Preschoolers and Peace ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Preschoolers and Peace Review

What ages do you have in your homeschool? Are you like me and have little ones who want your attention while you are trying to teach your older children? Kendra Fletcher helps you learn how to homeschool multiple ages while keeping the peace!

Taking the best of the information from the Preschoolers and Peace website, lead to the making of the e-book Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling older kids with success while loving the little ones at your feet. And this book is made for moms who have very little time to sit down and read!

There are 14 easy to read chapters in this book:

What a Homeschooling Mom Needs
Preparing Yourself to Homeschool Older Kids With Little Ones Underfoot
Planning Around Preschoolers
How Do I Keep Them Busy?
What Does a 2-Year-Old's Day Look Like?
How Do I Get Any Preschooling Done?
How Not to Just Kill Time
Circle Time: Or How We Pull the Little Ones In
Preschool Boys
When All of Your Kiddos Are Preschoolers
Preschool Chores
Planning for Preschool
When Mama is Worn Out (or Pregnant)
Meal Planning 101


Preschoolers and Peace Review


When I say easy to read, I mean easy to read! Kendra has thought about how busy we must be if we are reading a Preschoolers and Peace book before putting this all together! I don’t have “me time” to sit down and read like I used to…there are some times, but they are far and few between. But when I started reading Preschoolers and Peace, I was so happy to be able to read through a chapter, or two (!) and not feel guilty.

In this short, 47 page e-book, Kendra helps you to find the way to make your homeschool work, without telling you how to do it “by the book”. She is reminding us through the book, these are just ideas that have worked, and that we are all different families with different kids and to make sure we tweak the ideas to work for us. This is an awesome reminder that all of us moms need. We always strive to have that “prefect” homeschool (at least I do) and to know that there is no such thing, helps to loosen things up right away.

Kendra does talk about how God is needed to help you and how that is the same for your kids. I know that, but to be told that again, made me focus on that more. I am thankful for this if nothing else! Making sure to prepare yourself and your family each day with prayer and not just plans helps make the day run smoother!

But she doesn’t just talk about spending time with God, she goes over everything! Schedules are included in this everything. Now I love schedules…I love to look at them, but I always fail with them! Kendra has told me why when she explained her schedule. It made me look back and wonder about mine. After checking that over, I found that I was making my schedule wrong, and I am now able to make a schedule and a backup schedule to get us through the weeks of homeschooling!

There is a whole chapter on how to keep your littles busy! I have used some of these ideas, but the whole collection of them gives me so many fun new ideas to keep my littles busy for the years to come!

Before reading this book, I had thought long and hard about a circle time. But after reading the chapter on circle time, I really actually started using it! We have had so much more fun together and enjoy this time. We don’t start our day with it, but it gives us the break from the craziness of the day when we do sit down with each other.

I could honestly go on and on about the book…almost telling you the whole thing I loved it that much! But I want you to take some time, and read it. I want you to be touched by the simple but true writing that Kendra has done. I have been reading and re-reading the When Mama is worn out (or pregnant) chapter. There is so much information in there that I don’t want to miss any of it. It makes sense, hits home and I will need it more and more as we get closer to January!


I am just giving you a simple idea of the book and how much I loved it! I only have one preschooler underfoot right now, but check out the other reviews and see how true it hits home for those who have more little ones running around and how this will help you!
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Essential Skills Advantage ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review


What kind of fun way do you teach your kids some reading, or sight words? Do you have a favorite website that helps you with what your child is learning? We love Essential Skills Advantage and all the fun they have to offer!

What is Essential Skills Advantage?

Essential Skills Advantage is a fun way to help with Reading and Language for kids in Kindergarten up to 6th grade. This is an online learning program that is focused on teaching your child to read with phonics and sight words. There are no downloads and as long as you have access to the internet, you have access to Essential Skills Advantage.

There are over 20,000 activities starting in Kindergarten to help your child excel with their reading. Kindergarten up to 3rd grade offers complete reading programs for your children to work through. Each of these offer you, the teacher/parent, an activity guide to show you what your children will be focusing on and learning. Each program is broken down into the different skills your child needs to learn the “year”. I say year like that, because Ray Ray has so much fun, he keeps moving through the year a little faster than I thought he would.

In 1st grade, your children have the option to start the Fun with Spelling program also. These programs focus on one particular skill at a time. 1st grade works on the vowel families and moves up to the “toughies”. By 3rd grade, they are working on different spelling rules. Each of these skills are taught by playing games instead of drilling the students.

After 3rd grade, your children get to move up to other programs like Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Builder and Spell Master. Although these are supposed to be “harder”, they are just as much fun!

Essential Skills Advantage also offers a Grammar program for grades 3-5 and fun Spelling Stumpers.


How was Essential Skills Advantage Used by Us?

Ray Ray was the lucky one who got to use Essential Skills Advantage. I say lucky one because this is a fun program to use. We have been using this to go along with our reading program. This is mommy’s go to program when Ray Ray doesn’t want to do any school, but wants to play on the computer. See, if you notice, this child of mine loves to play on the computer, and I allow it. But what he doesn’t know, is the games he “plays” are learning games.

I wanted Ray Ray to do 1-2 skills each day 3-4 days during the week. I had one unforeseen problem…he didn’t stop at the 1-2 skills. He would continue on until 3-5 skills had been completed and he was that much closer to a certificate…which you can and should print for your child to hang up proudly on their bedroom door!

I would log Ray Ray onto the program and move on to helping Little Miss or Moe Man. I didn’t have to worry about him not understanding something because they would verbally tell him the directions for each activity he was working on. I wouldn’t just ignore him while he was working on this, in fact there were and will be a lot of times I will sit down beside him and have him tell me what he was doing. He loves the word searches and the learning to actually type the words out.

Essential Skills Advantage works in order, so I didn’t have to worry about planning out each skill and making sure Ray Ray did them in the right order. You work through the complete program in order and earn your stars as you go.

Our Final Opinion

Ray Ray loves this program. We had previously paid for this, but had to stop when planning out the new budget. When I opened this up for our review…Ray Ray was so excited that he was ready to go right away.

When I asked him what he liked about Essential Skills Advantage, he told me everything. Nothing needs to change mommy, he said.

I feel the same way about this. I don’t have any complaints at all. I love the program and how it is set up. I love that he is actually learning something and not just jumping around to get time to “play” like other programs we have used.

The Premium Plan, which is what we used, is $9.99 a month per child. This gives us access to everything Essential Skills Advantage has to offer with no ads at all. This is not a bad price, but I have something fun to share…go and sign up for the Premium Plan before October 1st and use code TOS50 and you get 50% off for the duration of your membership!! That is $4.99 a month per student until YOU decide to cancel!! This is a wonderful deal and I would be one of the first to run over and sign up! (I actually want to sign Little Miss up, even though she isn’t ready, just so I can get this deal!) Now, if you still can’t justify that…Essential Skills Advantage is also offering a new sponsored version of their program. You wouldn’t have access to everything, although it is still quite a bit of the program. And since it is sponsored with ads, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee.

So, I recommend this program. Ray Ray recommends this program. You can get an awesome deal on the Premium Membership, or join in on the Sponsored Version. What in the world are you waiting for??? Need other opinions? Just head over here and see what these other moms are saying!


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Moving Beyond the Page ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review


What fun is school when it is all just read this and do that? What if you could move beyond the page and take what you learn to a whole new level? Moving Beyond the Page has just the material for you! We have been honored to have been able to review The Hobbit/Online language study and the Science Package – Force and Motion.

Moving Beyond the Page offers both physical and online products. You are able to get a full curriculum, or pick and choose what you need. We were able to try both of these out with our review.


 The Hobbit was an online language study. For $21.92 you get a physical copy of the book and access to the online language study. This study is for ages 11-13 and the students should be able to read and comprehend 7th to 8th grade level novels. When using the online program, you are able to turn on the teacher answers, or leave them off for your students.


I like to use the answers while verbally asking Moe Man the questions. I find he responds better to that than reading and writing the answers down. Not only does this include comprehension questions, but also things to know (grammar skills) and ideas to think about while reading the book. They also have activities for the different lessons. These include some grammar activities, map skills, vocabulary and foreshadowing to name a few.


Each lesson ends with a conclusion. A way to finish up the chapter. Questions to discuss with your child or things they need to review. If you have a computer and internet access, you are able to enjoy using this online study with your child.

The Science Package – Force and Motion, came to us as a full physical package. Once again, the teacher manual is included in the teacher book.


I love the saving of paper that is used with this. There isn’t a use for repeating what the student should be doing to both the student and the teacher. The answers are at the back of the book, and unless you point this out to the student, they won’t know about it. The student “text” book is a fun little story book type book. A few simple pages a day along with activities and experiments to help reinforce what they are reading makes this “move beyond the page”. For $50.07, you get these two books and the supplies needed for the activities and experiments that are listed. This program is for ages 10-12 and/or those who are able to read and comprehend at a 6th and 7th grade level.


Although these ranges where high for Ray Ray…he loved to be a part of the hands on with this science program. He may not have learned the vocabulary like Moe Man, but he is building his base.

We used both of these at least 4 times each week. Moe Man and I would work together on The Hobbit, partly because I wanted to read the story again, and partly to help him with the wording of the book. But when it came to the science, he was able to handle that on his own. He was able to read through the “check off list” in the book and know what had to be done next. He loved the setup of the book and the simplicity of it. And that made me like it that much more!

My final opinion of these items is A+. I honestly couldn’t be any happier with them. They were set up nicely and were very easy to use. Even the online products! I have always had at least one issue with an online program, but not this one! We loved the hands on that came with both of these and the science experiments were simple, yet engaging for the kids. I would truly recommend this program to anyone who likes hands on and fun learning without a lot of prep from mom (or dad)!

Moving Beyond the Page has a Facebook page. Stop by and tell them that I sent you!

There are so many fun and interesting units provided by Moving Beyond the Page. I would never be able to review them all no matter how much I may want to! Check out these other ladies and what they were able to try out and what they thought!


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Learning Palette Online ~ Schoolhouse Crew Review


How do you help your kids practice math or reading skills? Do you use boring old flashcards? Or do you let them play with We have had fun thanks to Learning Wrap ups and their fun online product that includes fun math and reading skills practice! has 35 math titles and 20 reading titles for grades K-5. All you need is your internet and a computer…oh and your kids too I suppose! is Correlated to the Common Core for those of you who need it. For those who don’t…don’t worry, it doesn’t affect the learning. I personally just ignore it. A one year subscription for 5 users is $59.99. So, if you have your computer, internet and kids, you are ready to let your kids practice their math and reading the fun way!

We loved using as a supplement to our regular math and reading lessons. Both Ray Ray and Moe Man used this to help them as they needed. I found that they actually “needed” it more than I thought…either that or they tricked me into thinking that so they could play longer…


After a simple video explaining how to use the program, we were off and rolling. Ray Ray loved having something fun to do and actually picked up on some new skills instead of just reviewing! The nice thing about this, when the kids are having fun…all they have to do is click “Next Card” and they keep moving forward with the skills. At first Ray Ray was just using this for math…until the “mean teacher” told him to try reading. He fell in love with it immediately! Just finding out what he knew and building on it was perfect.

Moe Man jumped in on the fun too. Although the grade range is for up to 5th grade, he used this to help him with his dreaded math facts. He doesn’t care for the math, but adding fun to it and he started catching on to the things I never thought he would. Moe Man has a thing with numbers, he doesn’t like them. I couldn’t keep him from stopping when he started on the He even understood the fractions when it was presented in this manner! I was beyond happy with this since I was beginning to get a little frustrated with trying to find just the right thing to help him.

palette2 uses the visual aspect to help with the learning process. You see the answers and you match them with the correct questions by placing the right disk next to the right answer. You are able to check your answers as many times as you need to, and the program will tell you which are right and wrong. Then you go back and fix the ones you got wrong.

We loved this program. The ease it brought to reviewing our facts and skills has made it worth it for me. They joy that comes from the kids learning something new, or catching on to something I have been trying to teach them is so fun to see. We have had fun while using Learning Palette and will continue to have fun with it in the future!

Learning Palette does offer a free online demo of their program for you to try out if you are interested in learning more. You can also stop by and say hi to them on Facebook and Twitter.

Learning Wrap ups offers much more than just this one program. You need to stop on by these other blogs and see what they have to say about all their fun things!


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Kinder Cottage Publishing ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review


Peter Rabbit has some of the best stories…and lessons to learn. We have been blessed to be able to read two of Kinder Cottage Publishing’s Peter Rabbit stories. Little Miss picked out Peter Rabbit’s Christmas and Ray Ray picked out Peter Rabbit’s Easter. We apparently like the holidays in our house!

Kinder Cottage Publishing was started in 2012 by Howard and his wife Ann. They have a goal of creating and offering products that parents can use to educate their children with.

Little Miss was so excited to be able to pick out Peter Rabbit’s Christmas. This is the hardback adaption of the 1917 story written by Duff Graham and published by the Henry Altemus Company. This is the third of ten in the American Peter Rabbit series (different author same characters). Peter Rabbit was up to his fun again in this book. After Old Mother Rabbit went into town, Peter went out to explore. When he heard the sleigh bells, he was delighted to take a ride. After meeting Santa Claus and being sent home with presents, Peter is happy to announce that for once he didn’t get into trouble!

Ray Ray picked out Peter Rabbit’s Easter. Once again Peter is up to his adventures. Only this time, it is spring and he is heading to Farmer McGregor’s fields. After being chased into town and almost sold at the toy store, Peter is brought back home by a little girl and has gifts for his mother and sisters. This was another hardback adaption of the original 1921 book also written by Duff Graham and published by the Henry Altemus Company. This is the sixth of ten in the American Peter Rabbit series.

kinder cottage

The day we got these books in the mail was a tough day for us…we had been hit by a flu bug of some sorts and were stuck laying around. There was no school for us. But when the books came, we started reading them right away! What better way to help cure the flu, than to cuddle and read! But that hasn’t been the only day we read them. We love to pull these out at any time and enjoy them together. Honestly, who could get tired of little Peter Rabbit? Even though each of the little ones picked out “their” Peter Rabbit book, everyone enjoys both of them.

I am in love with these books. I loved listening to Peter Rabbit growing up, and I love reading Peter Rabbit now that I have kids. We enjoyed the pictures and lessons in these stories. I agree with the age of 3-9 for these books and have no complaints of the price of $4.00 each (they are 5×7 hardbacks and 50+ pages each!) Both Ray Ray and Little Miss were willing to sit through the whole story more than once. They loved the fact that the Peter was a rabbit and look at the neighborhood rabbits in a new way now. I recommend these books to anyone with young children. All kids should know about Peter Rabbit and these books are perfect! Right now if you use the code TOS you can get 20% off at Kinder Cottage Publishing.

You heard me mention that there are ten books in this series…but I only reviewed two of them. Check out these other ladies and what they have to say about the rest of the books!



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Progeny Press ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review



Literature is a very important aspect of any child’s education. Take literature and add in some bible study with that and you have Progeny Press and their literature study guides. We were so blessed to be able to review The Giver and Frog and Toad Together from Progeny Press.

These Study Guides are download files and the higher grades are actually interactive guides (you can type right in the file and save it there). Each of these guides has you read and then work on comprehension questions and activities. The bonus of each of these study guides is the bible lessons that are added in to each one. They relate to the reading that was done and re-enforces the learning through the bible. The use of these study guides will help your children learn how the authors write their stories and introduce the themes of stories. On average these study guides can take up to 8 to 10 weeks depending on how long you spend on each section. Although these come as digital downloads, you will need to be in charge of finding your own copy of the book (most libraries do carry the books) and a bible to go along with the bible study section.

The first thing you will see when you download your study guide will be a note to the instructor. This will give you the information you need to prepare you for teaching this to your children. For the higher grades you will be able to determine the amount of High School Credits that would be appropriate to give. Following that is a synopsis of the story. This helps if you have not read the book yourself yet. There are before you read activities that help to introduce the story and the ideas or themes of the book. Each of these activities is based on the grade level of the students that are going to be reading the book.

progney press

Frog and Toad Together is a Lower Elementary grade book study. It is recommended for grades K-2. The digital download price is $11.99 and with this you are able to download and print your study guide for your kids to write their answers on the page. We printed this and I did the writing for Ray Ray as he told the answers…or he and daddy talked about the answers verbally instead of reading and writing them down. After answering all the questions, there are projects to go with each chapter. We loved making cookies and seeing if we could resist temptation like Frog and Toad tried to do. We didn’t do too badly, but we also forgot to take a picture of those cookies!

The Giver is a Middle School lever book. This is recommended for grades 7-9 and the digital download is $18.99. Now this download is the interactive download I was talking about earlier. Moe Man loved that fact that he didn’t have to write anything! I loved that he didn’t complain as much about doing some literature work! We took a little more time with this than what they would recommend. This is due in part to the fact that although Moe Man loves to read…actually answering questions after and remembering the little things while he reads is hard for him. I had him start with the vocabulary section one day. He was able to work through this on his own without any problems. I would than work with him the rest of the week on the rest of the questions. We would first go over them together and then I would read aloud from the Kindle version of the book while he followed along with the library copy. As he heard answers to the questions, he would than tell me to stop so he could type the answers in. We found that this worked for us. It may be different for you, but this was what we needed to do for us.

Both of these study guides were very well loved with us! I loved that there were though provoking questions for both ages. Questions that went beyond, who was the main character and what did they do. I also loved that there were the added in bible verses and questions. What better way to add that into our day without adding another “subject” to the day! Not only were we able to learn about God and what he wants us to know, but we were able to but it into context to what we were reading at that moment. Ray Ray loved his Study Guide just about as much as me! He was able to have fun working on “big kid” work like his brother. Moe Man was frustrated to begin with, but once we figured out our way of doing things, he loosened up and actually began to enjoy it also. The benefits of homeschooling…finding a way to make it work for your kids and not just going with the flow!

Progeny Press can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Stop by and give them a like! Tell them I sent you!

Progeny Press has so many good books and Study Guides that even if I wanted to, I would never be able to review them all in a decent amount of time! Make sure you check out the reviews by the other bloggers over here:


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Logic of English ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review


Do you have a child who just can’t sit still for school? You know it’s just kids, but you need to teach them their phonics and writing. Well let me tell you about Logic of English and their Foundations Level A program!

Ray Ray is full of energy…all the time! He doesn’t want to sit still and loves to move, but wants to learn at the same time. I relate this to him being a 5 year old boy! When we were offered the chance to review Foundations Level A from Logic of English, I jumped. I wanted to see if this system would work for him. If you have the child that doesn’t want to sit still, you better read this review!

Foundations Level A is recommended for ages 4-7 and is the starting point to set the stage for reading based on phonograms. The “essential” items to make this program work, teacher book, student book and Doodling Dragons book, are $71. Then you have the fun and almost as essential Reusable Resources are $85. Add in the fun app for $4.99 and you have a full years worth of reading and writing! You “don’t need” all of the items, but I tell you what, you will want them for the fun and ease they bring to the learning of reading and writing. And the nice thing, the Reusable Resources are able to be used through all of the foundations levels and is a one-time purchase, not an every level purchase.

I was so excited to find something to try with Ray Ray and all his energy! Not only does Logic of English use basic everyday learning skills, but they also add in many other fun and multi-sensory ways of learning! This has been the best for a child who learns in more ways than just one!

Upon receiving the package in the mail, I set about reading my teacher’s manual. I fell in love right away! The first thing you find when you look at the teacher’s manual is the scope and sequence of the book. Logic of English shows the Common Core Standards, and I know a lot of mom’s don’t like them. Neither do I. And guess what? I didn’t look at them while using this book and it didn’t affect Ray Ray’s learning at all!  After going through the scope and sequence and using this to plan out our learning experience, I sat down to read the teachers tips.

Logic of English can be used with either manuscript or cursive. I regret that we did not start Ray Ray with cursive. He loves the flow of it, and I think he would love it. It is recommended that if your child has trouble with fine motor skills, to go with the cursive. It is easier and requires less fine motor movement.


We had so much fun with this program. It started easy…learning the lines, like the base, mid and top lines. And just becoming familiar with the way we speak. Looking in a mirror to compare how we say sounds. Ray Ray loved “seeing” himself speak! Each lesson contains a phonogram lesson and a handwriting lesson. But that is not just that…there are so many extra options to help ANY student learn what they want to teach. There are teacher tips to help you reinforce the topics learned. Each phonogram learned is given ideas to make a “day” out of it, challenges to add some extra fun into what you are learning and of course the multi-sensory fun sections (we love these).

We usually worked on one lesson a day, 5 days a week. However, we homeschool…that means, when something isn’t clicking, we stop and work on it. I love the review lessons after every 5 lessons for this purpose. Ray Ray loves to read, he loves to draw, he loves to do math, but he really dislikes writing! I have noticed that he liked this program better than any other we have tried. Even though he loved it so much, we still took a day or two longer on some to make sure he got it.

So, do I love it or hate it? I LOVE it! I love that they take the teaching of handwriting and break it down into strokes…Ray Ray will say the strokes as he writes the letters. It is so fun to hear, but I know that he is getting it. Ray Ray loves the program too. He is mad when I won’t “play games” with him during the handwriting time, like him quizzing me on what the lines are named. Another thing he likes is the blending games. He is able to listen to me blending the words and either do the action or find the item. He slows down to listen and I see his brain listening to the phonograms and putting them together as words.

I haven’t even mentioned the items in the reusable resources!!! These items include the tactile cards, handwriting reference chart, phonogram game cards, phonogram flash cards and the student whiteboard. All of these have made learning so much more fun for us! The whiteboard alone is much more fun to practice our writing on versus plain paper. Add in those sandpaper like tactile cards and your children will want to write! Learning to write is much more than pencil and paper and Logic of English has that covered!

Honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t used this before! I can’t see teaching my children reading and writing in any other way after this. I recommend this to everyone who has a child who is a little reluctant to pick up that pencil or book. This is what you need for those and all children!

Now, Logic of English has more than just this program available. I am not able to tell you about all of those, so why don’t you check out what these other lovely bloggers have to say.  Click the link below and check them out! Oh, and make sure you stop by and show the love on Logic of English’s Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter. Tell them I sent you 🙂

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Poppins Book Nook ~ Folk Tale Theme


This month for our Poppins Book Theme we are reading Folk Tales. Not Fairy Tales, Folk Tales. Do you know the difference? I didn’t until this month! A Fairy Tale is a short story that is usually fantasy, escaping to another reality and then returning to the normal world. They will include the fairy godmothers and wicked witches. Now when you read a Folk Tale, you are reading a story that has been passed down from generation to generation, usually orally. They are usually trying to teach the listeners something.

For our Folk Tale of the month, we are going to be reading Stone Soup. There are many different versions of this story (classic folk tale), but the same basic story line. We have one book that we rented from the library, and we are going to read another version on the tablet. We will then be having some fun with different activities that I am “pinning” on my Stone Soup Pinterest Board.

We will be playing around with other books too…I couldn’t just pick one! But this will be our main focus.

Don’t forget to hop on over to visit Jill at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom for the new lapbooking pieces for the month of May.


I hope you will join us and read a good folk tale with your children this month! Check back on the 26th to see what we have done and link up yours too! In the meantime, go check out these other lovely blogs who will be hosting the Poppins Book Nook also!

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So, are you joining us? What will you be reading? I am curious to know!


My Top 5 Favorite Beginning Readers Programs


I was recently asked by a friend about a good beginning reader program that she could use over the summer. That got me thinking…what are my favorites? What works for us? And what does Ray Ray like the best? So, what did I tell her? Yeah, that took a little thinking and narrowing down 🙂 I have seen and tried many, and we are still trying some. However, I have narrowed my favorites list down to 5. Want to know what they are? Here I go:


1. My most favorite so far:

Reading the Alphabet over at This Reading Mama

Becky also has a Phonics By the Book program. We haven't gotten to that part yet, but it looks just as promising and we are excited! Ray Ray loves the little readers that make it easy to build his confidence. The main focus is on the reading, but patterns and numbers are added in as a bonus too! Becky offers her program as a FREE weekly download, or you can pay the small fee to have it all together and not worry about where to find the next week at the last minute (like me). Click the photo for one of our many weeks using the program!

Reading the Alphabet


2. We have recently fallen in love with BOB Books. Haven't heard of them? You NEED too! I have a simple Pinterest Board started with a few links…but those few links are wonderful ones that go good with the books! If you have a child who loves to be independent, these are for you! When your child lays on the kitchen floor while you cook supper and reads to you…yep, its a good program 🙂


3. One of the first programs we started using with Ray Ray was Carisa's programs from 1+1+1=1. She has many wonderful different age programs and they are all wonderful! The You Can Read Bundle is good for the sight words that kids need to know because they can't sound them out. 


4. Another good sight word program that we have had fun with was Reading The Easy Way with Beth over at 123 Homeschool 4 Me. This was a fun game based way to learn our sight words. Add in some fun books after you learn enough sight words and you have a confident child who doesn't know they are learning! Beth has even added on to the original program and made new levels for when your child moves on from the first one!


5. Finally…a program that I haven't used, but love anyway! Easy Peasy, All In One Homeschool. This is a full homeschool curriculum, Pre-K all the way up to high school. And guess what? Lee has put this all up online for FREE!!! This program uses the McGuffey Primer for the beginning reading program. I used Lee's Pre-K program with Ray Ray when we first started homeschooling. I love the way she has this set up and we do use bits and pieces of the site. That is why I have picked it as a favorite even though I haven't used it personally.


So there you have it. My top 5 favorites when it comes to beginning readers. Have you used any of these? What are your favorites? I would love to hear what you have to say!




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