Discover Thanksgiving in 1621 ~ Final Review



We had another fun week learning about Thanksgiving and the history behind it, with our Thanksgiving in 1621 Study from Spirited~Autumn~Hope. We started out the week with another virtual field trip. This time we go to go to a Wampanoag Homesite. Once again the kids loved this. They loved seeing how similar this was to our trip to the local Fur Post. Ray Ray has fallen in love with Squanto, and it was fun to learn more about the Three Sisters Garden.



Interviews with Pilgrims had us learning more and more about the daily life in 1621. Life was different and the comparison and contrasting was something fun to sit down and talk about. We were also able to learn some Wampanoag words this week! 



This week's lesson also included fun games and activities like making pilgrim hat cookies, making a diagram of what a Three Sisters Garden looked like and the fun one…Find the Turkeys!



This fun little game had us searching all over for the little turkey cutouts. I had both the big kids (Moe Man and Ray Ray) help with the cutting to add in the fine motor skills. All the kids have loved playing Hide and Seek, so this was a fun version of it that was a little harder (since these turkeys don't talk and can hide in lots of smaller spaces)!


We had such a fun month with this Study! I am pleased that we were able to try it out! I can honestly say, there was not a downside to this program. None of the children complained when I said it was time for history, in fact, all of them got excited and asked what we were doing next. I can say that all of them will remember something from this and I can't wait until next year when we use this again and build off of what they remember from this year!


I hope you enjoyed following along with us as we learned the history of the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag. I know I enjoyed sharing it with you.


Also during this month, I got to do an interview with Kaeryn from Winter~Promise and Spirited~Autumn~Hope. Head on over to their blog to see what I say about our homeschool adventures!


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