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Do These 5 Things By the End of July

If you were to ask me what you should do this month, I would tell you these five things.

Go on a Picnic

Ok, this one is one that I haven’t done in a long time! I was given the idea from another post that I read right here. This gave me the idea that I need to do this more with the kids. Just getting out of the house and having fun. So, I plan to get out and do at least one picnic this month!

Read a Book

This might sound simple to many, BUT, as an avid book lover, I love to read books. I have not been able to do this as I wanted in the last few years. However, I changed a few things, and I am excited about being able to read a full book. Summer is a great time to grab a book, sit in the sun if you are a sun lover, or in the air conditioning if you like it cool. Just grab a book and read!

Get Outside

While it is warm, it is still great to get outside. Go for a walk, water the flowers, just sit outside. Do something outside this month. The weather is nice, most of the time, so get out and enjoy it. The sun is a great thing that everyone needs to survive. If plants need sun and water, so do you!

Drink Your Water

This goes with getting outside. You need to make sure you drink enough water. They say it takes 21 days to make a new habit, what if you made it a habit to drink your water this month? What if you included the whole family in this challenge. What would that mean for them?

Be Present

The most important thing I can think about for this month and every month would be to be present. Take the time to be present for those who matter to you. Be there for your spouse, your children, even your pets. Just take the time to be there for them.

What is something you want to do in July?


2 thoughts on “Do These 5 Things By the End of July

  1. AND drinking water makes you less inclined to nibble, particularly if you can’t get out anywhere. 🙂

    1. Yes, water will help fill you up. I have learned half the time I find myself looking for a snack, I really just need a tall glass of water!

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