Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro ~ A Review

"Mom, I want to make something." "What can I invent?" "I am bored!" These comments have not been heard around our house recently. Instead I watch all three of the oldest kids meeting new clients and designing just what they need, plus I get to count it as school!

How in the world do the kids have clients? Well, let me introduce you to the Extraordinaires and The Extraordinaries Design Studio Pro from Timberdoodle. With this simple little box, your children will meet clients, find out what they need and have a great time using their minds to create new items for their clients.

Design Studio Pro

There are 24 different Extraordinaries to meet and 30 different design projects. With this, you will have 720 possible challenges, like I said, the kids have been busy! You also get 50 think cards, 5 award cards, a drawing pad, 2 pens and a design manual.

Design Studio Pro

The way we used this "game" was to sit around the table and get ready to design. We "met" with 3 different Extraordinaires and seen the three different items they were after. Each Extraordinaire card shows a little on the back about them. This is how we get to know our clients.

There are 5 possible designs types. You could end up with Inventions, Gadgets, Buildings, Clothing or Vehicles. Each design shows 8-12 doodles on it. These doodles are there to help your child think about what to create. This gives them a starting point when it comes to making their own design.

Design Cards

After a little time to debate, each child chose one of their Extraordinaires to work with. Once they were ready to begin, each child got a Think Card to go with the design. Each Think Card has a 3-step process for your child to use when designing. First, it shows some Research, followed by design and finally how to improve.

Think Cards

And if that was not enough, you have access to the Design Manual. This handbook is fought over while designing. This is where you find out more about your Extraordinaire, their designs and many helpful hints! This is also where mom and dad can go for instructions, and a place to find ideas on building from your design.

Design Manual

While this kit is recommended for the teens in your house, the younger children can still have fun with it. I personally require less from the younger kids, and more from Moe Man. I was able to watch all three have fun and learn from this. I watched them build and think. That too me is the most important part.

Fun Art

Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro is a hit in our house. The kids love having that go to something for when they are bored and I love knowing that they love to do this more than a video game! Studio Pro is a great art item to keep in your homeschool collection, but feeds on more than just the art. It works the mind, of children of all ages.

Have you ever had your children meet with clients and build new items? If not, you need to check this out and see how much fun they can have while learning!  photo Signature_zpsgowpsmjl.png  photo Disclosure_zpsalxv5hgx.jpg