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When it comes to homeschooling, you have lots of options. But what if you want to have all those options in one place for your taking when you need them? Have you seen the CHSH Download Club from Christian Homeschool Hub, This site is awesome and I want to tell you about it!

CSHS Download Club

What Is It

The CHSH Download Club is a website that offers you over 50,000 downloadable pages for your homeschool. These pages are full of many different subjects and cover almost every grade. Whatever you may need, you can find it here!

Not only is CHSH Download Club a website, it is a community of homeschool families like your own. With your paid membership, you have access to download any and all of the material available. You also have the option of contributing your very own resources within the community. Being a community, you are able to interact with other members, talk, share notes and enjoy encouragement when it is most needed in your homeschool adventure.

CSHS Download Club

Within the CHSH Download Club, you will be able to search the resources in many different ways, you can search by subject, grade, or month. With all the resources that you have available, being able to narrow it down will have you looking at just what you want. However, if you are like me, you will get lost just looking at everything because it is all so great.

How We Used It

Oh, there are so many ways to use this great resource! Yes, you will need to be able to print, or at least download and save what you want to use. This is not a worry of mine, as I usually print most of the stuff that the kids use and have found ways to save ink while printing. No, the part that I had a hard time with was deciding what I wanted to use first. After looking at what I already had planned, I knew I needed something for Moe Man and High School History.

I found the High School World History Curriculum that was being offered and jumped at finding my starting point. I went ahead and downloaded the curriculum, which included the teacher's guide. I went through the student's guide and printed each of the review pages, but saved the rest of the text to my DropBox. Moe Man has been able to read the lessons on the computer or iPad, and fill out the answers on the printed sheets.

CSHS Download Club

This curriculum is perfect for him, and the teacher's guide includes the answers to the review pages, unit assessments and enrichment ideas. This has given me a full World History Curriculum that I am confident to teach to my High Schooler! Who said homeschooling high school had to be hard? Not me, not now!

Just because I fell in love with the High School World History curriculum does not mean that I stopped looking at the rest of the wonderful resources! I wanted something for the rest of the kids to do, but didn't want to overwhelm them with work. I found the Monthly Learning Packs which are separated by grade up to 2nd. These packs work on the skills for that level and are based around the month at hand. I love having the review ready for when we need it, or days when the computer just won't do for school and we need paper and pencils!

What We Thought Of It

I fell in love with this resource! I have so many resources available to me with this one site. I love how simple it is to search within the site. With over 50,000 resources, I was nervous that I would be lost in pages and pages of printables. This was not true. I was impressed on how easy it was to simplify my search. I love the ability to use a full curriculum, or find extras for something that we are already using. This wasn't just a one or another type of resource, it has so many varieties that anyone can find what they need.

CSHS Download Club

Moe Man has always been my history buff. This is his thing. So finding a curriculum that he would enjoy is sometimes hard. I was happy when he was happy with the World History Curriculum available here. I plan to utilize other resources for him as we continue on with this school year. I know that when I need something, this is the first place that I will be looking for it!

CHSH Download Club

We were just one family to check out this site for review, check out these other reviews and see what you are missing!

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