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The Curse of the Werepenguin – A Book Review

Have you heard of a Werepenguin? No? I hadn’t either until we got the chance to read The Curse of the Werepenguin from Penguin Random House. We received an Advanced Reader Copy of the book for our review.

About the Book

All orphan Bolt Wattle has ever wanted was to find his true family. When a mysterious baron in far-off Brugaria sends for Bolt, he wonders if he’s getting closer to finding his long-lost parents. But Baron Chordata appears to be a twelve-year-old boy who wears tuxedos all the time, shouts at everyone, and forbids Bolt from asking questions. Things couldn’t get any worse . . . until midnight, when the Baron bites Bolt and turns him into a half boy, half penguin. Then things really couldn’t get worse– nope, wait, they get a lot worse. With the help and hindrance of a plucky girl who just might be the world’s greatest bandit, a whale cult led by a man whose weapon is a stale loaf of French bread, and a sinister but friendly fortune-teller who can’t stop cackling, Bolt’s on a quest to reverse the curse, return to human form, and stop the Baron from taking over the country of Brugaria with his army of mind-controlled penguins in what might be the weirdest–and funniest–middle-grade novel you’ve ever read.

About the Author

Allan Woodrow is the author of many books including The Pet WarClass DismissedUnschooled, Field Tripped, and now, inspired by Dracula, old werewolf movies, Young Frankenstein, and an odd affection for fish sticks, The Curse of the Werepenguin. When Allan isn’t writing or noshing on breading-coated seafood, he’s often presenting to schools, libraries, and conferences. You can learn more about Allan at

What We Thought Of It

This was such a fun book to read. It was easy for me to read aloud to the kids. We had a great time laughing at the silly parts. I would caution you that this is about werepenguins, and while it is funny, there are some intense/scary parts that younger kids would not enjoy.

Being a middle school book, it is recommended for ages 8+. There are 352 pages. These pages are broken down into four parts and 49 chapters. The chapters are short and easy to complete, which makes reading it that much easier! There are a few cute cartoon-like drawings in the book (which is the Advanced Reader Copy, so this may have changed for the final printing).

If your kids love a fun yet weird book, this is the one you will want to grab! It just became available for sale today! Grab your copy right here:

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**I have been compensated for this post by receiving a free product. All opinions are my own no matter what and I have not been influenced in any way.**

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Christian Books by Kayla Jarmon – A Homeschool Crew Review

We love books in our house! That should be no surprise for anyone who has read about our Blogging Through the Alphabet Books series. When we were given a chance to check out three Christian books from Kayla Jarmon, we were excited! We enjoyed reading A Boy and His Dog, Don’t Forget Me, and Dying is Part of This World in a digital flipbook style.

A Boy and His Dog is a cute picture book about all the adventures that a boy and his dog go on through the day. While reading this full-color book, we see all the adventures that these two friends go on during the day. We are also reminded of the true friendship that a boy and his dog have and also how boys never really seem to outgrow this friendship with their dogs. 

Don’t Forget Me is the first book in the Discussion Series books. This is a book about a baby growing in mommy’s tummy and how God keeps reminding the baby that He will always be there and never to forget Him. We follow along with the growth of the baby, how they love the sound of Mom and Dad and how the room is getting small. This is an excellent book for an expecting couple or even a child who will be a big brother or sister. Don’t Forget Me is another beautiful picture book.

Dying is Part of This World is a book that helps a child through someone dying. This is the second book in the Discussion Series books. Dying is Part of This World is different from the other two books, as it is a chapter book. But is it a simple chapter book. There are different stages of dealing with death, and this book covers them all from the fear to the second death and God’s economy. By reading this book, you are able to help your child know and understand that death is normal and while it is scary, it is also a good thing.

All of these books were great books, but after getting these books, my great grandpa, the kids great, great grandpa passed away. He was 103, so we knew this time was coming, but it was not easy. We were able to work our way through our emotions by reading through this book and answering the questions at the end of each chapter. While the girls were a little too little to understand much of it, Ray Ray really took to the book to help him deal with his emotions.

Kayla Jarmon took the time to write some beautiful books that are focused on God and His plan for us, from the beginning to the end of our lives. I am so thankful that we had these books at this time in our lives. They have brought joy as well as understanding to our family. We have a new cousin on the way, and great grandpa passed, so the kids were able to relate to the books. Are was a little upset that dog book featured a boy because she is the dog lover in our house, but she related so much to this beautiful story!

If you are looking for good, solid Christian books that help your child understand that God has a plan for everything, these books are what you are looking for!

You can find Kayla Jarmon on Social Media right here:

And make sure you stop by and see what the other Crew Members thought of these books right here:

Discussion Book Series and A Boy and His Dog {Kayla Jarmon Reviews}
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Learn to Read with Reading Kingdom – A Homeschool Crew Review

Reading is one of those topics that scare me. I always worry about how I am doing, or not doing. When Little Miss was getting ready to read, I noticed a few issues. However, with Reading Kingdom, the worries I once had, have disappeared!

Reading Kingdom is an online program that works on teaching your child how to read. This program is geared towards ages 3-10 and will help your child work on reading and writing up to a third-grade level (Lexile 750).

Reading requires six different areas, sequencing, writing, sounds, meaning, grammar, and comprehension. Most other programs only focus on sounds, but Reading Kingdom focuses on all six of these areas.

While it is an online program, it is easy for kids to navigate. I don’t have to do anything other than log into our account, and Little Miss takes over from there. She is taken to where she left off and is able to continue on with the click of a button.

It is recommended that your child logs in and uses this program 4 days each week. When you log in, you can see how many days your child has been using the program on average. You are also able to see your child’s current level, their percentage that they have completed and their performance level.

This was the week after great grandpa passed away, so we had missed a few days.

If you want, you can even sign up to get a weekly email of your child’s activity each week.

Once your child logs in, they are taken to where they left off last. The lessons take about 20-30 minutes depending on how fast the child works. They will have about 10-30 activities to complete to finish the lesson for the day.

30 may seem like a lot of activities, but most of these are listen to the computer say the focus word of the lesson and type it. This is simple, and your child will progress through the lesson rather quickly.

After learning what the word looks like and how to write it, your child will be able to start using the word in sentences. The computer will tell them exactly what to do each step of the way. They are not supposed to have help from mom or dad, and every time I stepped in to watch Little Miss, I would hear, “Mommy, you can’t help me. Go away.”

I had initially planned on having both Little Miss and Ray Ray use this program, but Ray Ray can already read at a 6th-grade level. After trying this for a few days, we opted to let him step down from using this as it was too easy.

Little Miss, however, loved using this program. She would beg me to use this first this upon waking up. She would work through the day’s lesson and have so much fun spelling the words she learned each day. We had no issues with her logging in and getting through the lessons. Our other favorite part, if she had to stop the lesson halfway through for some reason, she would not have to start over. When she logged back in later in the day, it would take her right to where she left off!

As Little Miss continued through the activities on Reading Kingdom, I noticed her spelling more words throughout the day, not just when she was on the computer. She would be able to draw a picture and actually write the word of what she drew! This is huge for me because I was very worried about her not spelling or sounding things out just a few short months ago!

In just 15-20 minutes a day, I have seen Little Miss learn to read with Reading Kingdom!

Check out these reviews from other members of the Homeschool Review Crew:

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The Magic Stories – A Homeschool Crew Review

This is a review post. I received this item in exchange for my honest review. Below you will find just that, my honest review.

Reading is a very important thing in our house. I love knowing that my kids can read, and having that skill can take them places. But not only do I want them to be able to read, I want them to comprehend what they are reading. I also want them to be able to write if they feel called to do so. Sometimes finding the right resource to help with this can be hard. I found this kind of program with The Magic Stories from Allsaid & Dunn, LLC, publishers of The Reading Game and authors of the Wordly Wise series.

What Is It

The Magic Stories is geared towards 2nd-3rd graders. This is a follow up to The Reading Game, but can be used even if The Reading Game was not (we didn’t use it before using these). There are six stories, each story also has exercises to go with it.

The exercises consist of the “Naughty 40 Words”, or the 40 toughest words from the book. These come as printable flashcards with the meaning on the back. There are also 4 worksheets. These are a Maze, Finish the sentence, Imagine and Finish the story. These exercises are great for building confidence and comprehension.

The six books that are included with The Magic Stories are: The Magic Hole, The Magic Ax, The Magic Joke, The Magic Hotdog, The Magic Boots and The Magic Box. These are not just fun little stories, but rather lessons within stories. While you are working on comprehension, you are also able to teach a life lesson or character trait to your child as well.

How Did We Use It

I looked everything over when we first had access to this digital product. I could print the books, about 20 pages each, or use them on the iPad. While I liked the idea of saving on paper, the pictures were in black and white, and could be colored in if printed. I liked having this option, so we went with that!

We took one week per book. Monday, we would go over the “Naughty 40” list. We would work on seeing which ones we knew, which ones we didn’t and have some fun with a crossword puzzle that I would make for Ray Ray. Tuesday was our reading day. We would work on reading the story of the week. Sometimes we would do the maze right away, but otherwise it was just the story.

The rest of the week we would work on the worksheets. The maze was a simple worksheet that we could do on the same day as any of the other worksheets. I loved to go in order of how they were given to us.

The Maze was Ray Ray’s favorite worksheet of all. There was no writing involved! All we had to do was follow and decide if the questions were true or false. While this seemed simple to him, I loved seeing what he could remember in a fun setting. Finish the sentence was the next exercise on the list. This one didn’t ask questions in the typical question answer format. You simply finish the sentence. I really liked this idea. I would work with Ray Ray on this one and would ask the actual question. With the start of the answer, we were able to work on how to answer questions in complete sentences, something my older son still struggles with!

Exercises 3 and 4, Imagine and Finish the Story, drew on Ray Ray’s creative side. In Imagine, he was given some great imagine this style questions based off the story. These took the story and related it to him and his life. This required more thought, and because of this, I had him answer me verbally instead of forcing him to write. I liked getting the answer instead of fighting the writing.

In Finish the story, you are given a story starter and you have to finish the story. I loved having these great starters, because it expanded Ray Ray’s story mind frame from what he typically does. For this exercise I turned on the computer, opened our word processor, and let him go. This could take up the rest of the day, so I always saved it for last on Friday.

What We Thought

At first, I didn’t think this would work for us. Ray Ray may be in third grade, but he reads at a sixth-grade level. However, I decided to take a chance with it, and I am thankful that I did! First, these stories are so awesome! We loved to read them aloud, which meant the little girls and big brother were all able to listen to them. The stories were a great discussion starter for us as a family.

Add in the exercises and the “Naughty 40” and Ray Ray was picking up on things I never thought he would. His ability to answer simple questions after reading the story, even days later, was growing. He wasn’t nervous about being wrong, but confident when he answered. This was a win for me!

I loved watching him grow in his confidence of understanding what he was learning. I also loved seeing his story writing skills build by challenging him to write about different things. He also loved this. He now has more stories in his collection of short stories. I never had to argue with him about doing these lessons, but I watched him learn while doing something he liked!

You can use this program in many different ways, shortening the time frame for each book, or extending it longer. Check out the different ways 54 other families used this in their homeschool right here:

The Magic Stories {Allsaid & Dunn, LLC. Reviews}
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Reading Eggs – A Homeschool Crew Review

One of the important things to teach our kids is how to read. Sometimes they don’t want to, other times they just need some motivation to help them out. We have fallen in love with Reading Eggs and the fun online learning and activates that we have found there!

Reading Eggs is an online program that keeps your kids interested in learning to read by engaging them with games, songs and rewards. These help to motivate the children to keep going. This is set up like a game, and earning eggs or cards (in Reading Eggspress) makes your kids push through and learn.

There are three different levels in Reading Eggs. You start off with Reading Eggs Junior. This is great for the new learners from 2-4 years old. This helps build their pre-reading skills and in a fun way. Reading Eggs is for 4-7 years old and starts lessons on a self-paced mode. Once your child has mastered reading, they move on to Reading Eggspress for 7-13 years old. This section takes the reading and looks at the meaning.

For this review, Little Miss used Reading Eggs to get her reading and Ray Ray used Reading Eggspress to help build his reading skills further. We used this as our language arts curriculum for 3-4 days out of the week.

Each of the lessons is self-paced. The kids are able to log in under their own user name and go when they want to. The first thing they did was a placement test to see where they should be in the program. Both children skipped many lessons, and were placed in the area that was challenging, yet they were able to do.

Each self-paced lesson consisted of numerous different activities. These ranged from games, reading and learning. Ray Ray being in the older section of this also had quizzes as a part of his lessons. These quizzes were really comprehension of what he had just read, but in his mind, they were quizzes!

Little Miss is just like her big brother, as in, she doesn’t want to learn to read. She fights me. I don’t really worry about it, knowing they will learn when they want, but when I logged her in on our Free 4 Week Trial, she wouldn’t stop! She wanted to keep going, keep learning! I wasn’t going to stop her!

After a week of using Reading Eggs, I noticed her picking up on reading. She paid more attention to the sounds of the words we were speaking to her and she was begging me to do her school! She wanted to learn to read! For once, she wanted to learn how to read! I just stood back and watched. Something was clicking for her and I loved watching that happen!

After two weeks, TWO weeks, she was reading sentences, and simple books! This girl went from not having an interest in reading to wanting to read and loving it! Why? Because she played a fun game on the computer and finished the “level”. Because that level lead to the next and she wanted to see what she could earn next, so she did the next lesson.

There is something new on Reading Eggs as well! A Homeschool Guide. This guide is for Kindergarten to 2nd Grade. Each guide contains 36 weeks of lessons mapped out with Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Some of the lessons are online lessons using Reading Eggs, or Math Seeds, but others are reading the books in the Reading Eggs Library. This is a general topic, and you can build off it however you would like.

With quick learning, and simple sight words, reading a sentence starts early. This is enough motivation to keep your child interested in what they are doing. Little Miss loved that she could read so quickly and this was exciting for her. She wouldn’t stop! I didn’t make her! If you have a child who is struggling to read, or one who fights your current lessons, you need to give Reading Eggs a try! Don’t forget, you are able to use this 14 day FREE trial to see before you make a decision.

Reading Eggs
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The Bears on Hemlock Mountain Study Guide – A Homeschool Crew Review

One of my goals as a parent is to make sure my children know great pieces of literature. I don’t just want them to read the book and move on, I want them to really know the literature. Progeny Press is a great company that provides study guides to these great pieces of literature, helping your child really know all about the book. We had the chance to check out The Bears on Hemlock Mountain E-Guide.

This study guide for The Bears on Hemlock Mountain is geared towards grades 1-3. You will have background information, Before-you-read Activities, vocabulary and questions for the chapters along with fun games and activities to complete after you have completed the book. This is just what I was looking for when I said I wanted something to help them really know the great pieces of literature!

After receiving this E-Guide, I took the time to read the Note to Instructor. While I have used these guides before, I wanted to refresh myself and make sure nothing had changed. After the note, I found a Synopsis of the book. This is great, because, while I have heard of the book, I had never actually read it yet. This gave me an idea of what Ray Ray would be reading and learning about. Finally, I found an About the Author section as well as some background information about the book.

We were finally ready to start! Well, sort of. First, we needed to have some fun with our Before-You-Read Activities. There were six activities listed for us to pick from. We could do them all, or just one, or as many as we wanted. There is nothing stating that we even needed to do any before we started out reading. I had Ray Ray work on a few of these, including listening to birdsongs we found online and checking out different pictures of animal’s tracks. We hadn’t had a lot of rain during this time, so finding actual animal tracks didn’t work for us.

Now, we were ready to read! We had an idea of a few things we would be reading, and also what Jonathan may have been hearing and seeing in the book. I figured that we would do our reading over a day or two, following that up with a day or two of the study guide. I found out rather quickly that Ray Ray’s reading level was way above this book, so we did the reading in one day instead of two. However, his willingness to work on writing or questions took us about three days instead of two.

The first day after reading our chapters, we spent time on the vocabulary section. This ranged from section to section, sometimes we would tell what a word meant in a sentence, other times we would simply match the word to the definition. Each time it was different, but it kept us on our toes and the boring routine wasn’t there!

Questions followed the vocabulary. These are comprehension questions that make us think about what we read. Not just who did what and when, rather, deciding how characters reacted by the words we were reading. Trying to figure out if something would have been difficult for Jonathan and why or why not. These questions dig deeper and make us look at the book a little different.

Some of the questions would also include Bible verses, relating the story and the Bible to each other. These questions also help to bring the story, the Bible and what the kids face all together as one.

After we finished our reading, we had the chance to check out After-you-read Activities. Once again, you can decide how many if any that you would like to include in your homeschool. Ray Ray ended this book, by learning a little more about bears and hibernation. After he spent time learning about this, he was able to take his notes and tell mom, dad, and the two little sisters more about it in an oral report.

I loved this study guide! I loved how easy it was for me to use. There was little prep needed, other than the before and after you read activities, and this was only if you wanted to do the extras. I loved the depths of the questions. While they aren’t extremely hard to figure out for the 1-3 grades, they do require thought to be put into it. The writing place is large enough for their handwriting level. There was plenty of room to write the answers in. Now if I could just get Ray Ray to not fuss over writing and just do it, it would be better for me!

Because Ray Ray does not like to write that much, I did alter some of the work in the question section. I would allow him to verbally answer half of the questions while making him write the other half of the answers. This helped him through some of the battles, which made me happier.

Ray Ray didn’t like the writing of this study guide, but he loved the book and was happy to verbally answer the questions. I watched him actually slowing down and thinking about the answers, this alone was all that I was worried about. I don’t care if he can write it, I just care that he is thinking about it, and he is!

Progeny Press has many study guides for many ages and books. Check out a few more of them here from other members of the crew!

Study Guides for Literature {Progeny Press Reviews}
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Phonics Museum from Veritas Press – A Homeschool Crew Review

Finding a program that helps kids read from an early age and making it fun is not always easy to do. We have tried a few over the years, and while there are many that we enjoy, there is one that stands out for someone as young as Baby Girl (2 years old). Veritas Press has come out with a fun program, the Phonics Museum App, that makes learning to read a game instead of a lesson!

The Phonics Museum App is a fun learning app aimed for children between the ages of 3-7 to teach reading in a multi-sensory approach. Your child will learn the letters, their sounds and how to draw them with their fingers as they progress through the games, videos, songs and interactions that are set up for them.

This app is currently available through the iTunes store and you will want to make sure your Apple device meets the required compatibility. We had first tried this on our iPad Mini, but soon found out that it didn’t work that well. Once trying it on the iPad Air, we had minimal issues and were able to enjoy this program.

We started this program with Little Miss (6 years old) in mind. We soon found out that even though they say up to seven, that this program was too “little” for her. She easily became bored and didn’t want to use it. But she also already knows her letter sounds. If your 6 or 7-year-old has issues with the letter sounds, this would be a great way for them to work on it!

Once I figured out that Little Miss was “too old” for this, I attempted it with Baby Girl. She is on the younger age of the recommended age, being 2 ½ instead of 3, but she LOVED it! When I found that she loved it, I rolled with it, as homeschool moms have learned to do over the years, and let her have at it!

The museum allows you to do three different things when you first enter, you can play games, check out your trophy room or do your lessons. However, we learned right away, that to play the games they must be unlocked through your lesson. This is a great way to review what you have learned later by replaying these games.

While Baby Girl is below the age recommendation, she would sit with me or daddy and we would help her with some of the tasks she could not handle on her own yet. We would sit with her and watch her work on her lesson path. Each lesson path has a combination of videos with Mrs. Biddle and games to play to work on letter sounds.

The lessons are fun and silly which drew Baby Girl’s attention to them. The videos were short, yet to the point. They not only taught us about the letters and sounds, but history and art. The songs were catchy and made the learning that much easier.

The games are based on mastery. They repeat the games, but in a different style. They work on mastering the sounds of the letters. This is where Baby Girl needed a little help. She tried a few times on her own, but was too young to do this on her own. The other games we have encountered so far are games to help “writing” the letters with fingertips. This is Baby Girl’s favorite game! She loves working on writing, and I love to know that she is getting used to the idea of actually writing the letters.

While we had a lot of fun with this app, we did notice that there were some freezing issues. Once the app froze, it would get out of the game and we would have to re-do what we had just done. I don’t know if this was an issue with our device, but it wasn’t that often, so I blame technology more than the app itself!

While I started this review with Little Miss in mind, I am glad to see Baby Girl starting some learning by working on her letters and phonics. This is something that we focus on, but love to make fun. This is the perfect way to do just that with someone her age. I don’t want her to feel like school, heck she is only 2, but I do want to get a good foundation started as soon as I can!

Want to check out more about Phonics Museum? Check out the other reviews right here:

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The Crafty Classroom – A Homeschool Crew Review

Making school fun for an active 6-year-old girl is interesting to say the least. She wants to do worksheets, but she wants to have fun. She doesn’t want a lot of work, but she loves the feeling of completing something. What in the world do you do? You head over to The Crafty Classroom and check out their Learn to R.E.A.D. Curriculum Notebook and the R.E.A.D. Review Pack.

Little Miss is my worker bee! She loves having the chance to do worksheets. She has always loved doing worksheets with her big brothers since she could hold a crayon. Finding fun curriculum for her has always been a challenge, as she wants the fun worksheets, but she wants variety in what she does. The worksheets in this R.E.A.D Curriculum are exactly what she wants!

I will warn you right away, there is a lot of printing for this curriculum. I am only printing what we need each week on Sunday night. I also need to tell you, most of printing is in black and white and not a lot of color.

There is a Daily Schedule included in the introduction. This program is suggested to be used 4 days a week taking Friday off. This is a nice pace for Little Miss and allows us time to do fun stuff on Fridays. This can be easily adapted to take any other day off during the week, which we have had to do when Daddy has some doctor appointments.

Before you even begin, there is a Pre-Assessment that you give to your child. This will see if your child is ready to begin the program. This includes checking to see if your child can identify the Upper and Lower-Case letters and their sounds.

Once you are ready to begin, you can follow the schedule for the list of things to do with your child. Every day begins with a Daily Warm-Up. This can be done in a few different ways. You can print a new sheet every day, in color or black and white, or you can use a page protector and dry-erase marker and clear the sheet every morning. We opted to use the color sheet and page protector option. We also have a blank calendar that we fill in every day.

After our warm-up, we got started on our lessons each day. We have done all the worksheets at once, and we have split them up throughout the day. Both of these options worked for us, it just depended on the day for Little Miss. Each week the lessons are the same, making it easy for Little Miss to know what to anticipate each day of the week.

Two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday, would do a fun Interactive Grammar lesson. This was something new for Little Miss and she loved learning the basics of grammar. These worksheets were different each time and instead of keeping them with our other worksheets, we put these in our Language Arts Interactive Notebook. This is a fun way for Little Miss to sit down and review by paging through the notebook instead of getting lost with her other pages.

We decided to keep all of our R.E.A.D. papers together in a three-ring binder. I keep them separated by week and word family, but by doing this we are able to quickly review something if I notice Little Miss having an issue.

Every 5 weeks, we have a review. During this review time, we get to practice all the sight words and word families that we have learned by reading fun little books. Little Miss is in love with this first review week and the fun new books we have been reading each day. I love that she is reading and not just looking at the pictures to guess what the words say!

Little Miss is in love with her new school. She loves that she was reading right away from the first day, and this has encouraged her to keep going. The variety of worksheets is just the right amount and keeps her from getting bored, but also helps her master the sight words and word family of the week. While she loves all the worksheets, her favorite by far is the Spinner Winner worksheet, which she would do every day if I let her!

While there is a little printing involved with this curriculum, I have no issues with that. I love that the pages are black and white, and actually have Little Miss color the pictures on some of them. Oh, and the cute little books! These are so fun to sit down with Little Miss and listen as she reads to me!

The Crafty Classroom can be found on social media here:



They also carry more than just this curriculum, check out the reviews of their other products right here:

Crafty Classroom {Reviews}

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Hewitt Homeschooling – A Homeschool Crew Review

Finding great literature is not always hard, finding the right curriculum to go with them can be a tad difficult. Hewitt Homeschooling has given us some great literature and a great program to go with it! We had the chance to check out Lightning Lit & Comp British Early – Mid 19th Century and loved what we saw!

This review gave us the physical Teacher's Guide and Student Guide. We also had the chance to use the Paper Evaluation Service that they offer. There are four books your child will read through during this program, Pride and Prejudice, Ivanhoe, Frankenstein and Jane Eyre. These books were not included in the set we got, but I found them at our library or on the Kindle.

There are four units in this book. Each unit has two lessons. It is recommended to use this guide in a semester. While using this schedule, that you can find in the Teacher's Guide, not only will your child read all four books in 18 weeks, but they will also work on writing about two papers for each book. While this is the recommended pace, and the pace we used for this review period, we are going to be slowing this down now and making this a year-long study.

Moe Man is great a reading, but when it comes to comprehension and paper writing, he has troubles. I love that after seeing the Semester Schedule I saw the Full-Year Schedule in the Teacher's Guide. This is the schedule that we will be switching to for his sake, and mine!

When you first open the Student Guide, you will find an introduction to the whole book. This introduction will give your child all they need to know on how to make this course successful for them. They will not only be introduced to the topics they will cover, but also given hints on how to make their writing better. Everything is there from how to write an introductory paragraph and conclusion to supporting paragraphs and tips on rewriting. Your child is also given tips on how to get a better grade. Simply by keeping a notebook for vocabulary and a reading journal and even some extra projects to help with the learning.

Each lesson concludes with a writing exercise. There are multiple choices for your child to choose from, and this makes it easier on your child to be able to pick one of six topics instead of making them do as they are told. These are great for working on your child's skills in writing. Add in the Evaluation Service and you have someone else telling your child what they need to work on. While I am good a noticing the major mistakes, this service tells Moe Man what to change AND why! This is the biggest thing, the why. This helps Moe Man see things a little different and not always complain about what mom is saying.

I personally loved this program! I loved seeing that Moe Man was reading quality books and I loved how the papers were added in with enough time to write a few drafts. The comprehension questions are great. They are not too hard, and there are only about 10 at a time. And that Evaluation Service has been a treasured gift by mom! I love seeing Moe Man work harder on his writing, knowing that it will be someone else reading it!

Hewitt Homeschooling has many other great curriculums for all ages! Check out some of these by checking out the reviews of the other crew members right here!

Hewitt Homeschooling {Reviews}

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K5 Learning – A Homeschool Crew Review

online reading and math

My kids love to play on computer. They love to have access to games and anything they think is fun. So, I love when I can find an online program like K5 Learning to allow them to have fun while they are still learning!

online reading and math

K5 learning is an online learning program for K-5 with the focus on Math and Reading, and a little Spelling also. There is no need for extra textbooks, no extra space to take up. All you need is your computer and an internet connection.

While the kids had a lot of fun using K5 Learning, this is not the typical game style learning site. K5 Learning focuses on teaching children great study skills and how to work on their own. These are two very important skills I want my kids to know when it comes to school.

online math and reading program

The use of K5 Learning is very simple. You set up your account, add an account for each student, with their own login information and send them on their way. The first thing they will do is take an assessment test for both reading and math. These are separate and do take a little bit of time, but they are needed to place your child in the right level.

online program

Once the assessment is over, your child is free to go. Each lesson plan is personalized for each child. There is no one size fits all here. The site is safe for the children to use, there are no ads and no links to anything outside of K5 Learning. This made me happy knowing that the kids could be on the site while I was busy helping someone else, and that they would only be working on quality lessons and not surfing the web getting into trouble!

online math and reading program

There was not too much for me to do when it came to this program. After I set the kids up, I would log in once or twice a week and see their progress, but that was about it. I did take the chance to print a few worksheets that are available to go with the lessons they are learning, but that was it!

Both Ray Ray and Little Miss love to do their K5 Learning Lessons. They had the choice to work on their math or reading or both each day. I loved how each subject covered many topics and didn't get boring for the kids. They would work on things like sight words or reading comprehension for reading, and math was not only numbers and adding or subtracting, but also geometry and time and money. Ray Ray has also tried out the spelling features. He enjoyed that there were many learning styles when it came to this. It wasn't just a listen and type, but rather have fun and learn.

online math and reading program

Both of my kids love the way this is set up. All I hear all day is "Can I do my K5 school yet?" "Is it time for K5 school yet?" I love that they love it and I love that I notice an improvement in both of them, specifically Little Miss and her reading skills. One week she is struggling to sound out words and the next she is sounding them out just fine. The only difference? K5 Learning!

online math and reading program

If you have a busy workload, like 4 kids and a husband recovering from surgery, K5 Learning will help you make sure your kids still learn what they need learn, as independently as possible. Yes, I still give them regular math and reading lessons, but knowing that on days when I may be lacking they won't be, that is what is important to me!

K5 Learning {Reviews}

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