Color Catch Smart Games ~ A Timberdoodle Review

Playing games is a key to our homeschool. Not the video games that suck the kids in and make them zombies for the day. No, we like the good old fashioned board games that require lots of thinking to make it work. When Timberdoodle offered us the chance to play, er I mean review, Color Catch by Smart Games, I jumped!

What Is It

Color Catch is part of Timberdoodle’s 7th Grade Curriculum Set. Color Catch is a game that will help your child with logic, flexible thinking, planning, concentration, and visual perception. You get one game board with colored squares on it. There are 5 playing pieces with frogs, salamanders, and dragonflies on them. You also get a gamebook that contains 60 challenges ranging from easy to expert. The back of this gamebook also includes the answers to the challenges.

The idea of the game is to get the animal the right color and eating the right color dragonfly. The easy levels will give you an idea where one or more of the pieces go on the board. The higher levels just tell you which color animals need to eat which color dragonfly. You will need to use logic to solve these challenges.

How We Used It

With an age suggestion of 7 to adult, I opted to focus on Little Miss for this game. Everyone enjoyed playing the game, but I wanted to use her for this review. Before we start our school lessons, I like to have some logic time. Not a class, but something fun to get their minds thinking. Some days we do worksheets, but the kids love the games so much more. This game is added to our collection for this time. What does that mean? When I say it is time to start school, the kids know that on game day, they get to grab a game from our logic/thinking collection. While all games require thinking, I pick the ones that they can do independently. This game fits right in there.

Color Catch is a game that requires a lot of thinking. It is fun and easy to understand for rules, yet requires the brain to think outside of its normal thoughts. This is what I am striving for during this time before school.

 What We Thought of It

Little Miss loved this game! She loved the challenge that it presented her without being frustrated. I often found her, and the other kids, playing this game even without being told to do so. Who would have thought a game I wanted to add to our school collection would be so much fun that they want to do it all the time! They love the fun of the game, I love that every time they play the game they are learning and building their brain.

I was also very fond of the fact that the whole game could fit in my purse! That means…when/if things go back to normal, I can grab this as something to play while we wait. The gameboard has a nice cover that contains the pieces and the gamebook inside. The plastic is very durable and will hold up to many years of use!

Color Catch is a fun learning game that would be a great idea for any homeschool, and any home in general!


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