Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

There are a few people in this house that are hard to shop for, Baby Girl is one of them. Yes, the little 23-month-old is hard to shop for! Do you want to know why? Because she loves everything! I know I could give her an empty box and she would think that it is the best thing in the world! So what do you find for the little one who loves everything? I found 10 things that are on the top of my list!


While this may be more than one thing, I love this list of non-toy gift ideas. There are so many things that I know Baby Girl would love, and since she has a bunch of hand me down toys from the older kids, these gifts are great ideas!


10. Wooden Puzzles

Oh how fun it is to watch little minds figure out puzzles! I love watching Baby Girl as she puts together puzzles and the excitement that she gets when she can figure it all out and shows me the completed puzzle!

9. Shape Sorter

The shape sorter is the classic toy for toddlers! I remember seeing these toys the whole time I was growing up. They come in many different styles, but the basic concept is the same, learning mixed in with fun!

8. Play Doh

Yes, Play Doh. If you have a child who will not eat the stuff, or if you want to make your own, this makes a great gift! While I am not a fan of the cleanup, I love the fun that all the kids have when they play with the Play Doh. The joy, the texture and sensory fun, it is all worth it!

7. Paint Brushes and Paint

Oh, the joy of painting and brushes. Especially these fun brushes! While this is another thing that I hate to cleanup, I would not trade in the smiles for the mess at any moment. This is a great way for kids to learn how to express themselves and growing up knowing it is ok to make a mess and be creative, that is something I want for all of my kids!

6. Indoor/Outdoor Slide

If you live in Minnesota like we do, you know that time outside is not a given. One year we have winter before fall, the next we have summer until December! A simple slide like this makes for fun all year round and not just on the days you can get outside. This slide makes it possible to still have fun inside by simply bringing it in when the weather outside is literally frightful!

5. Trampoline

Yes, you can get the big trampoline that you set up outside, yes we have one, but we also have a small one like this for inside. We actually got it for Little Miss for her birthday present since she loves to jump…all…the…time! Baby Girl loves to get one this and she is a great jumper! All I can say is that this is a sanity saver when the kids are full of energy but can't get outside like they want too!

4. Baby Dolls and Diapers

Yes, I said diapers! But I love this pattern for homemade ones! Baby Girl has fallen in love with being a little mommy. Everything I do, she does. This is good and bad. But better! I have gotten tired of telling her no to using her own diapers on her babies. This option would be a great alternative, while I think that Little Miss might steal these when Baby Girl isn't looking!

3. Legos

What kid doesn't love Legos? All the big kids in the house have Legos and Baby Girl loves her just as much! When she was given the chance to pick out a gift, the first thing she found was a new bag of Mega Bloks. She loves to build with these and I love watching her make new things using her budding little mind.

2. Cooking Set

What little girl doesn't love to help mom in the kitchen? Now you can let her do that with the comfort of knowing that she is safe while doing so. These kitchen tools are a great way to help her build her kitchen skills while still playing. This is critical at this age. Learning should come with play!

1. Etch-A-Sketch

Oh my…this toy! I love this toy! This is one of those toys that just doesn't get old. Little Miss and Baby Girl love to play with our Etch-A-Sketch, in fact, they fight over it. This toy is one of those non-electronic toys that make the kids fall in love with the old-fashioned toys. We love watching the kids play with this and this is the one thing we won't take away from them.

This is the list I am taking to the store with me. I can't wait to find just the right deal on just the right thing for Baby Girl! What are you looking at for your toddler?

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  1. Hello, these are the great ideas to gift toys for toddlers. They start learning things with these type of toys. We can say this is a great way to make toddlers happy with amazing toys. Thanks!

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