Fascinating Chemistry ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Are you looking for a self-paced science course that uses videos instead of boring reading? Interactive lessons instead of dull worksheets? Well, that is where Fascinating Education comes in with their Fascinating Chemistry course.

Fascinating Education

What Is It

This is an online science course that is, although easy seeming, a full high school credit. While most of this is an online course, you are able to print some of the notes and quizzes so that you can use multi levels of learning for your child.

There really is no “grade level” listed, other than this is designed and passes as a high school course. Some children may be ready to take this Chemistry course in 6th or 7th grade, while it might be too hard for others.

This course covers how the atoms bond to each other creating molecules, and the properties of the bonds. Students will also learn about how these molecules play a role in our everyday life. We start with the structure of the atom, and move on to the 4 types of bonds. After that we move on heat, gas, pressure, etc. All the fun parts of chemistry!

Fascinating Education

How Does It Work

Once you get yourself signed in, your child will go to the lesson they left off on. They need to remember this, there is no checking off as you go along. This is part of the high school lessons (at least in our house) and that is being responsible for knowing what you are doing, what you have done and what needs to be done.

Each lesson starts with a video instead of a reading. Your child will follow along with the video and take notes, or follow the script if they need that reading on paper to help them (this can be printed for them to follow along with). The scripts, which I found very helpful for Moe Man, have the same slides and wording as the videos.

At the end of each lesson is a quiz. This quiz will go over what was learned during the lesson. If there are resources available to help with a question, you will be able to find them on the top right corner, otherwise you work your way all through the quiz. Once the quiz is over, you will receive your grade and the passing grade. You will also find out if you passed the quiz or not. You are given the option to review your results, print your results or retry your quiz. This is the point in time when you want to make sure you mark the grades since there is no grade book.

What We Thought

Moe Man is not a huge science fan. He likes what he likes, but making him do something else really makes me wonder some days. When it comes to Fascinating Chemistry, he would do a full lesson a day with no issue. Which causes a problem because there are only 19 lessons! While they say this is a full high school credit, I found myself finding other hands on activities to go with the lessons to add on to the learning.

We would print up the scripts to each video and have Moe Man take his notes right there. That way he knew what was happening and would be able to remember what his notes meant. I did let him take his quizzes online, but I would make sure to be right there to take his grade down. While I want him to learn to be responsible, I want to make sure that he is doing something and learning from it.

Moe Man's favorite part about this program, while there is a glossary of vocabulary words for each lesson, they are not the main emphasis of the lesson. This is wonderful since Moe Man is not a fan of vocabulary words. While not a major emphasis, if your child needed to understand something better, they still have that option.

Overall, we really liked using this as a core for our science. I personally felt like I needed to add more to the lessons. I would take a lesson and make it last 2-3 days by finding other items or worksheets to go with the lesson. This way I knew Moe Man was understanding what he was learning, and I personally felt better.

Fascinating Education

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