What’s Hoppin’ at Hopkins Homeschool – January 21, 2018


Wow, another week has happened! Where did that go? I can tell you that I honestly don’t know! I have had an issue of getting myself ready for a week when I wasn’t ready for it. I had all the best intentions, but no motivation to make it happen. However, being in the homeschool way, we can make things work as we see fit!


This week started slow. Monday was a holiday that I hadn’t planned on taking off, but did anyway. After taking that day off, I felt behind for the week. I couldn’t understand, mentally, that we were on a Tuesday and not a Monday.

Tuesday was the worst Monday that I have had in a while! I didn’t have the lesson plans done for the week and the kids didn’t want to do anything if they didn’t have to. I was not happy that I was behind, which in turn caused the kids to not want to do anything.

We finally got some things done, and they actually went smoothly for how the day had started. This was a great thing. I was happy to turn my flop into a success!

But before I went to bed Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, Ray Ray came downstairs, he had a tummy ache and we spent time in the bathroom until 4am. Lucky for us, he didn’t get sick, but it was no fun.

This means that Wednesday was a long day! There was very little school that got done, there was lots of water being passed around and lots of rest was required, especially for mama! I didn’t want anyone else to come down with this, and I especially didn’t want to get this.

Of course, by Thursday I had little hope for the week. Everyone was feeling better and our Minnesota weather allowed us to get outside again. We were able to spend time working on our Coping with the Cold unit study. This has been such a great way to get school in when we really don’t want to do anything.

Winter NaturExplorers 735x1102 (Pinterest)

I love how many great studies Cindy has over at Our Westward Journey. There is something for everyone and for something for every season. There is no true day by day lesson plan, but I have no problem to grab what I need when I plan my lessons out for the day. We also love how there are ideas to use this in conjunction with our Winter Time Morning Plans.

Another thing we did get done this week was our new music lessons! I love that we found a great Charlotte Mason style of music. This fits our homeschool style so much! Finding something that is simple, yet effective and all laid out for me is great. I love it!

So, this week we have had a few fails, some that we could have avoided, like me and lesson plans, and some that we couldn’t control, like the sickness. But, through this week we have been able to learn a lot. While it may not have been on our lesson plans, we did learn a lot this week!

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Weekly Wrap-Up

What’s Hoppin’ at Hopkins Homeschool – September 15, 2017

Ok, so we have finished our second week of September. This means all the public kids are back in school and all the homeschoolers who don’t homeschool year-round are back at school what does that mean for us? Not a thing…except Moe Man had a few troubles logging in to do his online lessons last week. I am glad that they were able to spend the time needed to fix that! You never know how well your homeschool site works until the week after Labor Day!

After we got that all sorted out, we were able to get into a groove, until the end of the week when Moe Man turned 17! I think I might have cried a little, or a lot. I was not ready to accept the fact that he is now one year away from being an “adult”. How can he be that old already?? Does every mom feel this rush of fear, worry and excitement all at the same time?

Ray Ray has been busy working on his new curriculum. We have picked some full curriculum choices from The Critical Thinking Co. This is a whole new way of learning for him and I love it. It makes him think outside of the worksheet and lets him explore in a whole new way! With the way he learns and thinks, this type of curriculum is working for him!

Little Miss has been busy working on her writing and reading skills. I have loved many of her reading programs before, but right now she is trying out Reading Eggs, and you know what? She isn’t fighting me to say the words, instead she is just doing. But I will tell you more about that later! She is also super excited because I bumped her up to 1st grade this last week. Where did that time go? How can she be that old already? Yes, I had a hard week with realizing how grown up my kids have become!

Baby Girl is hanging out around the table when the kids are learning. I find fun little printables for her to work on, and the older kids help her if she seems to get stuck. She loves having the big kids help her and I love that she is learning at her own pace, but still learning!

This upcoming week, we are going to spend some time learning more about hurricanes. I have found a few good resources, one is an upcoming review of SuperTeacherWorksheets.com and the other is a unit study found right here. With all that has been on the news, it only seems smart to bring it into our homeschool as well.

Mommy is busy getting ready for the next season. I love freezer cooking and freezer meals when the times get cold, and the days short. I have been spending some time on MyFreezEasy getting some meals planned out. This site has been a great helper when I really don’t want to plan out a grocery list. It does it for me when it comes to suppers around here! My current favorite recipe is the Slow Cooker Pepperoni Chicken…um, chicken and pepperoni, two of the favorites for the picky children, means that they eat and I am happy! Have you checked this site out yet?

What is something fun you have done this last week? What are you doing in the upcoming week? If you are dealing with the aftermath of Harvey or Irma, or are dealing with the wildfires in the west, know that you are in our prayers!

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What’s Hoppin at Hopkins Homeschool – August 27, 2017

We have finished another week in our homeschool! I am not ready to be moving this fast through the year! I loved when not much was happening besides sitting back and watching the kids have fun. Now we are busy learning and adapting to the new topics. Not only that, but we are trying new things and pushing them outside their learning comfort zones.

Little Miss has been learning the word families with our use of The Crafty Classroom and the Learn to R.E.A.D. Curriculum. She loves the fact that she knows some words now, and I have resorted back to what I used with Ray Ray and went back to the Bob Books. Have you heard of these books? They are a great way to build confidence in your child to learning how to read. They also fit in perfect with what we have learned with the R.E.A.D. Curriculum. I love matching two things together to make a perfect match for each of my children.

Last week I mentioned a change in Ray Ray’s lessons. This has been a great thing over the week. I have seen what he knows, and what he needs work on. I have been able to customize his lessons by the week as I learn more about what he needs. While he loves the computer, I love the hands on that I have been able to give him this last week. It is a little more work for me, but oh so worth it in the end!

We took a few weeks off for summer break, we had Bible camp and everyone wanted to be outside, so we took that time. Now we are ready to go full swing. Momma has gotten her schedules and forms ready. I am ready to begin the “new school year”. Yes, I say it this way, because we homeschool year-round. We do like to take those breaks, and this is the beginning of our new schedule every year.

We plan to work full steam through the next few months. This will allow us time off for Christmas without worry. We don’t have many plans to change too much in the near future. We may add a few things, but nothing will be changed as far as I know. Now this can change easily, since we are a part of the Homeschool Review Crew, but as far as I have seen, additions and not changes will be in the future for us.

This week we are planning some super cheap meals. We are tired of the same old, same old, so we are looking for some good meals that will feed six of us, picky eaters included, won’t break the bank. What are some of your favorite cheap meals for large families?

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December 4, 2016 ~ Homeschool Highlights

Wow, is it really December? I can not even think about where this time has gone. Here I am planning our Christmas vacation, yet I remember the first day of our new school year. I feel that we are speeding through yet another year, and I am not ready for this to happen! Yet there is nothing that I can do about this other than keeping moving.


This last month we have been so busy having fun with the learning that we are busy doing. Everyone has had something fun that they were doing. Between the lessons, the experiments and the games, we have something always happening. I can't wait to tell you all about it!

High School

Moe Man is busy with his sophomore year of school. I am still having a tough time with that one. We have fallen in love with Easy Peasy All in one High School as I have told you before. We really have not strayed much from this curriculum. We may tweak a few assignments to fit his style, but we are working hard at keeping this working. He is loving his Biology class on Easy Peasy and the hands-on experiments that we are able to do for our lab section.

High School Experiments

We are using the World History curriculum from CHSH and love this. I love the simple aspect of this, yet the add on ideas that are a part of the teacher's guide take the learning a little further, which is just what we need to keep this interesting for him.

We have also started a simple Semester long Geology course, Fossils, Dinosaurs and Cave Men from Patrick Nurre. This is such a fun geology course that includes fossils, yes, real fossils to make this a hands-on course that we will be having fun with for a long time!

Second Grade

Ray Ray, oh Ray Ray. Yes, this is a phrase that I say almost daily! This kid…he has taken a lot of his learning into his own hands and really doesn't like me hovering. I still do, but from a little bit of distance. Ray Ray has been using the second level of Easy Peasy All in one Homeschool. He loves how independent this curriculum is for him. He logs on, does his work and walks away. Yes, just like that. Some days I wonder if this is enough, but with him, this is plenty!

Brain Cap

The lessons are great and includes worksheets when needed, copying work into notebooks and making fun projects, like his brain hat. These are great ways to keep him interested! The reading that he is working on, we have found on LibroVox and this means that he can follow along instead of being bored with just reading. Not only that, but he is officially working on some Keyboarding skills! Yes, all of this is free with Easy Peasy All in on Homeschool!

Keyboarding Lessons


Little Miss is my overachiever. She wants to do it all. She wants worksheets, one on one with mom and she wants to read, now! We started with Easy Peasy, but found this was too slow for her at the younger levels. Yet, when I tried to jump her forward, it was too much. I had to step back and look at some other options.

I found Reading the Alphabet from This Reading Mama. This is something we tried years ago with Ray Ray, and it was too much for him, yet this is perfect with Little Miss. Right here is the perfect example of how each child is a different style of learner. Little Miss loves everything that Ray Ray couldn't handle with Reading the Alphabet. She loves that she is reading right away, she loves the worksheets and the hands-on approach, while still being able to work on the computer with the Starfall program.

Reading the Alphabet

So, this is where we are at, each child is learning with the style that works for them and Baby Girl is following everyone trying to keep up. I have a feeling she is going to be my biggest challenge in the years to come.

While we are happy where we are right now, we are looking in the future and I have a few plans to change a few things shortly. Not to mention that, but we also have a new year with the Homeschool Review Crew that will be starting soon. This means new products and new learning! I look forward to sharing all of that with you in the months to come! I hope you will keep following along and see where this homeschooling journey takes us!

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Homeschool Highlights ~ November 11, 2016

Cyber Weekend Membership Sale

Wow, are we really in November already? Just the thought of this has had me at a loss of words that last few days. I was not ready to vote, but as the same time I was ready for those silly ads to be over. Boy what a nail-biting election day/into the next morning. I of course decided to stay up as late as I could, the kids, they got an extra hour awake while watching, but they were tired and momma was not happy with the tired attitudes.

What else have we been doing? Well, not too much. Ha! No, we have been busy, but it is nothing to crazy to brag about. We have kept busy with our daily studies with Easy Peasy. Yes, our main curriculum has been using Easy Peasy for our studies. From everyone from Little Miss in Kindergarten Ray Ray in 2nd and Moe Man in 10th grade. We love this all in one set up, but we have of course added things as we wanted to!

Homeschool Highlights November 2016

This last month we had some fun learning about Pirates and Privateers. The kid loved this and looked forward to Fridays for these fun special learning days! Ray Ray and Little Miss continue to work on their Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting skills. They both love doing this and I love that they love something!

Little Miss is starting in on her Reading skills within Easy Peasy. I love the way they have this set up, and with all her Phonics work that she has been working on in the past has helped her out. She is running around with the Kindle showing everyone who will listen that she can read now! We love seeing her so excited and this is helping her focus more now that she is seeing words and not just letters on the page.

Ray Ray is a busy boy, only he enjoys staying busy with the latest craze. This for him has been a combo of Legos and Pokemon. I finally caved and let him download the PokemonGo app. There are a lot of rules that have come with this app. #1, he is only allowed to play when he is with mom or dad. We want to know what he is doing and where he is going. #2, all his school work must be done, and it must be done correctly. No, not perfect, but not rushed so that it is done. While I do not care for the game, I am happy to see him happy and he gets alone time with daddy while they go around town after supper.

Homeschool Highlights

Moe Man has been working hard at his lessons. He started Spanish lessons using Monarch Spanish I and loves it! I am getting my refresher when he asks me for some help. He has been having fun with some great experiments in his Biology course. I love this one from Easy Peasy High School. Everything is right there for us and the experiments are simple enough that we can use household items for the most of them. This makes his learning fun and hands on while being easy on mom!

Homeschool Highlights

Baby Girl, well, she is just keeping herself busy copying the big kids. She loves to color, but the trick to this, she loves to color on words! I have spent countless hours cleaning the books she sneaks to color in. I am finding the cheap activity books for her versus coloring books and all my scrap paper that has writing on it goes to her. She just loves the letters and I hope this is a good sign. Another thing she loves to do is play an Elmo app on the iPad. This app has her sorting objects like a pro. She sees the iPad and knows how to use it to get to her app without help!

Our week has been busy. But every week is busy. We are finishing this week up with a quick trip to Costco with grandma. We need to stock up on some household items and this is the place that helps us out! What is your favorite thing to grab from Costco? How has your week been? Let me know in the comments below!

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Homeschool Highlights ~ October 23, 2016

I love sharing what we are doing in our homeschool. Sometimes I need a reason to share, and I have found a great one! Once a week I want to start sharing our highlights of the week with you. And Kym over at Homeschool Coffee Break decided to start a weekly link up called Homeschool Highlights. I am super excited to join in. I am a week off, I missed the first week, but I hope to have a post every Friday or Saturday to fill you in on the week!

Homeschool Highlights

This last week we had a pretty "normal" week. We worked on making sure we were caught up to where we wanted to be on the penciled in schedule. Yes, we still make our schedule in pencil. I know when we should be done, so some weeks we like to play catch up and do two days in one. This works for us and makes it fun to homeschool knowing we can go at our own pace.


Moe Man is busy using Easy Peasy High School for 90% of his lessons. This makes it easy for him to be in charge of his lessons and lets him work more independently. However, he is still a teenage boy, so every once in a while, we like to do a sit down and check on how he is doing. This week we spent time with adding all the grades to our grade book over at MyHomeschoolGrades. We love this site and after trying numerous different ones, we keep coming back to this one. Other than keeping on track, Moe Man has been starting his Drivers Ed lessons. We found that we could do most of the process here at home, count it as an elective and work at the pace that is best for him. I like this and so does he. Not to mention Dad who is a former Professional Driver. I am not ready for my first baby to be driving, but here we go!


Ray Ray is currently using Easy Peasy Homeschool for all of his lessons. I have started to add in some extra for science since he is showing an interest in weather and weather disasters. I love the use of Easy Peasy since he can hop on and get his lessons done on his own. I monitor everything and make sure to sit down at the end of his lessons to question him on what he is learning, but I love letting him be in control. This is HUGE for him and it is the best way for me to make sure that he gets his school done.

Little Miss

Little Miss is loving that she is officially in school this year. She loves that she gets to have one on one school time with mom, yet she does not like being made to do what she doesn't like to do. That includes copywork. This girl wants to write and not what I want her to write. It has to be what she wants. This is a struggle, but if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you have seen that we found something she likes. Songs. Mom turns off cartoons during the day and turns on our Amazon Music on the TV. This means that the title of each song is list on the screen. Well, it also gives her the chance to write down the songs she likes. This works for some copywork when we are simply working on writing letters right now. She did awesome!

Baby Girl

Baby Girl is trying to join in as much as she can when it comes to our school day. I find it funny. First I watched Little Miss trying to keep up and I saw the advantage she had. Now with an extra child schooling, I see Baby Girl working hard to keep up and see the even greater advantage that she has. She grabs paper out of our scrap drawer and "writes" on it all the time. If I can't find her, she is usually hiding and "writing" somewhere in the house. I have plans to get her started on some Tot School in the next week or two, so keep an eye open for that!

Like I said, this week was a "normal" week of school. I hope to have a few extras next week as we finish up October and head in to November. What did you do in your homeschool this past week? Do you have something fun planned for the upcoming week?

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