really did a schedule. With the basic setup that Stephanie gives, I now have my first ever Hopkins Homeschool Schedule that we are able to look at each morning and do what needs to be done!

Along with making a schedule during lesson one, we also start our first subject of schooling which is the literacy hour. This is what I love about this program, you start small and know that you will be able to add to this as you move along so you do not burn out right away!

Each week, you will add to this basic foundation you have started. You will work in manageable steps that will not cause you to be stressed or frustrated. Your kids will be happier and you will be happier.

Successful Homeschooling Made Easy has worked wonders for us! We loved taking the step back and slowing down for a moment. Adding things into our new schedule one by one has helped us focus on each subject and work on those important ones that we were forgetting in our rush to get school done!

If you are a mom considering homeschooling, or a homeschooling mom who is hitting the burnout, you need to take a look at this course! Even if you think you have it all under control, you may want to look at this too!

Are you homeschooling? Have you hit a burnout? Have you tried Successful Homeschooling Made Easy? What are your thoughts?

You don’t have to take my word for it, check out what these other families had to say in their reviews!

Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Review

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