Dynamic Literacy ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

Root words, prefixes, suffixes, what do all those mean? These are the parts of words that make up our language. But how do you teach these parts of the words? Dynamic Literacy will help with their WordBuild: Elements, Level 1 Set (Includes WordBuild the Game).

Dynamic Literacy Review

What is it?

Elements, Level 1 is a softcover teacher’s guide, a softcover student’s activity book and a CD of WordBuild the Game. Together, these three products make a wonderful program for learning words!

The softcover teacher’s book has 330+ pages of information for you, the teacher! I loved this book. It had everything I needed. There are weekly schedules and answers to the student pages here. Each day is there is a simple 15 minute or less plan of what you can and should do with your student(s).

The 150+ page student book comes with all you need for your child to learn. Each day has a different activity to make learning about our words that much more easy and fun!

Finally, the WordBuild the Game CD, works great for any Windows or MAC computer. This program helps your child to play on the computer while practicing what they have learned for the week.

How We Used This

While most families would jump right in on day 1 of week 1, we took things back a step and started with Appendix A and learning some basics. These simple pages only took minutes to do and learn. We were able to make our way through a couple a day, and still not do more than 20 minutes of work.

After we finished our advance prep we started in on the units. These units are set up for use for 5 days. You have an overview of the days so you know what you will be doing each day. The lesson time for each day is usually only 15 minutes, but can be extended if you wish to. At the end of each unit is a review of the root word to see what your child was able to retain. When needed there are other advance preparations for the different root words.

Dynamic Literacy Review

We also had WordBuild The Game in this bundle. This was a fun way for Moe Man, and myself, to review what we were learning. A simple game of trying to build as many words as you can from the root word, WordBuild also teaches the meaning of the words you are making them, showing the meaning of each part and then the full word when you are done.

What We Thought

Moe Man was nervous when it came to adding another language concept to his daily schedule. However, once we got started and he realized it didn’t take much time, he started to have fun. He liked the chance to learn new words and he loved that the daily worksheets resembled games more than anything else. He didn’t like the quizzes at the end, but he never likes those! He enjoyed WordBuild the Game just as much as the workbook. He found that he could do the game along with the workbook and learn new words that way.

I loved how complete the teacher’s guide is. This is a grab and go lesson and I appreciate that as a homeschool mom of more than one child. I loved the quiz at the end, because it showed me that Moe Man was learning, even with just short lessons and games. I was able to teach the simple lesson, let him work on the activity, or play the game and we were done. It is not every day that you are able to have a fun lesson and know your child is learning from it!

Both of us give Dynamic Literacy a thumbs up! We loved how simple and fun it was. If you need a program to teach vocabulary, this should be looked at!!

How do you teach vocabulary in your homeschool?

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