Tegu Oceans Deluxe Wooden Blocks – A Review

The kids in this house love to play with anything that includes building. Baby Girl got some great building blocks for Christmas, but she is upset when they topple over and I don’t like not knowing much about the product itself when she wants to put it in her mouth. Lucky for me, we had the chance to try Tegu Oceans Deluxe Magnetic Wooden Blocks from Timberdoodle, and we had a great time with them!

The Tegu Oceans Deluxe Magnetic Wooden Blocks are a part of Timberdoodle’s Preschool Curriculum kit, but these have been a hit for everyone in the house! And after I did my research, I am fine with anyone using these, even if they put them in their mouth!

The magnets in these wooden blocks are like magic. You can’t see them. There is no piecing together of the wood, no way to see where they took it apart to put in the magnet. This is a huge plus in my books when I give something to my child, who will put it in her mouth.

Each of these wooden blocks is handcrafted. They contain no lead, no plastic, they are non-toxic and are painted with a water based lacquer finish. These are some safe and fun toys that I am glad we have our hands on!

Baby Girl was the intended reviewer for this product, but when the big kids saw it, they were in heaven! They wanted to build the biggest and best things possible because these wooden blocks would not topple as easy. This showed me that these blocks would get a lot of love for a lot of years! Just because Timberdoodle has them in their preschool kit, don’t worry, they will grow with your child, heck even Daddy tried to get in on the fun!

There are multiple shapes and sizes to the blocks, and the colors were “ocean” colors per the name! We also had the chance to check out the Tegu Wheels and see what kinds of cars we could make. There was a lot of trial and error on this part, and most of it involved mom helping and forgetting to take pictures!

We have loved building with these blocks. There is an e-book with ideas, but we didn’t use it. The kids loved finding their own way to play with them. I loved this! This allowed the kids to use their own minds, figure out the best way to use the magnets and have fun!

With the amount of play these blocks got in our house, they held up to it very well! We were very impressed with the quality, as well as the safety of them. We loved the imagination that came from the kids and the lessons of magnetism that they learned the hands-on way! These blocks were a hit the first day we opened them, and continue to be the favorite go to toy in the house!

Have you gotten your hands on these fabulous blocks? What is your favorite thing about them?

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The Beginner’s Bible from ZonderKidz ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

Even the littlest in the house need to have their own bible. To have your own bible is your own passage to the stories and adventures in the bible. So, what do you do for a first bible? We love having The Beginner's Bible from Zonderkidz available at our house.

What It Is

The Beginner's Bible is a hardcover, colorful book with over 500 pages. Each of the pages includes color pictures and the pages are a heavy paper, perfect for little hands. While this is not a bible in the same sense as mom or dad's bible, this is filled with numerous and timeless bible stories. 

Each of these stories is at the perfect length for young, busy minds. The words are written for a young mind, yet are filled with all the details needed to tell the story. Under each title, you are given the bible reference for the story.

How We Used It

This year for Christmas, we wanted to make sure everyone in the house had their own bible. While this is recommended for ages 4-8, we opted to give this to Baby Girl instead of Little Miss. Baby Girl loves to sit and listen to stories, so this seemed a great choice for her.

Little did we know, but everyone in the house loved reading this to Baby Girl! Little Miss even sits and tells the story based off of the pictures. And the pictures allow for this to happen!

With the new year upon us, we wanted to make sure that bible was the part of everyone's day. We want to make sure that 2017 is a year where we build our foundation even stronger. Having this bible for Baby Girl was a great start to keeping this goal!

There was no real plan for how to use this bible, we just sat down to read it. That is how it should be. Every day we would read at least one story out-loud. We have found favorite stories, in fact each one of the older kids has a favorite they pick out to read. This gives Baby Girl her chance to get in her daily bible time as well!

What We Thought of It

We loved this bible. Everyone loved this bible. The length of the stories is perfect, the pictures tell the story themselves and are full of color. Every story that is of major importance is here. This is the best beginner's bible and is rightfully named so. 

While I know this bible will not be the forever bible, I am glad to have the bible that is perfect for this stage in life! The Beginner's Bible is what we needed in our house for Baby Girl, and Little Miss. This bible helps bring the stories alive for them, and is a great introduction to the bible stories they should grow up learning and loving!

If you want to hear more about The Beginner's Bible, hop on over and check out these other reviews!

The Beginner's Bible {Zonderkidz}

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(A Review) Teach Your Baby to Sign

We all love being able to communicate with our children, especially when they are younger. But how do you go about communicating with them, if they haven't developed their speech yet? We had the chance to check out Teach Your Baby to Sign which is part of Timberdoodle's Tiny Tots Curriculum Kit.

Teach Your Baby to Sign

The Teach Your Baby to Sign Deck includes 52 sturdy, heavy cardstock cards. Each one with a different word for you to teach your "baby". These words range from eat or drink to sorry or wash hands. With these words, your child will have the ability to communicate their most basic needs with you.

Teach Your Baby to Sign

We taught Ray Ray baby sign language when he was 1.5 years old. He had shown no interest in talking, and while I knew he didn't have any huge underlying problems, I wanted to still know what he wanted to say. After watching how fast he caught on, I was hooked. We slowed down our learning after he turned 2 and decided that it was ok to verbally speak, and he hasn't slowed down since!

When I noticed that Baby Girl was acting the same way as Ray Ray, I wanted to get her signing as he had done. I did not have these cards when we taught Ray Ray, and I really wish I had. These cards are able to withstand the baby holding them and that is key if you are going to be using something with a younger child. Not only that, but they show a picture of the word being signed on the front, and the back helps mom and dad in on some quick and easy tips.

Teach Your Baby to Sign

Also included is a quick easy start guide for mom and dad. This guide tells you a brief history of baby signing, the benefits and even the alphabet. Like it is mentioned in this, and as I have witnessed, signing does not delay speech, in fact, there are more benefits that will help your child as they grow older.

Teach Your Baby to Sign

If you have a baby, toddler or child on the way, this is a deck of cards that you will truly enjoy and enjoy with your child! I know we have!


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